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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Football Manager 2014 Excellent Youth Coaches - FM14 Staff Recommendation

Football Manager 2014 Staff Recommendations: Enhance Youth Development w/ Excellent Youth Coaches

Football Manager 2014 Excellent Youth coaches
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We all do understand that the first team will be of most importance for you and your records, that's why we provided you with the list of the Best Football Manager 2014 coaches for the first team and reserves.

For anyone who have a heart for youth development and nurture their own talents into excellent wonderkids it's of absolute importance to assemble a proficient team of the best Football Manager 2014 youth coaches.

For all those readers who are concentrating their daily management on youth development and their youth players progress, the first step into achieving a progress in training of their under-18/19 players is to assemble a quality youth coaching staff. This will be one of your first decisions in your youth development program. You will need as many FM14 excellent youth coaches that are allowed, and with attributes and a personality which makes the youth players coming through in the annual youth intake professional, hard working and with the most potential as possible.

Your setup of the Youth Team coaching staff and focus on finding the excellent youth coaches of Football Manager 2014 will not only be important for the youngsters daily training progress and profit from it, but will also be vital in the long term planning of your managing club; squad management. Producing your own wonderkids and world class players is not only fun, but is also very valuable, as you keeps developing home-grown players and players that you can sell in order to aid you financially.

There are two types of backroom staff for the Youth Team which are important to spend money on assigning;

1. Youth Coaches - (General youth coaches to take care of attacking, defending, tactical and ball control coaching)
Remember that Fitness coaches and Goalkeeper coaches can both work for the first team, reserves as well as the youth team.

2. Head of Youth Development which may bring youth players into the club and will provide you worthy feedback on the youth players development.

Today in our series of Football Manager 2014 Staff recommendations, we will provide you with the best FM14 youth coaches filtered by their level of working with the youth (minimum required to make it on our list is 14). As you will notice, you can find coaches for all the different coaching categories in our list. Many of the youth coaches below can also be good prospects for your first team and/or reserves.

We hope you will enjoy our list of excellent youth coaches in Football Manager 2014, and don't forget to share your favorite FM14 youth coaches below in order to help our readers further!

FM14 Excellent 4 to 5-star Youth Coaches:

The youth coaches without star rating and best training category is not yet tested at a club, but have been found because of their attributes through our staff search filter which you can download in the bottom of this post.

This list is sorted by the hidden staff attribute working with youth, which is a basic requirements for a good youth coach. His best coaching attribute will be in additional to working with youngsters.

These staff members will hopefully be tested to give you as much information as possible, but please help us out and assign the ones not tested. Share their star rating with thousands of our readers, and make this quality post a worthy read!

Name (Age) Club Best Training
Working w/ Youth Stars Personality
Danilo José
Prando Minutti (26)
Palmeiras Shot Stopping,
17 FM14 Player Recommendation Fairly Det.
Juan Jose Lasuen (48) Baskonia GK Shot Stopping 20 FM14 Player Recommendation Fairly Amb.
Marco Aurélio (44) Free Tactics,
13 FM14 Player Recommendation Balanced
David Lowe (47) Blackburn U18 Tactics 16 FM14 Player Recommendation Fairly Prof.
Lulinha (28) Free Shooting,
Ball Control
16 FM14 Player Recommendation Balanced
Eamon Mulvey (46) Man Utd Ball Control 20 FM14 Player Recommendation Prof.
Kevin Ball (48) Sunderland Tactics,
20 FM14 Player Recommendation L.Hearted
Paolo Riela (30) Free Shooting 20 FM14 Player Recommendation Fairly Prof.
David Court (69) Arsenal Defending 19 FM14 Player Recommendation Fairly Det.
John Cooke (52) Man Utd Tactics 19 FM14 Player Recommendation Prof.
Ivan Couto (65) Free Overall 18 FM14 Player Recommendation Balanced
Paulo Cesar Batista
dos Santos (45)
Free Defending,
17 FM14 Player Recommendation Fairly Det.
Chico Fraga (58) Free Shooting 16 FM14 Player Recommendation Fairly Prof.
Toni Ruiz (43) Free Defending,
16 FM14 Player Recommendation Fairly Prof.
Juan Carlos Arevalo (51) Free GK Overall 15 FM14 Player Recommendation Resolute
Tullio Gritti (54) Free Tactics 15 FM14 Player Recommendation Det.
Paul Scholes (38) Man Utd Shooting 13 FM14 Player Recommendation Model Prof.
Leonardo Mouwen (29) Man City Overall 20 FM14 Player Recommendation Light Hearted
Juan Ignacio Brown (35) Estudiantes (LP) Tactics 20 FM14 Player Recommendation Spirited
Peter Hoekstra (40) Groningen Tactics 20 FM14 Player Recommendation Resolute
Daniel (40) Free Defending 16 FM14 Player Recommendation Fairly Prof.
Steve Cooper (33) Free Attacking 15 FM14 Player Recommendation Fairly Ambitious
Ayres Morais de
Albuquerque (72)
Free Overall 17 FM14 Player Recommendation Fairly Det.
António Frasco (58) FC Porto Tactics 18 FM14 Player Recommendation Light-Hearted
Jorge Theiler (49) Newell's Tactics,
20 FM14 Player Recommendation Fairly Prof.
Darren Bowman (34) Man City Overall 20 FM14 Player Recommendation Resolute
Rachid Chihab (51) LOSC Ball Control 20 NT Resolute

Source: The photo, used in article image, "Soccer Youth" is made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic. Image courtesy of USAG-Humphreys on Flickr.

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Published: 30.10.2013 1500GMT
A collection of staff search filters for all available backroom staff in Football Manager 2014;
Director of Football, coaches, physios and scouts + more.
Import the filter to the specific folder: "Your Documents" > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2014 > filters

Share your best 5-star FM14 Youth coaches below!


  1. Amaluddin Amran16:19

    why is it when I search for certain coach especially the free ones, they doesn't seem to exist in my game? they cant find it through the search

  2. fapdu20:18

    check the club.

  3. Amaluddin Amran23:53

    how can i check the club if they're free agent

  4. FM Fan00:02

    Yep all the free ones don't exist

  5. Anonymous12:47

    your using a small database iv looked for all the free ones and found them straight away

  6. Anonymous22:31

    i'm using large and some are missing, even dave billows and im only playing uk game!

  7. Here is Dave Billows -

  8. Daniel Hubner17:05

    if you want to replace your coaches, you'll need to terminate their contracts as you can only have so many coaches in your club. to change their assignments go to training -> coaches and the either manually distribute their roles or ask your assistant to do it. same goes for DoF, terminate the contract with the old one and hire a new one. hope this helps

  9. Daniel Hubner17:06

    they certainly exist, you might not have a large enough database loaded in for your game

  10. Collwyr13:57

    Yeah i've always used Heavy workload, and not that long probably since the start of the season, so maybe 3/4 months or so.

  11. Antonis Antilope00:52

    well not on the goalkeeper subject, but may i ask? heavy workload and average individual? are they happy?mine was not at all and i had to go with medium workload and average individual which didnt like it at all but what can i do?

  12. Before 14.3 patch and on the early start of a new season, players got often unhappy with heavy workload and average individual training. After the 14.3 patch I feel it has improved slighty. Now I can use average general training, 20% match training and average focus intensity for players with positive personalities.

    If you develop PPM, weaker foot or positional training you will be forced to either remove individual training role or decrease it to low