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DF11 Real Size Skin | Football Manager 2014 Skins [Light and Dark]

NEW! Football Manager 2014 Skins: The White and Dark Real Size Skins by DF11

Football Manager 2014 Real Size Skin

There are many great Football Manager 2014 skins published, but for everyone who wants to fully enjoy the DF11’s faces megapack, which we were lucky enough to be able to publish as the first facepack on Passion4FM, the ultimate skin is here!

Thanks to DF11 (Necjeff and ArtDekDok) we are able to publish two new Football Manager 2014 skins – the real size skin in light and dark colour scheme. The light and dark real size skins is based on the original default FM 2014 skin, but are specially made for DF11 facepacks. This new download will make you experience all the portrait styled player and staff faces from the megapack and all other additional team packs in real sizes (260×310 format)!

Download the brand new Football Manager 2014 Real Size Light or Dark Skin created by ArtDekDok NOW!

For everyone who prefers to use dark skins comes this beautiful skin which merges the simple effectiveness of the default Football Manager skin and the beauty of DF11 full portrait styled player faces for FM14. The DF11 Real Size skins (light and dark) are made with new panels from ArtDekDok and makes the DF11 facepack fully work in Football Manager 2014.

DF11 Default Pictures here by William Arboleda

The new DF11 skin comes in two versions; a white skin and a dark skin. Both skins has the same features, such as NecJeff’s default pictures and sidewaved country flags, which makes this the ultimate download for all future and present DF11 graphics.

What I like about this new FM 2014 skin is the detailed player profile screen. Here you can quickly get an overview of any players personality, preferred foot, value and contract status in additional to season stats. As you will see, the DF11 Real size skin makes subtle changes to the player comparison page, player profile screen, club overview and the screen of general information for clubs. The general club information screen has never been more detailed as now! It’s easy to see the level of stadium facilities and information about legends, key players and derbies.

You can see all the different screenshots from the changes made to DF11 Real Size White and Dark Skin below!

DF11’s Football Manager 2014 Dark Skin for Real Size DF11 Faces

DF11 Football Manager 2014 Real Size Dark Skin
download button


Published: 09.05.2014 14.00PM GMT
Updated: 05.06.2014 21.30PM GMT
FileSize: 29.29MB

DF11 Football Manager 2014 Real Size White Skin

DF11 Football Manager 2014 Real Size White Skin

download button


Published: 09.05.2014 14.00PM GMT
Updated: 05.06.2014 21.30PM GMT
FileSize: 29.29MB

It may takes some minutes before the download starts – PLEASE be patient!

Screenshots of DF11 Real Size Skin Features

DF11 FM14 Player Profile Alex Grimaldo
Football Manager 2014 Player Profile attribute screen in DF11 White Skin
DF11 Real Skins Player Comparison Ryan Gauld Agustin Allione
FM14 Player Comparison Ryan Gauld vs Agustin Allione in DF11 Real Size Skin
DF11 Real Size Skins White club Information
Screenshot of Fotball Manager 2014 General Club Information Pribram
FM14 Club Overview Houston
Houston Team overview in DF11 Real Size Skin


1. Click Download links for the differnt DF11 Skins above. Open the file with 7-zip or WinRar.

2. Copy the folder to this specific folder:
- “Your Documents” > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2014 > skins

3. Extract file (by file depending on amount of files downloaded) with one of these un-compression tools, WinRar or 7Zip. Confirm you like to overwrite any older files.

4. Load up Football Manager 2014 – Go to PreferencesOverview – Select DF11 Real Size FM 2014 skin.

Football Manager Preferences - Change Skins

Make sure to have “Reload Skin when confirming changes in Preferences” ticked, while “Use cache to decrease page loading time” is un-ticked – Hit Confirm.

Football Manager 2014 Preferences Interface

You can also extract directly from the Download folder. Just make sure to locate the correct folder to extract to.



First of, thanks to NecJeff who has given us permission to publish their facepack compatible FM 2014 skin. Credit goes also to ArtDekDok, who have created all the panels for the skin.

Support the team of DF11 Facepacks – Join their Facebook community today!

Football Manager DF11 Team Facepacks

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