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Football Manager 2014 Best Director of Football

Football Manager 2014 Staff Recommendation of Best Director of Football

Football Manager 2014 Best Director of Football
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Welcome to our latest Football Manager 2014 staff recommendation list. Here we will hand you our recommendations of the best Director of Football in Football Manager 2014. Yesterday we published the updated article about the staff role DoF, and what they require in regard to their selected duties, now it’s time to put that knowledge into practice.

The best way to use the Director of Football in FM14 is to make him in charge of outgoing transfers and loans; take advantage of his reputation in order to find new clubs for unwanted players or young talents who are assigned to the development list.

Our list of FM14 best director of football is sorted by their level of determination and motivation. I know some of you might use him as a glorified chief scout, so we have added judging player ability and potential as well. But in our point of view, would we rather appoint an excellent chief scout instead of a Director, who often demands high wages for those purposes.

By handing you our staff recommendations for best Director of Football we aim to make it easier for you to understand what his main staff attributes are, and how you can find the best ones in FM14. To help you even further, we have provided our 5-star backroom staff search filter with all the different staff roles of FM14, which you can download above.

Football Manager Staff Role Director of Football – A Closer Look On The DoF’s Staff Responsibilities and Requirements

Excellent FM14 Director of Football / Sporting Directors

The information on this list is just some of the important factors for this staff role. We have tried to highlight the most important once when choosing your excellent Sporting Director. Remember that the staff attributes and personalities can fluctuate from save to save.

This list is updated for 14.3 database

Name (Age)ClubPerson.Deter.Motiv.Judging
Adriano Galliani (68)AC MilanDriven2020182014.3
Ariedo Braida (67)AC MilanDriven2020181714.0
Matthias Sammer (46)FC BayernProf.2020161814.3
Leo Beenhakker (70)FreeDriven202081714.3
Ramón Mártinez (66)Real MadridResolute2019202014.3
Fred van der Born (49)FC Den BoschDriven2019141314.0
Paulo Carneiro (62)FreeDriven2018191914.3
Fermo Favini (77)AtalantaModel Prof.2018182014.3
Pantaleo Corvino (63)FreeProf.1919202014.3
Franco Baldini (52)TottenhamDet.1919141714.3
Rino Foschi (67)CesenaDet.1919141514.3
Paulo Futre (47)FreeLight-Heart.1915171714.3
Marcos Moura Teixeira (53)FreeResolute1915151514.3
Pablo Fuentes (49)WanderersFairly Det.1914121014.3
Walter Sabatini (58)RomaDet.1912172014.3
Óscar Perarnau (39)EspanyolDet.1912131414.0
Txiki Begiristain (58)Man CityDet.1818181714.3
Daniele Pradé (46)FiorentinaDet.1818181614.0
Bryan Robson (67)TottenhamDet.1818161614.0
Bernard Lacombe (60)O. LyonnaisDet.1818161614.3
Francisco Rufete (36)ValenciaProf.1818151514.3
Robert Kovac (39)CroatiaDet.1818151314.0
Bruno Hübner (52)FrankfurtDet.1818131314.0
Giorgio Repetto (60)PescaraDet.1818131214.0
Felipe Miñambres (48)RayoDet.1816141514.3
Michael Emenalo (48)ChelseaDet.1816151714.0
Carlos Sánchez (49)PenarolDet.181691014.3
Chuti Molina (47)MurciaFairly Det.1815171814.0
Michael Zorc (51)DortmundModel Prof.1814161714.3
Galeano (41)São CaetanoDet.1814101214.3
Alexandre Mattos (36)CruzeiroProf.1813181814.3
José Carlos Brunoro (63)PalmeirasDet.1812171614.3
Paulo Angione (65)FreeProf.1720191714.3
Roberto Policano (49)UdineseResil.1718171814.3
Fabio Paratici (41)JuventusResolute1717192014.3
Antonio Fernández (42)FreeAmbitious1717152014.3
Rafa Monfort (50)UdineseAmbitious1717141814.3
Miroslav Karhan (37)TrnavaProf.1717151414.3
Alan Hill (69)Nott. ForestFairly Det.1717141514.3
Roberto de
Andrade Souza (52)
FreeFairly Det.1717121314.3
Stefan Reiter (52)SV RiedFairly Det.1715131214.3
Doriano Tosi (35)FreeResolute1715121314.3
Maurizio Micheli (48)NapoliResolute1713171714.3
Monchi (44)SevillaFairly Det.1713171614.3
Marcelinho Paulista (39)FreeFairly Det.1712121314.3
Sean Sogliano (42)VeronaResolute1711161614.3
Damien Comolli (40)FreeResolute1619151514.3
Samuel Fénillat (34)NantesResil.1619141414.3
Gabriele Martino (61)BarlettaProf.1617141414.3
Rodrigo Caetano (43)VascoReslute1616161614.3
Cléber Romualdo (48)ABCFairly Det.1616131214.3
Les Kershaw (58)Man UtdResili.1614161914.3
Dietmar Beiersdorfer (49)ZenitResolute1614161614.3
José Antonio Gordillo (39)C.E. SabadellFairly Det.1614121214.3
Gustavo Mendes (38)FreeFairly Det.1614111114.3
Rudi Völler (53)LeverkusenResolute1519171214.3
Uwe Scherr (46)ChemnitzFairly Det.1519191114.0
Luis Fernando Montoya (51)MillonariosResolute1518131314.3
Piero Ausilio (40)InterResolute1517161914.3
Bodo Illgner (46)FreeFairly Det.1517141414.3
Alexander Rosen (34)HoffenheimSpirited1516141414.3
Marcello Martucci (53)GladiatorFairly Det.1516121614.3
Stan Valckx (49)FreeResil.1515161514.3
Sandro Orlandelli (42)SantosResolute1515151614.3
Clóvis Emídio (55)FreeFairly Det.1515151314.3
Stefano Banti (40)FreeProf.1513141514.3
David Salavert (40)LevanteBalanced.1415151514.3
Christian Bassedas (40)VelezModel Prof.1414151514.3
Giuseppe Ursino (64)CrotoneModel Prof.1414141314.3

