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Best Football Manager 2014 Assistant Manager / Reserve Manager

FM14 Assistant Manager / Reserve Manager Staff Recommendation

Football Manager 2014 Best Assistant Manager
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First up in our Football Manager 2014 staff recommendation is the list of best FM14 assistant manager and reserve manager. These two staff roles is highly important when setting up your coaching team. The best assistant manager and reserves manager will be as important to your proficient coaching team as the Head of Youth development is important for youth development and youth intake.

Our list of best Football Manager 2014 assistant manager / reserve manager makes you able to track down backroom staff who has the ability to be the primarily link between you, the manager, and the squad (players in first team, reserves and youth team). The Football Manager 2014 assistant manager will be responsible for a number of important assignments, but most importantly he will provide you with more tips and feedback than ever before, and can be described as your right hand.

By providing our staff recommendations of best FM14 assistant manager and reserve manager, we aims to make it easier for you to find excellent targets and reliable backroom staff for these two staff roles. We have sorted the list sorted by their level of tactical knowledge and man management, which is some of their main assignments and requirements.

Share your best Football Manager 2014 Assistant Manager in the comment field below, and help us make this list even better!

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FM14 Assistant Manager vs Reserve Manager

A good FM14 Assistant Manager will be heavily involved with both team management and squad management, such as training players (requires coaching attributes), handle team talks, provide tactical analysis and pre-match, in-match and pro-match feedback and tips. All in all, he will give you vital information about your team throughout your managerial career.

While the FM14 assistant manager will work with the first team, the FM14 reserve manager will be responsible for the reserve team, handling the same daily tasks and issues as you. He will be responsible for selecting line-ups for the next fixture, handle team talks, set up friendly fixtures and supervise the daily training and match preparations in the same manner as you and your excellent assistant manager.

The Reserve manager needs to deal with players with low morale, low match fitness and set correct training workload for playrs coming back from injury or young talents on the verge of breaking into the first team. A good reserve manager will need decent motivation and working with the youth, (which this list is sorted by), in additional to good man management and tactical knowledge, similar to whats required of a good assistant manager.
Most often a good Assistant Manager and/or reserve manager is one backroom staff who has the attributes and skills to be a manager of his own club. His level of expertise in backroom advice and coaching will be the main difference between the best FM14 assistant manager and average ones.

Our massive list of excellent Football Manager 2014 assistant manager and reserve manager is provided with the help of our very own 5-star backroom staff search filter, available to download above. The backroom staff search filter covers all the different Football Manager 2014 staff roles and makes you able to find the best ones as you progress in years.

Some pf the backroom staff in the list of FM14 reserves manager can do a great job as assistant manager as well. It’s very much down to your own preferences and style of team management, football philosophy and responsibilities he will handle.

Best Assistant Managers of Football Manager 2014

This list is filtered by level of tactical knowledge.
The information on this list is just some of the important factors for this staff role. We’ve tried to highlight the most important once, when choosing your assistant manager. Remember, some staff attributes and their personality can fluctuate from save to save.

