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Football Manager 2014 Database – Barcelona Youth Talents Update

Update Football Manager 2014 with 52 NEW Barcelona Youth Talents – FM14 Youth Database by Passion4FM

Football Manager 2014 Youth Database Barcelona Talents

For the fans of Barcelona, for all Culés or Barcelonistas, here is the FM14 database update for you! Get access to all Barcelona youth players of La Masia until the age of 14!

I’m not totally sure if this is the first Football Manager Youth Database ever released within the Football Manager Community, but it’s surely our first! Here we aims to improve realism and playing experience within FM14. Our Football Manager 2014 Youth Database updates your save with a total of 52 new Barcelona youth talents!

For the long time followers of our blog, you may have noticed that I crave for discovering new football wonderkids and emerging talents. This is something I’ve enjoyed when playing Football Manager for the past 14-15 years. Nothing is more exciting than developing your own talents into wonderkids.

While scouting for the Football Manager 2014 wonderkids this year, I became very disappointed about the lack of promising Barcelona talents. As a FC Barcelona fan there were some potential wonderkids I had looked forward to develop in FM14. When they were missing I decided to take the matter in my own hands.

Passion4FM’s Football Manager 2014 Youth Database adds around 52 new Barcelona talents to your save.

- You will need to start a new save in order to get access to nurture these young players into future wonderkids.
- These youth talents doesn’t excist in the official SI database because of their young age or simply because they’ve been left out by the official Sports Interactive researcher due to lower reputation earlier this year when the official database was created…?
- We have also changed PA and CA for some of the current youth players from the official SI database to resemble the current real footballing world in Spanish second division and the different levels of Spains national teams below under-21.

Discover the Most Promising Barcelona Talents – 15 La Masia Talents worth knowing (External Article)

What does Passion4FM’s FM14 Barcelona Youth Talent Database Contains?

FM14 youth Database New Barcelona Talents added

I guess you’re curious about who these 52 new Barca talents are and what changes I’ve done to this custom database. I decided to update Football Manager 2014 database with every player of the Barcelona squad down to Cadete A (players born in 1998/1999). I have updated Barcelona youngsters from the official FM14 database to a more realistic level (subjective opinion only), and added every player in the Juvenil A, Juvenil B and Cadete A level. I can not claim that this custom database is 100% realistic, but I do believe it will increase the excitement of playing with FC Barcelona in FM14. It will surely increase the amount of Spanish talents within Football Manager 2014 and make the first annual youth intake less important when managing Blaugrana. I would appreciate if readers with in-depth knowledge of the youth players of La Masia can provide us with feedback in order to make it the best possible youth database ever created for Football Manager.

Our Football Manager 2014 Barcelona Youth Talents Database Update is created with all available information about each player; from full name to player positioning, and birth date to player potential. With the huge amount of young Barca talents added I’m sure there will be some unknown players to discover. These players were also pretty much unknown for me in regard to potential and skills so I have been forced to trust the little information found about them. Expect to discover some new amazing wonderkids.

By publishing our exclusive FM14 Youth Talent Database consisting of new Barcelona talents it gives us the chance to introduce some of the new young wonderkids and emerging talents of Barcelona’s La Masia youth training academy.

Top 3 Most Promising Barcelona Talents – Future Wonderkids of Real Life?

In the recent years La Masia has produced many great talents. International clubs like Arsenal, Juventus and Chelsea are constantely sending their scouts to lure the best La Masia talents to their academy. As you all know, La Masia training academy has developed some of the best players in the world. Some of these players are the main core behind the recent years Barcelona success. While others has left Catalonia to get regular first team matches.

This was the case most significant this previous summer. Some of La Masias best talents left the best talent academy of the world in order to increase their chances to claim first team matches at an earlier stage of their career. It looked very dark when future wonderkids like Josimar Quintero (Chelsea), Julio Pleguezuelo Selva (Arsenal), Sergi Canos (Liverpool) and Sergio Buenacasa choosed to leave Spain.

Can FC Barcelona produce next Xavi, Lionel Messi and Andres Iniesta in the coming years? Lets look at the most promising Barcelona talents (U16) in real life at La Masia today.

