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Football Manager 2014 Steam Workshop [FM14 How To]

Steam Workshop Guide to Installation of FM14 Files

Football Manager 2014 Steam Workshop

As Football Manager 2014 was released the community was for the first time in history able to publish personal Football Manager add-ons and graphics to the Steam Workshop. Since Football Manager 2014 became part of the Steam Workshop we’ve been approached by many people about Football Manager 2014 Steam Workshop; how it works and how to publish their files on there.

This guide to FM14 Steam workshop will make you able to enhance your Football Manager 2014 experience by downloading quality Football Manager 2014 files by the worldwide FM community, as well as our work!

This page will be updated with all the available resources to understand Football Manager 2014 Steam Workshop and solve any problems with downloading or publishing files.

FM14 Files that can be published on Steam Workshop

Steam workshop will be a power tool for enhancing your FM experience. With some click you can update your save with all sorts of files and add-ons from quality skins such as the Scorpio to shortlists such as our very own FM14 Wonderkids shortlist and views, which will help you in your daily management. Almost anything you can save in Football Manager 2014 can be published on Steam workshop. The best thing about it, its totally free!

By using the FM14 Steam Workshop you will be able to discover, publish and download:

FM14 Add-ons and files
- League(s) and Data Updates
- Challenges
- Views
- Filters
- Tactics
- Shortlists
- Match Plans
- Versus Mode Teams
FM14 Graphics:
- Skins
- Facepacks
- Logos
- Custom Databases (tranfer updates ++)

How to Install Files from Steam Workshop

Football Manager 2014 Steam Workshop

Installing files to your Football Manager 2014 save has never been easier. You can access exclusive Football Manager 2014 files in three ways;

1. by going to the FM14 Steam Workshop, found here
2. by entering the Workshop from your save. Select Downloads under FM Icon – See screenshot here
3. by selecting Downloads in the Start menu – Select Steam workshop – “Download Add-Ons directly from Steam”

FM14 Steam Workshop download add ons
Subscribe to FM14 files
Subscribe to FM14 files

When entering the Football Manager 2014 Steam Workshop you will be able to browse through all sorts of different files made for FM14. Here is our step by step guide for downloading Football Manager 2014 files from Steam Workshop. Remember that you will always need to play FM14 in online Steam modus.

1. Select your preferred item or collection and click subscribe. The file is now downloading in the background and will be exported into your game. Some files may take time to download depending on their size.

After you’ve subscribed to you preferred file, please click Downloads under the Start Menu and go to Steam Workshop. There you will see all you’re subscribed files.

Install FM14 files
FM14 Steam Workshop install files

FM14 files such as shortlists, squad views and filters will need to be imported into the game after installing them from Steam. In order to make the files available to your save, you will need to install them.

2. Select your subscribed files and click install.
Skins that has been installed can be easily changed by clicking the action button “Change the skin” directly from the Steam Workshop overlay, but can also be changed in Preferences.

Import shortlists: – Simply click “Load Shortlist” and select your preferred shortlist

Import Shortlists in Football Manager

Import Squad View: – Simply click Custom > “Import View” > Choose your preferred View > Click Select

Import squad view in Football Manager

How to upload Football Manager 2014 files to Steam Workshop

Publish FM14 files on Steam Workshop

One of the brilliant things about the Football Manager 2014 Steam Workshop is that you can upload your successful tactics, files and custom databases created within FM 2014. Uploading files to Steam is very easy (as long as the Steam server is working and there’s no bugs with error codes). You can publish FM14 files by;

1. Going to the Steam Workshop overlay and select sub-tab In-Game
2. Select file to upload to Steam Workshop. Write an appropriate title and description and click Publish

Files can be made publicly available, only available for Steam friends or hidden (private) depending on your preferences.

Publish Football Manager 2014 Graphics

Should you ever want to publish skins or other Football Manager 2014 graphics make sure they have been correctly read and copied by the game into the DocumentsSports InteractiveFootball Manager 2014steam_workshop folder.

Update Published Files
Update Published files on Steam

These files you’ve published, can also be updated. It’s very easy to update them.

Instead of choosing sub-tab “In-game”, select Published. Here you will be handed with the opportunity to update preview image, description, title or the file itself.

Please make sure that you only upload your own work, which you own the rights for. You will need permission to publish or include work from others before publishing anyone else’s work. This comes down to copyright issues. Files that’s not yours may be reported and deleted.
Advanced Settings when Publishing files

Once your file has been uploaded to the Steam Workshop you can change more options by visiting your Workshop page in Steam.

You can find your Workshop page by:

Access Steam Workshop page

– Hovering over your Username at the top of the Steam program and selecting the Content option, then select the Workshop tab.
- Or from the Library > Football Manager 2014 page, select Browse The Workshop and select Your Workshop Files

At your Steam Workshop page you can change the title and/or description, add more preview images, add an Youtube video and check / edit your changelog to let people know what you have updated and why.

Get unique access to Passion4FM’s Football Manager Steam workshop page. Enjoy our work!