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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Football Manager 2014 Summer Transfer Data Update by Whizzkidz

Download Whizzkids' FM14 Transfer Data Update - Get All the latest Football Transfers to Football Manager 2014

Football Manager 2014 January Transfer Data Update

Since the football transfer window shut in February, we've thrilled to let you update your FM14 with The Football Manager Whizzkids' Summer Transfer Database update. This data update includes the biggest, and of course latest, worldwide football transfers, players as well as staff changes, from the release of Football Manager 2014 January Transfer Update until today.

By downloading this great Football Manager 2014 Summer Transfer Data Update by Whizzkids you'll get all the football transfers FM14 doesn't include. This FM14 database will enhance your gaming experience and make it even more realistic.

Whizzkids Football Manager 2014 Transfer Data Update will be updated and improved until the release of Football Manager 2015.

What does this FM14 Database Update include?

Whizzkids' FM14 database update is solely a transfer update. Here you will get player and managerial changes from the biggest leagues in the world to minor leagues. Every loans and player signings from August 2013 to the current day (last updated 21.04.2014) has been added.

Here you will be able to play with Keisuke Honda or Michael Essien at AC Milan, follow Ole Gunnar Solskjærs' struggle to keep Cardiff away from relegation. Latest football transfers such as Juan Mata at Manchester United have been added, while Kim Källström have been moved to Arsenal. You will also find Kurt Zouma back at loan at Saint-Etienne after moving to Chelsea.

This update will make changes, but are not limited to the screenshots below:

Clarence Seedorf Ac Milan Manager Dimitar Berbatov at Loan Monaco Hernanes transferred to Internazionale Lewis Holtby at Loan Fulham Tom Ince at Loan Crystal Palace

Passion4FM take no responsibilities of the content provided within this FM14 database update of latest transfers and data. All complaints or errors should be reported in the comments below and we'll make sure that the administrators of the Facebook page "The Football Manager Whizzkids", which will make sure the database is as real as possible.

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DOWNLOAD Whizzkids' FM14 Summer Transfer Data Update

Published: 02.02.2014 14.00PM GMT
Updated: 21.04.2014 00.00AM GMT
A Football Manager 2014 Transfer Data update which improves realism of the game by adding real football transfers from around the world.
Import the filter to the specific folder: "Your Documents" > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2014 > Editor Data
(Don't have this folder? Create it yourself!)


  1. MRDNRA18:42

    This one actually seems a lot more complete than the other one, the one on fmscout is only about half complete (if that) at level 11 still!

  2. Yes, it's an old release of the same file published here - Since Voasy released his stolen file - our file has been updated=)

  3. Michael11:14

    The only thing missing is that you don't talk about strategy. Would you agree since tiki-taka is both attacking and defensive, the strategy should be Normal ?

  4. We'll get back to this on a later point=) so please follow our blog in the coming weeks as we'll go indepth to this issue

  5. Michael20:59

    Fine :-) another issue is regarding fluidity, every one making Barcelona tactics set a fluid or very fluid style but reading Fabrega's interview in which he compares Spain national team and Barcelona, he mentioned that in Barca the football is very positional, every player sticks to his role, there is freedom of movement with the ball but no freedom of movement without the ball. In FM terms this would mean the team would have to be set rigid and not fluid.

  6. Árni Grímsson14:45

    what about create shortlist for lowest leage skrill N/S/P what players to buy and what to sign in for free and so on .

  7. Daniel Hubner16:14

    as far as i'm aware wingers are unavailable with an automatic duty. as long as they're quick and can cross the ball, they should do well in the role

  8. Daniel Hubner16:14

    very glad to hear that! it is fun to watch it sometimes, the attacking play is fantastic at times

  9. Daniel Hubner20:38

    New OIs for 14.3, that's all the changes made. Thanks to @Davey for some feedback about that

  10. Paul09:28

    database not working since the latest fm2014 update.

  11. Henry Rowen06:43

    Thanks for this. Works for me. I'm playing on FM 14.3. Also worth to note that the latest patch update/add some more players in level 8 leagues, notably on northern division side. Have fun guys!

  12. Richard Williams15:04

    Looks good m8 but which formation is better in your eyes, this or sidewinder?both v good tho

  13. Hei, Thanks for your feedback. Since these tactics are made from two different persons I dont want to take this discussion=) Of course I (owner) think my tactic is best, while Daniel feels his or Manuel Pellegrini tactic is the best:)

    I like the Sidewinder due to the utilization of width space and the many players inside the box, but the Cobra or Pellegrini may create more CCC's.

  14. Richard Williams17:04

    Do you use closing down as opp instructions or not

  15. Lyubo22:36

    Hi, i cannot import the tactic and i am creating it through the tactic creator. What should i select in step 4- Playing style? Should i leave everything by default or i should change something? Sorry if this was already asked. :)

  16. Which tactic do you ask about now? Cobra or Sidewinder?

  17. Richard Williams13:32


  18. Daniel Hubner13:47

    there are loads of player instructions, so it might be difficult to create it like that. what problems do you have when importing it?

  19. Daniel Hubner14:37

    i don't

  20. Lyubo14:56

    Hi, i am receiving something like "The tactic could not be imported". This is for both modern and classic tactics. I have FM13 but will try it on FM14.