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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Football Manager 2014 Bargain Buys - FM14 Player Recommendations

Quality Cheap Players and Best Bargains of Football Manager 2014

Football Manager 2014 Best Bargains and Cheap Players

Finally, we are also able to provide you with our player recommendations of the best Football Manager 2014 bargains! Here we've delved into the world of scouting in order to provide you with the best cheap players of FM14.

These great players are all available at knock-off prices. Some of these great Football Manager players can be described as experienced veterans while others have much potential to fulfill. What's common with all these cheap quality players are their ability to perform above average - providing you more value for the money!

Passion4FM's Top 10 Bargain buys are the ultimate list for everyone who struggles with restricted finances and limited budgets in Football Manager 2014. Hopefully will our Football Manager 2014 bargains make you able to find some potential signings, which in the end will make the complete difference to your season - rescuing your club from relegation battle, or make you able to perform above expectations even with less financial strengths than all other clubs within same division.

What Is a Good Bargain?

For many will a great bargain be a young player who are available at a transfer clause, which you can develop into a Football Manager 2014 Wonderkid and prosper from his development - becoming a key player in your road to titles. For others are the ultimate FM14 bargain a player who is available at an average price compared to the clubs transfer budget and the player value. For me the ultimate bargain is a player who can be obtained almost for free, but performs consistent over the course of the season, making him a key player in the squad.

So we can conclude that there are no specific definition to who the Football Manager 2014 bargains are. Who you can obtain for a fair price may differ from save to save, when you start the season and the clubs level of scouting knowledge.

No matter which team you manage we can all agree that a few FM14 bargains can easily save you're entire season. Even though we provide some specific player recommendations below, you're not obliged to pick these players up, as it might be better bargains around. But if you should look into these players, you'll need to make a transfer offer as soon as possible when starting a new save.

Finding the best bargains depends often as much on luck as pure FM knowledge. Don't forget that a quality player on a long term loan can be as great bargain as one tied up. No matter where you like to set your focus of attention, the key question in this post will be: How do you find the best Football Manager bargains in your save?

Below we will answer this question and look to help you improve your knowledge, so you can pick up the best bargains as soon as they appear in-game.

How to Find the Best Football Manager Bargains?

Football Manager 2014 Transfer listed players

It's a managers dream to find players like Ole Gunnar Solskjær or spot quality players before everyone else. It's even greater if the price is fair and there are no risks by obtaining his services!

Finding cheap players and best bargains comes really down to scouting. You need to setup a good scouting network in order to find possible targets, know what you will be looking for, but most importantly being aware of the transfer market. Beside the transfer market your interaction with interesting quality players lay the foundation for attracting their interest. There are some specific elements to look at in order to pick up these cheap players and bargains as soon as they come available:

  1. 1) Selected playable leagues can determine the amount of bargains.
    There are no hidden fact that leagues like Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Uruguay, Belgium, Serbia, Bulgaria and Mexico to name some few, have less player wages than England or Spain. These countries will increase the probability to pick up some of the hidden wonderkids or cheap transfers - no matter of your managing clubs reputation.

  2. 2) Be aware of the transfer market is a key in order to scoop cheap quality players. It can be a matter of;
    1. A) Setting up screen flow in order to pick up players who perform at a consistent high level. You'll find the option to setup screenflow under "Preferences" - "Interface" - "Screenflow".
      FM14 Bargain Shortlist Manage Subscriptions

      In screenflow you will be able to select every world competitions and be "present" when they kickoff in order to get team / player stats or general information about stages. It can add depth to your scouting network by being able to get information about Asian Champions League or Copa America, when managing in the lower leagues of England. Here the aim is not to only find cheap quality players but to be able to spot more players, who can be added to your transfer target pool. Here the focus of attention could be "Player Stats" for the specific competition. Then you'll receive reports on player performances when the selected competitions are on-going.
    2. B) Manage subscriptions is key. For your shortlist and playable leagues it may be important to tick news about transfers and loans. Then you will get notifications about transfers offers about these players, but also be able to pick them up before they're sold. See image to the right for an example on how to set it up.

