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Best Football Manager 2014 Chief Scouts – FM2014 Backroom Staff

Football Manager 2014 Staff Recommendation of The Best Chief Scouts

Football Manager 2014 Best Chief Scouts
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In our series of Football Manager 2014 staff recommendation we handed you the best FM14 coaches, who are highly important in regard to training and player development. Now we feel it is time to publish our recommendation of the best backroom staff for scouting.

First up, we will look at the best chief scouts of Football Manager 2014, which can be described as the head of your efficient scouting program, a term we use to describe everything done in scouting, from deciding if you should increase scouting knowledge solely or scout for young talents and potential wonderkids of FM14.

Our list of excellent Football Manager 2014 chief scouts is filtered by their level of judging player ability and judging player potential. Eventhough he may require decent level of man management, working with youngsters and adaptability, we have put little focus on these, when creating our recommendation of best FM14 chief scouts.

We aim to make it easier for you to find the best ones no matter managing club. Thats why we have even created a 5-star backroom staff searh filter which you can download and import into Football Manager 2014!

Football Manager 2014 Best Scouts – Setting up an efficient scouting network

The Importance of Good Chief Scouts

As we have learned from the staff role guide, the chief scout will be by default responsible for setting up the scouting assignments. Eventhough we recommend to setup the scouting networks assignments yourself, a good chief scout is required.

Spending some time to find a proper chief scout in FM14 is important. He will require excellent judging player ability and potential in order to be trusted. The chief scout should be used as a second opinioner, which delivers the final scout report of potential transfer targets. Personally I use him as the one who scouts next opposition, and then requires excellent tactical knowledge. But his ability as a general scout makes him able to provide accurate report cards.

As all others in the scouting network, he will influence on your managing clubs FM14 scouting knowledge, so it will be vital to find FM14 chief scouts who adds depth to it.

Football Manager 2014 Best Chief Scouts

Name / AgeClubScout.
Determ.Judging AbilityJudging PotentialTactical
Wolfgang Dremmler (59)BayernGermany20202020
Pantaleo Corvino (63)FreeItaly1920202
Steve Rowley (54)ArsenalEngland18202015
Hans-Martin Kleitsch (61)HoffenheimGermany18202013
Alexandre Ceolin (50)Atletico MineiroBrazil
Eugene Krasnikov (38)MetalistUkraine12202012
Aurelio Pereira (65)Sporting (POR)Portugal8202012
Jim Lawlor (47)Man UtdEngland,
Roberto Sesena (56)LazioItaly1620186
Francis Cagigao (44)ArsenalEngland
Fabio Paratici (41)JuventusItaly17192013
Ernesto Varnier (67)UdineseItaly14191810
Fermo Favini (77)AtalantaItaly20182018
Pierluigi Casiraghi (71)InterItaly17182012
Giuseppe Corti (56)AtalantaItaly15182012
Ermanno Ferrari (64)AtalantaItaly1618196
Gérson Figueiredo (36)CorinthiansBrazil1018199
Bill Green (62)SouthamptonEngland17181812
Manfred Linzmaier (50)FC Red Bull SalzburgAustria,
Angelo Orazi (61)RomaItaly17172014
David Hamilton (52)LeedsEngland17171910
Roberto Policano (49)UdineseItaly1717184
Tarcisio Burgnich (74)InterItaly1817178
Maurizio Micheli (43)NapoliItaly17171710
Ricardo Moar (59)UdineseGermany
Tord Grip (75)SouthamptonMexico
Paulo Futre (47)FreePortugal,
Les Kershaw (58)Man UtdEngland16161913
John Park (52)CelticScotland16151713
Luigi Caffarelli (51)NapoliItaly16141514
Voro (49)ValenciaSpain16141413
Abdel Djaadaoui (66)FC Sochaux-MontbéAlgeria,
Pachequinho (42)CoritibaBrazil15131513
Erik Larsen (49)FreeDenmark
Christian Möckel (40)NürnbergGermany1417179
Andrea Carnevale (52)UdineseItaly1417177
Javi Rico (42)AlcorcónSpain1517158
Arkaitz Mota (32)Real MadridSpain,
Paul Breitner (61)FC BayernGermany,
Paquito (75)VillarrealSpain7161912
Jeff Vetere (47)TottenhamEngland,
Sergiy Ralyuchenko (50)MetalistUkraine15161610
Natal (67)CruzeiroBrazil1616167
Mario Vossen (38)GladbachGermany13161610
Mauro Innocenti (45)FreeItaly1616158
Georges Prost (65)OMEngland,
Barry Whitbread (64)WycombeSingapore,
Jorge Rodríguez
de Cózar (30)
RSD AlcaláSpain1715169
Aldo Luigi Bet (64)A.C. MilanItaly15151515
David Salavert (40)LevanteSpain14151510
Vyacheslav Levchuk (42)SevastopolBelarus1515158
Uli Sude (57)GladbachGermany14151512
Roland Gransart (59)OMFrance13151515
Ove Flindt-Bjerg (65)GladbachDenmark,
Francesco Gagliardi (37)RegginaItaly12151511
Jonathas (35)CruzeiroBrazil1215158
Dirk Jahnke (44)GladbachGermany1215159
Patrick Collot (46)LOSCFrance13151410
Volker Pröpper (49)DortmundGermany17141712
Jon Andoni Goikoetxea (47)OsasunaSpain18141314
Tolo Darder (69)Atletico MadridSpain16141311
Cosimo Pistillo (50)FeralpiSalóItaly1513158
Please Share your favorite chief scout below!

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Published: 30.10.2013 1500GMT

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