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Source: The photo, used in article image, “The Grindstone” is made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic. Image courtesy of Waponi, Kathryn Decker on Flickr.

Image of Ralf Ragnick is made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic. Image courtesy of XtraNews on Flickr.

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Published: 30.10.2013 1500GMT

A collection of staff search filters for all available backroom staff in Football Manager 2014;
Director of Football, coaches, physios and scouts + more.
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  • Chris

    How does this effect MLS clubs that sign their youth through an academy, which is treated as a separate club?

  • Iqbal Chowdhury

    Despite the effort you've put in, SI don't adjust game intelligence for lower divisions. So these teams will have crazy things happening like good players signing on amateur contracts. Until SI decide to alter in-game player expectations in non-league football, it will be way to easy to get teams promoted in these divisions.

  • Daniel Hubner

    it has now been updated to fix it, i hope:D MLS is so confusing :S

  • Broccli

    Hmm is there a way i can do this with the facilities on default?

  • Alex Rush-Fear

    I get that a lot of effort must go into this, but there seems to have been a bit of a cock-up with the Dorset Premier League. You used the Dorset Senior League teams instead, the division below the Dorset Prem. You also spelled two of those teams incorrectly.

  • Alex Rush-Fear

    In fact, this appears to be identical to the Level 11 database here:

  • Spalato Brlotelli

    I have a bit of an issue here mate. Already into 3rd season and none of my regens is available to play i.e. all regens from season 1 to and incl. 3 havent played one single match because they aren't available. Having grays playing for my U-19 while the regens still stay "Fully Fit" but haven't played a single game, some for 3 years lol

  • Daniel Hubner

    very weird. will look into it

  • Daniel Hubner

    edit through editor

  • Singalingam .

    How to edit? Edit all the club one by one?

  • Daniel Hubner

    you can just load in all the clubs that are edited, then shift-select all of them and edit that. though i might release a version without the changed facilities as an alternative

  • Singalingam .

    Yes please. It's a great for those of us who wants extra challenge.

  • Daniel Hubner

    yeah i probably will. next week probably though, as i first need to update my tactics for 14.3 ;)

  • Joe Carpenter

    Getting Crash dumps when trying to use this on Fm14.3.0. Any ideas why?

  • Passion4FootballManager

    This database is made from 14.0 – I guess you gets crash dumps because the squads and editor data is different.On this point, based on your feedback I don&#39;t know if its a 14.3 database bug (crash dump) or the database itself – but we will look to release a new one for the 14.3 database. <br /><br /><br /><br />What does it say in the crash dump window? Have you tried to delete cache?

  • Joe Carpenter

    I&#39;ve followed everything here:;id=206 and it didn&#39;t make a difference. That is what i get in the window and it&#39;s always after i press continue on the first day of the season so i presume that it is down to it not being compatible with 14.3.

  • Spalato Brlotelli

    I corrected that with FMRTE. The problem was my way of signing regens. Ususally I do that the day they are generated, I offer the ones who look most promising a youth contract straight away and don&#39;t bother with the other ones until they are released after a month or so. 4th season I tried something new and fully trust my assistant, signing only the ones he recommended after the intake match

  • Darren Skilbeck

    When will the update be ready to use on 14.3,or is it already done ?

  • Feddo

    Are you able to sign players who are out of contract?? And if not what happens to any released player?<br />Is it possible to create such an db for fm13?

  • Trang

    thanks for your useful article.please where can download the beautiful kit template?I found many team shirts at but I don&#39;t know how to make it to tempalte

  • Daniel Hubner

    done now

  • Daniel Hubner

    i know you can sign free staff, so players too maybe? if no, then i guess it&#39;s just a part of the database scenario :) and we will not be creating it for fm13, sorry.

  • Pratap Rai

    keeps crashing.. I was really looking forward to this one. help ?