  3. 3) Utilize Player Search and Scouting Assignments in order to find quality players who fits your playing style and can be obtained for a fair price.
    1. A) Search for players under a specific value - for example €5Mill, either by "Player Search" or from setting up specific scouting assignments.
    2. B) Search by using our downloadable FM14 player role filter, in order to spot players who has the best player attributes. This can also be done in scouting assignments by asking your scout to find players with specific player preferred moves and/or attributes.
    3. C) Check the default shortlist of "Transfer Listed Players" and those "Listed for Loan" not only before the season but also during it. Often you'll discover unhappy players who can be obtained very cheaply.
    4. D) Delve into the amount of Football Manager 2014 free agents as there may be many experienced veterans who can be obtained for free.
    5. E) Picking up players running out of contract can also be very advantageous. You can either ask your Director of Football to suggest some players by specific position or set up an scouting assignments by filtering by "Asking Price". The Director of Footballs recommendation of new transfer targets can be done under "Club Transfers" - "Transfer Centre" - "Transfer Targets".
    Since players on transfer clause or has a low asking price can help you it's important to spot these players running out of their contract before they put pen on paper on a new one. It will be the most advantageous in the long term, which makes it important for us to take a closer look on how to find players on pre-contract deals. Continue reading the next chapter below.

Find Quality Players Out of Contract and Offer them Pre-Contract Deals Free of Charge

Every season there are hundreds of players running out of contract. Either these players don't want to accept a new contract offer, or they're just unhappy and really wants to leave. For the long time run we can conclude that picking up players out of contract is the most favourable in order to spot the best bargains of Football Manager. My favorite method is to find these players and get them on a pre-contract deal - free of charge! Either they are young Under-19 international players or first team players - tying them up pre-contract deals can be as fun as winning in the Casino.

Players are available at pre-contract deals 6 months before contract expiry date. This means that doing a player search 1th of January every year (6 months before), will increase the probability to spot them early on. Do remember that you can do player searches by contract status (1 year before expiring, 6 months before, 3 months before, 1 month before or even expired or unattached). But as sooner you act, the better.

The players contract expiry date can be added to your player search view and help you further. My recommendation is to add every interesting players you find to a shortlist, so you'll get news notification about contract offers accepted/rejected about them.

In the first season of Football Manager 2014 quality players you can pick up on pre-contract deals are; Robert Lewandowski (Borussia Dortmund), Tom Ince (Blackpool), Manuel Fernandes (Besiktas), Fernando (FC Porto), Xabi Alonso (Real Madrid), Vitinho (CSKA Moscow), Jesé (RM), Samuel Eto'o (Chelsea), Patrice Evra (Man Utd), Victor Valdes (Barcelona) and many more.

Football Manager Player Search Contract Expire
In order to make these players interested in moving to your club you will need to unsettle them. By making them unsettled you'll increase the probability of them wanting to move to a bigger club, their favorite club or your club, to state some examples. Unsettling a player is often a long term project where you start off by declaring interest of him in the media. The next step is often to be present at his next match and increase pressure by watching him, or make an enquiry. Using the media will help in order to attract interest.

Which methods do you use in order to unsettle a player you're interested in?

FM14 Cheap Bargains - Football Manager 2014 Player Recommendations

Below will we go through some of the bargains we've discovered when playing FM14. These players can also be found in our downloadable shortlist in the bottom of the post. We will update this shortlist for the next month and more specific after the January Transfer data update, which normally are released by Sports Interactive in March. We hope that you share your best FM14 bargain buys below, in order to improve the quality of this post.

Mohamed Diamé, Central Midfielder, West Ham, €8Mill

FM14 Bargain Mohamed Diamé

African players are known for their physic and strength. Mohamed Diamé is no different. The Sengalese defensive minded midfielder could be a great scoop for clubs in premier division. The 26 year old ball winner has excellent work rate, strength and could be a great choice as a regista due to his great anticipation, first touch and positioning.

Mohamed Diamé is a resolute player who likes to play way out of trouble or utilize more direct passes in order to change from defence to attacking mentality in a second. He's noted as a bargain because of his fair transfer clause and his great skills according to age.