Ayoub Abou (28.06.1998) – The #1 Moroccan wonderkid?

Ayoub Abou is one of four prime Moroccan talents of La Masia; left wingers Anas Serroukh (Morocco Under-17), Munir el Haddadi, who has recorded some amazing performances in the UEFA Youth league this season and Mohamed el Ouriachi (Spain Under-17). Ayoub Abou who was born in Casablanca in 1998 is currently the youngest player in Juvenil B, a squad existing of mostly 17 year old players. Abou is still young, but have very much potential. He is often compared to Zinedine Zidane and Andres Iniesta because of his excellent technique, intelligent movements and silky touch.

Ayoub Abou can become a very good footballer if his development continues. He is described in the media as an elegant footballer with much power and physic. Abou plays together with Carles Alena, another highly rated Spanish Wonderkid who has recently been chased by Arsenal (who else…) and Manchester City.

Georgios Spanoudakis (25.11.1998) – The Latest German Wonderkid?

Georgios Spanoudakis was born in Greece but have dual nationality. The Greek/German wonderkid can be described as one of the rising stars of Blaugrana. Georgios Spanoudakis moved to La Masia training academy at the age of 10 from Frankfurt. He is currently part of the Cadete A squad. Georgios has a remarkable left foot which makes him a good passer – similar to Mesut Özil.

The 15 year old central midfielder was first called up to the German Under-16 national team in October 2013. He has still much development to do in order to be compared to the amazing FM14 Wonderkid Gedion Zelalem, but is a player to look out for in the coming years. He is already a powerful player with exceptional first touch and a natural passer.

Juanma Garcia (18.01.1997) – The Next Gerard Pique?

Picking out three promising Barca talents can be very hard, as the amount of potential targets are so many. One player that caught my attention earlier this year was Juanma Garcia. Juanma is one year older than the previous two and is a regular starter for the Spanish Under-17 national team (6 caps). He is also a left footed player, but is normally positioned as central defender eventhough he can feature as a left back. Juanma Garcia is a technical gifted and aggressive young talent.

Juanma Garcia normally plays together with Rodrigo Tarin and Xavi Quintilla, (who are both only 17 and already part of Spain Under-19 national team). Juanma Garcia’s versatility can become important for Barcelona in the future. These three players may become the future defensive line of Barcelona, within a 5 year period.

Other Barcelona Youth Talents Added:

Adrià Vilanova, 16 (11.02.1997), Defender, born in Barcelona
Carles Alena Castillo, 15 (05.01.1998), Midfielder, born in Mataro, Part of Spains Under-16 National Team
Inaki Pena (Ignacio Peña Sostres), 14 (02.03.1999), Goalkeeper, born in Alacant. Part of Spains Under-16 National Team
Carles Puig Casanovas, 15 (08.04.1998), Fullback, born in Barcelona, Part of Spains Under-16 National Team
Daniel Olmo Carvajal, 15 (07.05.1998), Striker, born in Terrassa, Part of Spains Under-16 National Team
Carles Pérez Sayol, 15 (16.02.1998), Winger, born in Granollers, Part of Spains Under-16 National Team
Alejandro Carbonell Valles, 16 (15.09.1997), Winger, born in Cerdanyola del Vallés, Part of Spains Under-17 National Team
+ Many other great talents!

The photo, used in article image, “La Masia (Can Planas) (Barcelona)” is made available under Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic. Image courtesy of MARIA ROSA FERRE on Flickr.

The photo, used in article image, “Sergi Gomes” is made available under Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic. Image courtesy of Castroquini-FCB on Flickr.

The photo, used in article image, “Lucas Gafarot” is made available under Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic. Image courtesy of Castroquini-FCB on Flickr.

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Adds around 52 New Under-18 Barcelona Talents to FM14
Published: 13.12.2013 22.10PM GMT
File Size: 24.28Kb Updated: 22.12.2013 12.35PM GMT

How to Import the file?

Download above shortlist and import the shortlist to this specific folder:
“Your Documents” > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2014 > Editor Data

Start a new save to make this custom database available. You can edit which custom databases you like to play with in the start up of a new save.

Share the training progress of these Barcelona talents with us!
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