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Football Manager 2014 Head of Youth Development – FM2014 Staff Recommendation

FM14 Staff Recommendation of Best Head of Youth Development

FM14 Staff Recommendation Head of Youth development
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Next up in our Football Manager 2014 staff recommendation is the list of best Football Manager 2014 Head of Youth Development. This is one of the most important Football Manager 2014 staff roles and will look to use his experience and general coaching qualities in the youth training. Responsible for youth recruitment, the Football Manager staff role Head of Youth Development will be vital for a successful youth intake. His quality will set the level of regens coming through in the annual youth intake.

As previously discussed, the FM14 Head of Youth Development can handle a number of responsibilities, so appointing and searching for the best ones should be determined by your preferences. Our list of Football Manager 2014 Head of Youth Development makes you able to track down backroom staff members who are the best in youth development and recruitment – the main intentions behind Sports Interactives introduction of this staff role.

By providing our staff recommendations of best FM14 Head of Youth Development, we aims to make it easier for you to find excellent targets and reliable backroom staff for this key role. We have sorted the list sorted by their level of working with youngsters and their ability to judge potential in players, which is some of their main assignments and requirements. For full list of HoYD staff responsibilites and personal recommendations of setup of assignments, please read our Football Manager Guide to Head of Youth Development.

Share your best Football Manager 2014 Head of Youth Development in the comment field below, and help us make this list even better!

More FM14 Staff Recommendations – Football Manager 2014 Best Youth Coaches

Our massive list of excellent Football Manager 2014 Head of Youth Dev. is provided with the help of our very own 5-star backroom staff search filter, available to download in the bottom of this post. The backroom staff search filter covers all the different Football Manager 2014 staff roles and makes you able to find the best ones eventhough you progress in years.

Best Head of Youth Development of Football Manager 2014

The information on this list is just some of the important factors for this staff role. I’ve highlighted the most important staff atributes for this staff role making it easy for you to understand what’s required of the FM14 head of youth development. Remember that some of the staff attributes can fluctuate from save to save. Which attributes important will depend on how you take advantage of the HoYD.

Name (Age)ClubWork w/ YouthJudging PPScout Know.Personality
Bruno Conti (58)Roma2020ItalyModel Prof.
Roberto Samaden (36)Inter2020ItalyFairly Det.
Fermo Favini (77)Atalanta2020ItalyModel Prof.
Luiz Fernando Moraes (46)Free2020BrazilDriven
Pablo Blanco (61)Sevilla2020SpainModel Prof.
Thomas Albeck (57)Stuttgart2019GermanyDriven
Tony Carr (63)West Ham2019EnglandFairly Prof.
Phil Cannon (54)Blackburn2019EnglandBalanced
Dave Parnaby (53)Middlesbrough2019EnglandProf.
Rodolfo Borrell (42)Free2018England,
Fairly Det.
Bernhard Peters (53)Hoffenheim2018GermanyModel Prof.
Bryan Jones (62)Aston Villa2018England,
Néstor Apuzzo (50)Húracan2018ArgentinaDevoted
Kristjaan Speakman (33)Birmingham2017EnglandProf.
Chris McCart (46)Celtic2016ScotlandResolute
Jorge Theiler (49)Newell’s2016ArgentinaFairly Prof.
Bryan Klug (52)Ipswich2015EnglandProf.
Leonardo Squadrone (41)Estudiantes LP2014ArgentinaDet.
Samuel Fénillat (34)FC Nantes2014FranceResili.
Roland Virkus (46)Gladbach2014GermanyProf.
David Wright (33)Stoke2011EnglandFairly Det.
Orestes Portolan (41)Internacional1919BrazilFairly Det.
Ernst Tanner (46)FC Red Bull Salzburg1919GermanyFairly Prof.
Marcelo Romano (44)Velez1918ArgentinaResolute
Brian McClair (49)Man Utd1917England,
Steve Martin (45)Crawley1917EnglandFairly Det.
Volker Kersting (43)Mainz1917GermanyF. Sporting
Francesco Palmieri (45)Parma1914ItalyProf.
Oscar Regenhardt (57)Patronato1914Spain,
Very Amb.
Pedro Pedrucci (51)Liverpool (URU)1912Japan, Uruguay,
Fairly Prof.
Albert Benaiges (58)Al-Wasl1820U.A.E.
Marcelo Rudolph (35)Gremio1818BrazilBalanc.
Oliver Ruhnert (40)Schalke 041817GermanyProf.
Jean-Michel Vandamme (53)LOSC1817FranceProf.
Fabian Wohlgemuth (34)LOSC1816GermanyBalanc.
Juan Ahuntchaín (61)Penarol1815UruguayProf.
Pascal de Maesschalk (40)Club Brugge1814BelgiumF. Prof.
Joe Joyce (52)Newcastle1814EnglandF. Loyal
Markus Hirte (50)Düsseldorf1814GermanyF. Loyal
Francesco Barresi (28)Napoli1719ItalyFairly Det.
Giulio Coletta (71)Lazio1718ItalyFairly Det.
Ged McNamee (52)Sunderland1716EnglandFairly Prof.
Bernard David (48)AS Saint-Etienne1715FranceFairly Prof.
Gianluca Grande (39)Latina1715ItalyDet.
Giorgio Scapini (58)Varese1715ItalyBalan.
Kevin Thelwell (39)Wolves1713England,
F. Amb.
Domenico Stallone (50)Atalanta1616ItalyFairly Det.
Alan Irvine (55)Everton1615England,
Hamílton Ramos (52)Palmeiras1615BrazilBalanc.
Luigi Porchia (43)Crotone1615ItalyResolute
Jacob F. Larsen (33)AaB1614DenmarkF. Loyal
Gianfranco Matteoli (54)Cagliari1518ItalyDriven