Asking Price: €4.1Mill Transfer Clause
Wage Demand: > €35K

Keisuke Honda, Attacking Midfielder, CSKA Moscow, €5.25Mill

FM14 Bargain Keisuke Honda

Keisuke Honda started his professional career in Holland in 2008, but was quickly picked up by CSKA Moscow who spotted his capabilities as a dead ball specialist and goal scorer. Keisuke Honda is a very versatile player who can easily play both advanced playmaker, box to box midfielder or shadow striker. The 27 year old Japanese international player transferred to AC Milan for free earlier this month, but is a great bargain in FM14 14.0 database.

Keisuke Honda is a recommended bargain for any clubs who has the finances to offer him his high wage demands, but in exchange you'll receive a world class player who can make some incredible long placed shots.

Asking Price: €4.1Mill Transfer Clause
Wage Demand: > €35K

Joe Ledley, Central Midfielder, Celtic, €2.2Mill

FM14 Bargain Joe Ledley

The 26 year old Welsh International Joe Ledley can be described as a tireless midfielder. He would be a beneficial addition to Premier League level clubs and below. You can use him as either ball winning midfielder, or Box to Box Midfielder. What strikes me the most about Joe Ledley is that he's a team player with excellent work rate. He got the stamina to work his socks of for your team in 90 minutes pluss!

English Premier Leagues clubs such as Southampton are quick to pick him up, and so should you! Due to his contract expiring in the Summer of 2014 he's is able to join your club at a knock-off price of €1.5Mill, which is even lower than his starting value. However, Ledley would be looking for wages in the area of €30K per week if you are going to sign him. Overall he would be a great target because of his defensive capabilities and his preferences to get into opposition area and place shots.

Asking Price: €1.5Mill
Wage Demand: > €30K

Ladislav Krejci, Sparta Prague, Winger, €3.6Mill

Football Manager 2014 Bargain Buy Ladislav Krejci

Ladislav Krejci was voted Czech Talent of the Year 2011 and follow in the footpaths of Pavel Nedved, Tomas Rosicky and Karel Poborsky. The 21 year old Sparta Prague winger can be described as an consistent player who like to get forward running with the ball down left flank. Ladislav Krejci has excellent first touch, dribbling and flair which is vital in order to disrupt any opposition defences.

The skillful and pacy winger could be a bargain for any top half team with good finances. His wage demand might scare you off, but he has still some improvements to do in order to fulfill his potential.

Asking Price: €5-7Mill
Wage Demand: > €35K

Tom Ince, Winger, Blackpool, €4.5Mill

Football Manager 2014 Bargain Buy Tom Ince

With Tom Ince's deal set to expire in the summer of 2014, you are able to pick him up at a relatively cheap price. Tom Ince is a versatile player who can play on either sides, as a striker backup or even as attacking midfielder if you're experiencing an injury crises. Preferably he is a left winger who likes to cut inside. As a traditional winger he likes to run wih the ball often and are more than capable of driving to the byline for some great crosses.

At the young age of 21 he has plenty of time to develop, and can become an English International player with the right guidance - often dependent on training and first team action. Tom Ince is a very useful target for any English Premier League clubs. Not only will he fulfill one of the required home grown slots in team registration, but as the wage demands in England are rocket high, Tom Ince will be rather moderate with his demands - making him a great key player for midtable sides or an bakup player for bigger reputated clubs such as Tottenham and Arsenal.

Asking Price: €4.3Mill
Wage Demand: > €21K

Aleksander Ignjovski, Defensive Midfielder, Werder Bremen, €2.4Mill

Football Manager 2014 Bargain Buy Aleksander Ignjovski

When we think of famous Serbian football players, your mind might go to the former Sampdoria and Lazio defensive midfielder Siniša Mihajlović. Serbia has always produced very good players - the last addition is Aleksandar Mitrovic (18) of Anderlecht. Even though you can find many great bargains in Serbia or eastern Europe for that matter, Aleksander Ignjovski caught my attention. Due to his excellent defensive capabilities (marking, tackling and bravery) my mind went quickly to the convertion of Javier Mascherano from defensive midfielder to central defender.

