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DF11 Megapack 2014 | Football Manager Facepack With 67000+ Portrait Styled Faces

Download DF11’s Megapack of Portrait Styled Faces Featuring Football Manager Facepack 2014 Update

Football Manager DF11 Faces Megapack 2014

The first ever Football Manager facepack is now finally live on Passion4FM! Now we provide you the ability to download DF11’s high-quality portraited styled faces updated for Football Manager 2014.

We are proud to be able to publish this ultimate facepack created by DF11 (Thanks to Necjeff and his staff) of the Dutch community Managers United. Here you can download over 67000 portrait styled faces for FM 2014 by downloading the update extension pack below the main download. As always, we have only picked the best for our readers!

DF11 Megapack 2014 features all faces for 70 playable leagues from 40 playable countries around the world of Football Manager 2014. As one of few, this faces megapack features portraits of players and staff in lower leagues as well as premier divisions. And the best part is: it’s updated regularly so you get the ‘freshes’ faces for your game!

Download DF11 Megapack 2014 & the Facepack Update 1 NOW! Enhance Football Manager 2014 with high quality player pictures in this ultimate Football Manager facepack.

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More About DF11’s Football Manager Portrait Style Facepack

DF11 Faces Megapack comes in large size player pictures. The size is 260×310 compared to the default 180×180 FM14 player faces. The facepack features DF11’s unique and stylish frame borders, which might give you a card feeling. Currently the megapack features pictures of players and staff from 67 completed leagues. You can enjoy DF11’s portrait styled faces in 39 playable leagues WITH faces of players from lower leagues included.

The work of DF11’s megapack was started in 2010 and has been updated regularly for your benefit in order to provide you a download which are as up to date as possible. This download is available by torrent link.

DF11 Megapack Portrait Style Faces Features

Pack Includes: List of Countries and Leagues Completed:
– Argentina (Top division)
- Australia (Top division)
- Austria (First and Second Division)
- Belarus (First and Second Division)
- Brazil (First and Second Division)

FM14 Player Profile Fernandes of Brazilian Club Ooeste

– Chile (Top division)
- China (Top division)
- Colombia (Top division)
- Croatia (Top division)
- Czech Rep. (Top division)
- England (Premier League, Championship, League 1, League 2
- Finland (Top division)
- France (Ligue 1, Ligue 2, 3rd division
- Germany (Bundesliga 1, Bundesliga 2, 3rd Dvision
- Greece (Top division)
- Holland (Eredevisie, Jupiler League
- Hungary (Division 1)
- Iceland (Top division)
- Israel (First and Second Division)
- Italy (Serie A, Serie B, Serie C1 / C2
- Mexico (First Division)
- Norway (Tippeligaen)
- Poland (First and Second Division)
- Portugal (Liga ZON Sagres and Liga2 Cabovisão)
- Romania (First and Second Division)
- Russia (Premier League, National Football League, 3rd Division)
- Scotland (Premier League, First Division)
- Singapore (Top Division)
- Slovakia (First Division)

FM14 Wonderkid Adama Traore Barcelona FC

– South Africa (Premier League
- South Korea (Top Division)
- Spain (Liga BBVA, LIGA Adelante)
- Sweden (Allsvenskan and First Division)
- Switzerland (Super League, Challenge League)
- Turkey (Spor Toto Super League)
- USA (MLS and Conference League)
- Ukraine (Premier League)
- Wales (Premier League)

FM14 Player profile Jan Lastuvka of Dnipro FM14 Player profile Shir Tzedek of Kiryat Shamona FM14 staff profile Thomas N'Kono Espanyol goalkeeper coach

Football Manager DF11 Team Facepacks


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Published: 25.04.2014 14.00PM GMT
FileSize / Required HDD Space: 6GB

Add Player Pictures and Staff Faces with high quality Football Manager 2014 graphics update by DF11.

DF11 Facepack 2014 Update 1 [5386 Portrait Styled Faces]

DF11 Facepack 2014 Update

The first DF11 Megapack 2014 Update is finally available. This extension features 5386 more portrait styled faces for Football Manager 2014. This update increases the amount of player pictures in 7 new playable leagues and 1 more playable country. In total you will get images for players in 70 playable leagues and 40 playable countries if you download both files – the file in the download box above and in the bottom.

New leagues in this facepack update are:

    - England League One (complete) – Single Download Available here
    - English Skrill Conference Premier
    - Austria Bundesliga
    - Serbia Super Lig
    - Slovakia Corgon Liga
    - Hungary NBII
    - Israel Ligat Leumit

There are also massive updates for these countries; Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brasil, England, Hungary, Italy, Malaysia, Moldavia, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and USA. With all files downloaded you will increase the number of faces from 64000 to 67125 player faces.

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Published: 11.07.2014 00.00PM GMT
FileSize / Required HDD Space: 531,2MB

Add Player Pictures and Staff Faces with high quality Football Manager 2014 graphics update by DF11.


DF11 Facepack manual and download instruction
1. Click Download link above. The download is a Torrent file, so make sure you got a Torrent Client installed, such as BitTorrent or uTorrent.

2. Copy the folder to this specific folder:
- “Your Documents” > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2014 > graphics

3. Help us to keep this torrent alive so more people can enjoy it by setting the preferences save folder file of your torrent client to:
- documentssports interactivefootball manager 2014graphics

4. Load up Football Manager 2014 – Go to Preferences – Locate Interface – Tick “Reload Skin when confirming changes in Preferences” and un-tick “Use cache to decrease page loading time” – Hit Confirm.

Football Manager 2014 Preferences Interface



Thanks to the DF11 staff of Managers United;
- NecJeff (the author, host and producer), who made this download available for Passion4FM,
- the creators; Spurs12345, Marklf, Haas67, Jeroen., new0rder, Bilouteman, BingBangboem ++

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Passion4FM take no responsibilities of the content provided within this download. All complaints or errors should be reported in the comments below and we’ll make sure that the creators of the content will be informed. This will help them make sure new releases are to the best of their abilities.

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