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Football Manager 2014 Sugar Daddy Clubs w/ Transfer Budgets

Club Recommendations for FM14 Sugar Daddy Chairmens; Foreground, Background and Underwriter Chairman

Football Manager 2014 Sugar Daddy clubs

I guess every dedicated Football Manager fan is deep into their save, on the road for success. For those of you who are bored of your save or are looking for a club to manage in the future, here is the list for you! To follow up on the success from last year, here is a handy list of club recommendations for those of you who are still unsure which club to manage in FM14.

Welcome to our list of Football Manager 2014 Sugar Daddy clubs where we look at clubs with a type of chairman who supports their beloved clubs with bringing in fresh money from time to time or puts money into the club by funding youth development or can step in and help your club if in financial trouble.

There are three types of Sugar daddy clubs in FM14, which you will learn more about below. New to this years list is that we have added the clubs FM14 transfer budget (first season), which makes it a great Football Manager 2014 club recommendation .

The FM14 Sugar daddy clubs with transfer budgets makes it easier to find the best club to manage. When choosing a team to manage it might be worthy to know which nations in the different scouting regions that has potential to produce the best Football Manager regens. Their level of youth rating will one of the few elements which “determines” each nations average quality of youth production.

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Types of FM14 Sugar Daddy Chairmen

Foreground Chairmen
The chairman will constantly support your club with fresh money, which may help you to sign the best players in the world. The foreground chairman will be something like how Roman Abramovich acted when he took over Chelsea in 2003, by continuously pumping money into the club as long as they are chairman for the club. The foreground chairmen will perhaps interfere with the clubs running and may demand that you buy a specific player, or you can experience that he does it for you. The foreground chairman will be more involved in the daily running of the club. All the money can help you to improve both stadium and training facilities and make the club the best in the world, if the correct players are bought.

These types of chairmen will often demand that you, as the manager, can give return to the investments made, and have high expectations. The board may have a football philosophy which expects you to sign high profile players. You can read more about the different Football Manager football philosophies and board expectations here.

Background Chairmen
Unlike the foreground chairman, the background chairman will look to let you and your backroom staff do what’s needed. He will not interfere with the daily running of the club, but will make sure the club economy is healthy. The backgound chairman will support his club with financial support for a couple of seasons or promotions before stepping down as underwriter. By supplying the club with money he will ensure some success and a financial stability to keep the squad level and make sure the club doesn’t get too much debt.

These types of chairmen will expect promotions within his period. The period could be as long as four to five years. Some of these clubs will also have a board expectations to sign high profile players, but as you often find these clubs in the second tier, it may be more difficult.

Underwriter Chairmen
The chairman will not be involved with the running of the club and will not invest any more money in the club unless there’s a big fear for it going bankrupt. The underwriter will only provide the club with money if the club is in serious debt. The club is more or less on it’s own in regard to acquire enough transfer funds for buying new players.

Sugar Daddy Clubs: Foreground

Top clubs in the world with foreground chairmen sorted by nation.


Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
Audax SPBrazilNational Lower Division€1
Desportivo BrasilBrazilNational Lower Division€38K
Red Bull BrasilBrazilNational Lower Division€191K
Olé BrasilBrazilNational Lower Division€1


Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
GuangzhouChinaChinese Super League€2.5Mill


Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
Man CityEnglandEnglish Premier Leauge€37.8Mill


Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
AS Monaco FCFranceLigue 1€41Mill
Paris Saint-GermainFranceLigue 1€45Mill


Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
Darul TakzimMalaysiaMalaysian Super League€236K


Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
Al-SaddQatarQatari Stars League€5.3Mill
Al-Arabi (QAT)QatarQatari Stars League€4.1Mill
Al-GharrafaQatarQatari Stars League€5.9Mill
Al-RayyanQatarQatari Stars League€3.5Mill
Qatar SCQatarQatari Stars League€4.1Mill
LekhwiyaQatarQatari Stars League€5.9Mill

Saudi Arabia

Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
Al-Ahli (KSA)Saudi-ArabiaSaudi Professional League€932K
Al-Hilal (KSA)Saudi-ArabiaSaudi Professional League€15.5Mill
Al-Ittihad (KSA)Saudi-ArabiaSaudi Professional League€8.2Mill
Al-Shabab (KSA)Saudi-ArabiaSaudi Professional League€2Mill
Al-FatehSaudi-ArabiaSaudi Professional League€19K

United Arab Emirates U.A.E.

Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
Al-Ahli (UAE)U.A.E.U.A.E. Professional League€3.6Mill
Al-WaslU.A.E.U.A.E. Professional League€591K
Al-Jazira (UAE)U.A.E.U.A.E. Professional League€3.5Mill


Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
Shakhtar DonetskUkraineUkrainian Premier League€47Mill

Sugar Daddy Clubs: Background

Top clubs in the world with background chairmen sorted by nation. A broad selection:


Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
A’erbinChinaChinese Super League€890K
BeijingChinaChinese Super League€1.5Mill
ShandongChinaChinese Super League€1.5Mill
JiangsuChinaChinese Super League€1.3Mill
RenheChinaChinese Super League€1.26Mill


Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
RNK SplitCroatiaCroatian First Division€400K
RijekaCroatiaCroatian First Division€600K


Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
CardiffEnglandBarclays Premier League€1
BournemouthEnglandSky Bet Championship€946K
BrentfordEnglandSky Bet League OneN/A
LeicesterEnglandSky Bet Championship€2.36 Mill
Nottingham ForestEnglandSky Bet Championship€5.9Mill
Sheffield UnitedEnglandSky Bet League 1€1.77Mill


Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
Olymp. VolouGreeceGreek National B Division SouthN/A
AiginiakosGreeceGreek National B Division NorthN/A
EpiskopiGreeceGreek National B Division South€1
PAO KrousonaGreeceGreek National C Division Group 6N/A
EthnikosGreeceGreek Amateur Division – PiraeusN/A
Ermis ZonianonGreeceGreek National C Division Group 6N/A
KifisiaGreeceGreek National C Division Group 6N/A
AEKGreeceGreek National C Division Group 6€300K
PanelefsiniakosGreeceGreek National C Division Group 5N/A
PefkiGreeceGreek National C Division Group 5N/A
RouvasGreeceGreek National C Division Group 5N/A
Enosi ErmionidasGreeceGreek National C Division Group 4N/A
MessiniakosGreeceGreek National C Division Group 4N/A
KalamataGreeceGreek National C Division Group 4N/A
KissamikosGreeceGreek National C Division Group 5N/A
LarisaGreeceGreek National C Division Group 2N/A
SpartiGreeceGreek Amateur Division – LakoniaN/A
LamiaGreeceGreek National C Division Group 3N/A
PanarkadikosGreeceGreek National C Division Group 4N/A

Hong Kong (China PR)

Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
EasternHong KongHong Kong First Division€20K
KitcheeHong KongHong Kong First Division€50K
Sun SourceHong KongHong Kong Third Division€1
South ChinaHong KongHong Kong First Division€150K


Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
Kuwait SCKuwaitKuwaiti Premier League€2.7Mill
QadsiaKuwaitKuwaiti Premier League€4Mill


Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
ChampasakLaosLaotian Premier LeagueN/A


Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
SelangorMalaysiaMalaysian Super League€236K
KelantanMalaysiaMalaysian Super League€177K


Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
Delfines CarmenMexicoMexican Promotion League€190K
TepicMexicoMexican Second Devision Premier League Group I€76K
Murciélagos FCMexicoMexican Second Devision Premier League Group I€38K


Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
Yangon UtdMyanmarMyanmarnese National LeagueN/A

South Korea

Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
SuwonSouth KoreaK-League CLASSIC€1.3Mill
JeonbukSouth KoreaK-League CLASSIC€1.18Mill
SeoulSouth KoreaK-League CLASSIC€1.65Mill


Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
ChonburiThailandThai Premier League€521K
Buriram UtdThailandThai Premier League€417K


Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
GöztepeTurkeyTurkish 2.League Grp 2€92K
Ş. UrfasporTurkeyPTT 1.League€129K


Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
Bunyodkor ToshkentUzbekistanUzbek Oliy Liga€2.28Mill

Sugar Daddy Clubs: Underwriter

Top clubs in the world with Underwriter chairmen sorted by nation. A broad selection:


Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
ShenhuaChinaChinese Super League€506K
August FirstChinaChinese National Third Division€59K


Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
DinamoCroatiaCroatian First Division€2.5Mill


Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
FC VestsjællandDenmarkDanish Superliga€13K


Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
BlackburnEnglandSky Bet Championship€236K
Bristol CityEnglandSky Bet League 1€177K
ChelseaEnglandBarclays Premier League€45.7Mill
CrawleyEnglandSky Bet Championship€47K
HuddersfieldEnglandSky Bet Championship€473K
MiddlesbroughEnglandSky Bet Championship€946K
Q.P.R.EnglandSky Bet Championship€473K
SouthamptonEnglandBarclays Premier League€1
StokeEnglandBarclays Premier League€5.9Mill
WatfordEnglandSky Bet Championship€4.7Mill
GatesheadEnglandSkrill PremierN/A
FleetwoodEnglandSky Bet League 2€29K


Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
HJKFinlandFinnish Premier Division€50K
KuPSFinlandFinnish Premier Division€10K
FC InterFinlandFinnish Premier Division€10K
SJKFinlandFinnish First Division€50K


Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
AJ AuxerreFranceFrench Ligue 2€1
AS Saint-EtienneFranceFrench Ligue 1€7Mill
Girondins BordeauxFranceFrench Ligue 1€1
Montpellier HSCFranceFrench Ligue 1€5Mill
OMFranceFrench Ligue 1€1
Stade Rennais FCFranceFrench Ligue 1€5Mill
Toulouse FCFranceFrench Ligue 1€4.2Mill
FC NantesFranceFrench Ligue 1€1Mill
Valenciennes FCFranceFrench Ligue 1€1


Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
HoffenheimGermanyGerman Bundesliga€6Mill


Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
AELKGreeceGreek SuperLeague€1
Ast. TripolisGreeceGreek SuperLeague€100K
ApollonGreeceGreek SuperLeague€1
AtromitosGreeceGreek SuperLeague€100K
OlympiakosGreeceGreek SuperLeague€4.5 Mill
XanthiGreeceGreek SuperLeague€1
PAOKGreeceGreek SuperLeague€400K
PanaitolikosGreeceGreek SuperLeague€1

Hong Kong (China PR)

Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
Lucky MileHong Kong (China PR)Hong Kong Second Division€1
HKFCHong Kong (China PR)Hong Kong Second Division€1


Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
FouladIranIranian Professional League€1.1 Mill
PersepolisIranIranian Professional League€236K
EsteghlalIranIranian Professional League€473K
SepahanIranIranian Professional League€769K
Teraktor-SaziIranIranian Professional League€47K


Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
M. Tel-AvivIsraelIsraeli Premier League€1.5 Mill

Macau (China PR)

Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
Monte CarloMacau (China PR)Macanese First Division€4.8K
Lam PakMacau (China PR)Macanese Lower Division€971
Ka IMacau (China PR)Macanese First Division€4.8K


Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
MonterreyMexicoMexican First Divison€6.1Mill
Xolos TijuanaMexicoMexican First Divison€4.5Mill
America (MEX)MexicoMexican First Divison€5.7Mill
TigresMexicoMexican First Divison€5.7Mill
QueretaroMexicoMexican First Divison€3Mill


Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
Zeyar Shwe MyayMyanmarMyanmarnese National LeagueN/A
YadanarbonMyanmarMyanmarnese National LeagueN/A
KanbawzaMyanmarMyanmarnese National LeagueN/A


Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
Spartak MoscowRussiaRussian Premier Division€7.6Mill
ZenitRussiaRussian Premier Division€35Mill
Dinamo MoscowRussiaRussian Premier Division€11.4Mill
Lokomotiv MoscowRussiaRussian Premier Division€7.6Mill
RubinRussiaRussian Premier Division€7.6Mill
AnjiRussiaRussian Premier Division€5Mill
KrasnodarRussiaRussian Premier Division€2.3Mill


Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
MortonScotlandScottish Championship€88K
AlloaScotlandScottish Championship€88K
Queen of SthScotlandScottish Championship€88K

South Korea

Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
UlsanSouth KoreaK-League CLASSIC€2.3Mill
ChunnamSouth KoreaK-League CLASSIC€700K
PohangSouth KoreaK-League CLASSIC€1.1Mill
BusanSouth KoreaK-League CLASSIC€1Mill
SangjuSouth KoreaK-League ChallengeN/A
JejuSouth KoreaK-League CLASSIC€1.1Mill


Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
WinterthurSwinterlandSwiss Challenge League€40K


Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
Istanbul BBSKTurkeyPTT 1.League€921K
KasımpaşaTurkeySpor Toto Super League€1.8 Mill


Club NameNationLeagueTransfer Budget
Deportivo MaldonadoUruguayUruguayan Second Professional Division€2K

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