This list have been updated for 14.3 database

Name (Age)ClubTactical
Man M.Motivat.JP AbilityPersonality
Mauro Tassotti (53)AC Milan20171615L.-Heart.
Tonny Bruins Slot (66)Ajax20151614Prof.
Hennie Spijkerman (62)Ajax18181312F. Prof.
Alejandro Sabella (58)Argentina18141414Prof.
Fulvio Fiorin (50)AC Milan U1917191612Prof.
Eric Steele (59)Derby17182018Det.
Poul Erik Andreasen (63)AaB17151114Spirited
Martin Hunter (52)Southampton U2117141214Fairly Amb.
Aurelio Andreazzoli (59)Roma1771015Fairly Amb.
Jair Ventura (33)Free16171715Balanced
Flemming Pedersen (50)FC Nordsjælland1615128Balanced
Tord Grip (75)Southampton1615917Prof.
Cristóvão Borges (53)Free16141413Fairly Prof.
Alex Dyer (53)Charlton16141514F. Sporting
Michael Lindeman (49)Free16131712F. Det.
Gérard Gili (49)Free16121613Resolute
Mark Venus (46)Free15171712Balanced
Terry McDermott (61)Free15161616Balanced
Dave Watson (39)Norwich15151515F. Prof.
Bruno Génésio (46)Olympique Lyonnais15151413F. Det.
Chico Santos (58)Free15141110F. Prof.
Michael Nielsen (54)HB Køge1514815Very Loyal
Tatá (59)Sao Paulo1513129Fairly Loyal
Domenect Torrent (51)FC Bayern15122018Det.
Diego Bortoluzzi (46)Udinese15111514Fairly Det.
Murtosa (62)Brazil Ass. Man14181614Model Prof.
Peter Krawietz (41)Dortmund14181517Det.
Alain Blachon (60)AS Saint-Etienne14161414Prof.
Jorge Pautasso (51)Barcelona14161213F. Prof.
Cantarelle (59)Flamengo14161913Det.
Albert Celades (37)Spain U2114151916L. Heart.
Víctor Bernay (43)Gimnasia LP14151214Amb.
Fede Castanos (54)Free14141213F. Det.
Ioan Andone (53)Al-Ittihad (KSA)14131610F. Loyal
Milton Cruz (55)Sao Paulo14111116Resolute
Flávio Tanajura (38)Vitória13151410Resolute
Eric Black (49)Free13121510Prof.
Claudio Filippi (48)Juventus12182018Det.
Benevan (48)Free12161315Resolute
Josep Segura (56)Free12151612Balanc.

Excellent FM14 Reserve Manager or U19/U18 Ass Man

This list is filtered by their level of motivating and working with youth. The information on this list is just some of the important factors for this staff role. We’ve tried to highlight the most important once, when choosing your excellent reserves manager. Remember, some staff attributes and their personality may fluctuate from save to save.

Name (Age)ClubWorking
w/ Youth
Man Man.Personality
Gontzal Suances (40)Athletic U1920201314F. Prof.
Norbert Elgert (56)Schalke 0420181516Prof.
Pat Rice (64)Arsenal20181315Prof.
Rosario di Vincenzo (72)Free20171416Resolute
Fabio Lepri (44)Bologna U1920171316F. Det.
Francis Smerecki (50)France U1920151515Resolute
Giovanni Pulvirenti (48)Catania U1920151412Resolute
Jan Olde Riekerink (63)Free20141313F. Det.
Manfred Dubski (58)Schalke II20131512Det.
Ricky Sbragia (57)Scotland U1920131513Loyal
Alberto de Rossi (55)Roma U1920121513F. Det.
Jorge Griffa (77)Free2091217Ambitious
Roberto Fresnedoso (40)Atletico U1919181520Resolute
Warren Joyce (48)Man Utd 2119181513Resolute
Nicola Campdelli (34)Free19171514Fairly Prof.
Remy Reynierse (52)Holland U1919131213Very Amb.
Jason Wilcox (42)Man City U1818171620Fairly Amb.
Torben Storm (66)Denmark18171515F. Prof.
Roberto Rodriguez (39)Getafe U1918161316Det.
Tristan Celador (43)Real Madrid U1918141216Fairly Amb.
Erik ten Hag (43)FC Bayern II18111615F. Prof.
Dave Watson (51)Newcastle U1817191316Balan.
Alessandro Nista (48)Free17181418Model Prof.
Cesare Beggi (41)Verona U1917161311F. Amb.
Pepinho Macia (47)Santos U2017161118Balan.
Francisco Manuel Ruano (39)Malaga U1916151217Balanced
Philipp Laux (40)RB Leipzig15201118Fairly Det.
Steve Potts (46)West Ham U1815191015F. Prof.
Ezio Rossi (50)Cuneo15161616Iron Willed
Mirko Votava (57)Werder Bremen III15121515Resolute
Giovanni Mazzella (37)Napoli U1914201417F. Amb.
Ruben Baraja (38)Valencia U1913201218Fairly Det.
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