While Aleksander Ignjovski lacks positioning, he could be a great anchor man or defensive midfielder who cover for the defenders and operates in the zone between defence and midfield. Aleksander Ignjovski (22) tends to mark opponents tightly and dive into tackles - a great feature for any inferior clubs.

Asking Price: €500K + 2Mill Agent Fee
Wage Demand: > €25K

Itumeleng Khune, Goalkeeper, Kaizer Chief, €550K

Football Manager 2014 Bargain Buy Itumeleng Khune

Itumeleng Khune is a South African International player with much reputation in Africa. The 180cm tall goalkeeper is a reliable goalie who can become a key player for any club! The 26 year old keeper is very determined and driven, and could be prime target as a mentor for your youngsters.

The number one of Kaizer Chief may be the first to leave as he's available at value price. You should make a transfer offer as soon as you launch your new save as the race for him will be high. Itumeleng Khune is one of the best Football Manager 2014 bargains and is noted for his reflexes, commanding and ball distribution.

Asking Price: €500K
Wage Demand: > €30K

Alex Schalk, Striker, NAC Breda, €625K

Database version 14.0
Football Manager 2014 Bargain Buy Alex Schalk

This former Dutch under-21 international player are currently loaned out to PSV in real life, and hasn't really lived up to his comparison to Gerd Müller from his youth. But in Football Manager 2014, Alex Schalk can be described as a decent technical striker, with great overall skills. He would be great in the player role as false nine or as an AMC trequartista.

The 20 year old second striker is noted for his off the ball movement, dribbling, creativity and technique. We recommend to use him as a space creator. Alex Schalk will be a player for the future, who can fill the role as captain for any minor clubs. With his low transfer clause there is hardly any risks tied to this transfer at all!

Asking Price: €700K Transfer Clause
Wage Demand: > €14K

Other Cheap FM 2014 Bargains

It's been very hard to pick out 10 bargains from an overall pool of hundreds of players. There were many promising talents and excellent bargains that we left out, either by high wage demands or because of their transfer clause and/or reputation. Below will we mention some other cheap Football Manager 2014 bargains you should look into as possible signings.