Head of Youth Development Backroom Staff for Minor clubs

The backroom staff listed above will primarily be the best options for any top division clubs. Their reputation is high, while their coaching qualifications are the best. Approaching them will require an decent wage budget and club reputation in order to make them want to sign for your managing club.

To help you further, will we provide staff recommendations of the best Lower League Management Head of Youth Development backroom staff – aka a list for those of you who like to manage minor clubs in lower divisions – for example clubs with lower reputation than continental. These backroom staff will demand lower wages and will be available for a lower transfer cost than the 5-star HoYD listed above.

Here we will require your help to make this list top notch! Please share your favorite LLM and minor leagues Head of youth development in comment field below.

Name (Age)ClubWork w/ YouthJudging PPScout Know.Personality
Matteo Lauriola (47)Lecce2018ItalyBalanc.
Graeme Liveston (64)Alloa2017ScotlandFairly Prof.
Alastair Stevenson (46)St. Johnstone2017ScotlandFairly Det.
Jorge Raffo (48)Boca2015ArgentinaResolute
Guerrino Ghio (38)Cremonese2015ItalyF. Det.
Dario Gradi (72)Crewe2015EnglandDevoted
Marcelo Broggi (47)Ferro2015ArgentinaAmb.
Volker Piekarski (54)Free2016GermanyFairly Prof.
Roberto Roo (53)Nacional2014UruguayAmbitious
Warren Hawke (42)Morton2014England,
Model Prof.
Jon Rudkin (50)Leicester2012EnglandF. Loyal
Rene Simões (60)Free1913Jamaica,
Pedro Peso (49)Granada1818SpainProf.
Edmundo Silveira (56)Ceará1815BrazilBalanc.
Lluis González (54)Danubio1812UruguayBalanc.
Francis de Taddéo (55)Free1715FranceF. Loyal
Flemming Broe (46)FC Midtjylland1618DenmarkFairly Det.
Raphaël Guerreiro (45)Free1613FranceFairly Prof.
Karsten Sejerup (63)Esbjerg fB1514DenmarkBalanc.
Zhu Guanghu (45)Free1513FranceFairly Prof.

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