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Football Manager 2014 Custom Views and Filtering – FM14 Statistics and Information

Download Passion4FM’s FM14 Squad -, Player Search Views and more

Football Manager 2014 Custom Views by Passion4FM

Passion4FM was designed to help you in your daily Football Manager management, from specific guides about how to create Football Manager tactics to staff recommendations with backroom staff role search filters so you can find the best coaches, director of football + more.

Today we’ll be focusing on the importance of managing the different views in order to get the information YOU need when you are on a landing page. It can be views to pick players with the best form in team selection, or get more information about your opponent and their players’ performances. The Football Manager views are designed to make your managing life easier and more importantly – find what you need to know quickly.

The Custom Views of Football Manager can be designed for your preferences – here you will get to know how-to. Eventhough the downloadable Football Manager custom views below are designed for the FM14 layout, we believe that they could also be used for Football Manager 2015 (if there are not any major changes to the UI). Another aspect in regard to views are the difference in display resolution. Passion4FM’s Football Manager 2014 views comes in two versions – one for normal resolutions (1366×768) and an ultimate versions for HD resolutions (1920×1080).

How to Setup Football Manager Views

Football Manager Custom Views

We can all agree that Football Manager can provide an astonishing amount of information and statistics. How uch you delve into this when setting up your tactics or team is up to you, but my personal opinion is that all the available statistics can benefit you in the long term. They can help you to buy the best player of the two you want, they can make you able to select the best person as captain or penalty taker, or you can even find the best Football Manager 2014 bargains BEFORE they are available on pre-contract deals.

You can setup custom views for many different landing pages. By creating your own custom views, or download ours you will get the most important information handed on a single page. The Football Manager Custom Views are related to:

- Squad Player Overview (Your Team and Opponents)
- Staff Contracts
- Team Selection
- Set Pieces and Penalties
- Captain Selection
- Fixture list
- Shortlists
- Player and Staff Search
- Scout Reports

No matter what information and statistics you’re looking for in Football Manager, the custom views can help you to filter between players and staff. Even though it’s a limited amount of statistics and information you can get on a screen, it’s important to know how to find them all – if you ever going to need it.

When setting up your own FM14 custom views you can actually filter players according to your tactical preferences and statistics you’ll need to find to fit your formation and football philosophy. If you utilize crosses it may be important to look for players who has decent crossing attribute and a good crossing completition ratio, the same goes for possession football in regard to passing.

Here is a brief list of some of the Football Manager statistics and information which can benefit in your FM14 save:

- Contract Expiry Date (When can you offer the players pre-contract deals)
– Asking Price (How much/little can you purchase the player for)
Benefitial when looking for transfer targets and bargains.
- Specific player and staff attributes (technical, mental, physical and goalkeeping)
- Fitness and condition (match fitness and injuries)
- Information about Training (Intensity, schedule, performance)
- General Happiness
- Other statistics are;

    - Games win ratio
    - Distance covered per 90 minutes
    - Form Last 5 Matches
    - Mistakes leading to goals
    - Passes completed per 90 minutes or Pass Completion ratio
    - Key Tackles or tackle completion ratio
    - Shots on target ratio
    - Interceptions
    - Clean Sheets
    - Offsides
    - Points won per game

You will find a number of different options both in regard to stats, scouting and general information such as contract terms and wages under the sub coloumn of the customizing view options.

Customize views in Football Manager

You have two options (depending on the landing page and screen) to customize the different views. You can either select the + button and pick from a meny with sub sections, or you can use the drop down menu of “General Info” to customize it further, according to the image above and below. The easy add and remove tablet and drag and drop makes you able to set up your own Football Manager views and get the information you need!

Football Manager Custom View and Filtering

Download Passion4FM’s Football Manager 2014 Custom Views

Passion4FM Ultimate squad view

To make life easier for you, have we decided to release our very own Football Manager 2014 custom views. In the pack below you’ll receive our player search views, staff search view, team selection views, squad views who fits our Football Manager 2014 Counter-Attacking Tactics; Sidewinder 3-5-2 and the soon coming Tiki Taka tactic. The ultimate squad view is designed for our best Football Manager 2014 Attacking Tactic Cobra 3-6-1. To summarize, the pack include all views you need for every screen that can be customized.

The view includes all the important player statistics to pick the best possible team. It gives you an overview over the basic but important stats like minutes/assists pr 90 mins, tackle ratio, pass ratio etc. With this you can accurately spot your best performing players.

The Full list of Custom views in this package includes – and must be imported for the specific screen – are:
- Basic (Less resolution screens) and Ultimate (HD resolutions) Squad Views: Import to Squad Players Overview
- Basic (Less resolution screens) and Ultimate (HD resolutions) Team Selection Views: Import to Tactics Overview – Team Selection before match with form
- Opponents View: Import to Other Clubs Squad Players Overview
- Squad Numbers Selection View: For Squad Numbers Overview
- Squad Registration View: For Squad registration Overview
- Fixture View: For Fixture list with weather forecast
- Captain Selection View: For Tactics – Captain screen
- Set Piece Penalties View: For Set Piece – Penalty screen
- Set Piece View: For Set Pieces Overview (Corner, Throw-Ins and Free-Kicks)
- Staff Contract View: For Staff Members Overview with Preferred Job and formation
- Staff Search View: Import to Search – Staff – Attributes
- Player Search View: Import to Search – Players
- Shortlist View: Import to Shortlist Overview
- Scouting Report View: Import to a Scouts Report Tab Overview

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A collection of Passion4FM’s basic and ultimate custom views for Football Manager 2014. Created for the basic FM14 skin.

Published: 30.01.2014 13.30PM GMT
Updated: 31.01.2014 12.02PM GMT File Size: 5.87Kb

How to Import the file?

Download above shortlist and import the shortlist to this specific folder:
“Your Documents” > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2014 > Views

You will need Winrar, 7-Zip or any tool to unzip this package in .RAR file. Then open Football Manager 2014 and import the views for the different landing pages – the title of them should be explicit enough to understand which view for which screen. On the screen (for example Squad players) – Click the drop down arrow – Custom – Import View – Select Basic or Ultimate Squad View.

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