Name Age Club Position Value Asking Price Datab. Ver.
Koo Ja-Cheol 27.02.1989 (24) Wolfsburg M/AMC €3.7Mill 2Mill TC 14.0 Only
Fredrik Semb 06.02.1990 (23) Odd DC €675K > €1Mill 14.0
Oscar Duarte 03.06.1989 (24) Club Brugge DC €1.4Mill > 2.5Mill 14.0
Jhon Andrés Córdoba 10.05.1993 Espanyol ST €750K > €3Mill 14.0
Fredrik Haugen 13.06.1992 (21) Brann DM/M/AMC €37K > €26K 14.0
Alexander Milosevic 30.01.1992 (21) AIK DC €375K > €900K 14.0
Stefan de Vrij 05.02.1992 (21) Feyenoord DCR €2.7Mill > €2.9Mill 14.0
Stefan Strandberg 25.07.1990 (22) Rosenborg D/DM €250K > €1.5Mill 14.0
Izunna Uzochukwu 11.04.1990 (23) FC Midtjylland DM/MC €1.3Mill > €550K 14.0
Jesper Juelsgård 26.01.1989 (24) FC Midtjylland D/WBL €1.6Mill > €2Mill 14.0
Ji Dong-Won 28.05.1991 (22) Sunderland AM/ST €3.9Mill > €550K 14.0
Kris Commons 30.08.1983 (29) Celtic M/AML €1.9Mill > €2Mill 14.0
Simon Tibbling 07.09.1994 (18) Djurgården DM/MC €67K > €220K 14.0
Johan Lædre Bjørdal 05.05.1986 (27) Viking M/AML €325K > €200K 14.0
Nikolaj Jørgensen 14.01.1991 (22) FC København AML/ST €2.5Mill > €4.5Mill 14.0
Stefan Johansen 08.01.1991 (22) Strømsgodset DM/M/AMC/td> €925K > €200K 14.0
Tiago 02.05.1981 (32) Atletico Madrid MC/td> €850K > €400K 14.0
Lars-Christopher Vilsvik 18.10.1988 (24) Strømsgodset DRL €425K > €1Mill 14.0
Mateo Musacchio 26.08.1990 (22) Villarreal DC €3.1Mill €2.4Mill 14.0
Anthony Annan 21.07.1986 (26) Schalke DM/MC €1Mill €375k 14.0
Ole Kristian Selnæs 07.07.1994 (19) Rosenborg DM/M/AMC €145K €250K 14.0
Andriy Pylyavskyi 04.12.1988 (24) M. Haifa DC €245K €120K 14.0
Antonio Lopez 13.09.1981 (31) Mallorca D/WB/ML €750K < €650K 14.0
Anton Karachanakov 17.01.1992 (21) CSKA (Sofia) AML/ST €550K < €500K 14.0
Carlos Labrin 02.12.1990 (22) Huachipato (Palermo) SW/DC €525K < €180K 14.0
David Limbersky 06.10.1983 (29) Viktoria Plzen DL €1.8Mill < €3.5Mill 14.0
Carlos Labrin 02.12.1990 (22) Huachipato (Palermo) SW/DC €525K < €180K 14.0
Mirel Radoi 22.03.1981 (32) Al-Ain D/DM €475K < €1.9Mill 14.0
Michal Rabusic 17.09.1989 (23) Slovan Liberec ST €1.2Mill < €1Mill 14.0
Matej Vydra 01.05.1992 (21) West Brom (Udinese) ST €3.6Mill < €4Mill 14.0
Magaye Gueye 06.07.1990 (22) Everton AMLC €1.2Mill < €725K 14.0
Lennart Thy 25.02.1992 (21) St.Pauli ST €650K < €500K 14.0
Jonathan Parr 06.07.1990 (22) Crystal Palace D/ML €2.5Mill < €2.6Mill 14.0
Rhys Williams 14.07.1988 (27) Middlesbrough D/DM/MC €5Mill < €7Mill TC 14.0
Geoffrey Mujangi Bia 12.08.1989 (23) Standard AMRL €1.6Mill < €1.4Mill 14.0
Source: The photo, used in article image, "Ole Gunnar Solskjær, Molde" is made available under Attribution 2.0 Share-Alike. Image courtesy of Stig Ove Voll on Flickr.

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A FM14 shortlist of the best Football Manager 2014 bargains. This shortlist will be updated until Football Manager 2015. 220+ cheap quality players from all over the world.
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  1. Theis11:24

    Just one minor question - Is the PPM very important for this tactic to work? For example would it be totally no go if the Box-to-box midtfielder had the "Comes Deep to Get the Ball" move? Just wondering.

  2. Daniel Hubner18:59

    i've made some tests where i gave my team all the PPMs via the in-game editor and the results where very, very good, so i believe they help, and yes you should remove any that aren't listed(with a few obvious exceptions).

    btw - won the cup (5-1 vs Bayern in the semi-final) and came 8th in the league in my first season with Hertha. Good result I believe

  3. Felix Nilsson14:54

    I'm using your tactic with Man City, and I'm having some problems. Mainly I'm struggling to score goals, but I don't keep a lot of clean sheets either. I'm using man marking and OIs and every other instuction you gave, but I just can't make it work.

    I've played 11 games in BPL which has resulted in 5 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses. I don't feel like that's even close to good enough.

    This is my starting line up:
    Kompany, Varane, Lescott
    Zabaleta, Yaya, Milner, Clichy

  4. Daniel Hubner14:48

    what are the players PPMs, sometimes it can make the difference. and you're right, those results are not good enough. do you make CCCs? that's a very good team, should obliterate teams. try putting Navas instead of Zabaleta, will give you more threat going forward.

    is the tactic fully fluid?

    how do you seem to concede?

    i usually create loads of CCCs with every team i play with, it baffles me people are struggling with it to be honest, but i'll try and help as good as i can.

  5. Sangeet Narayan15:20

    Will wingers with automatic duty will work cause I only have defensive wingers who dont play well on attack duty