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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Win Football Manager 2014 - Free copy of FM14! [CLOSED]

FM14 Giveaway; Win a free copy of Football Manager 2014

Win Football Manager 2014 - FM14 Giveaway

The release of Football Manager 2014 is closing in each day that goes by now!

To show our appreciation to our readers are we happy to announce our very own FM14 Giveaway!
This will be for all you guys who still haven't pre-ordered Football Manager 2014, we are now happy to announce Passion4FM's very own FM14 competition! This is your chance to win Football Manager 2014 for free!

We are giving away one free activation code from our partner Green Man Gaming. Together with our partner we will hand out one voucher code which will make you able to get your free copy of Football Manager 2014! This copy will be activated through Steam and can be played on Linux, PC or MAC. The downloadable version of Football Manager 2014 will also come with beta access, as Green Man Gaming is one of few participating retailers! We will contact a lucky winner with all important details.

We are proud to announce our very own Football Manager 2014 giveaway and we hope as many as possible will participate! Please read on to get to know what you will need to do in order to win Football Manager 2014!

The photo, used in article image, "Golden Trophy" is made available under Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported. Image courtesy of Wikirishiaacharya on Wikimedia Commons.

FM14 Competition; Share your passion and love for Football Manager

Rules of the competition:

In order to win a free copy of Football Manager 2014, we are asking you to upload or share a picture that describes YOUR "Passion for Football Manager". It can be a picture which describes your "long time" love and addiction, your best moments with the series, or why Football Manager is your favorite PC game!

There are several ways of showing your passion for Football Manager. You can share a screenshot from the game, send us a picture of you and your friends (girlfriend) playing the game or a painting or a drawing which describes your love for FM - you name it! The creative part is up to you, but the more creative you are the higher is the chance to get a free copy of FM14!

You can send in your contribution until Wednesday 16.10.2013 13.00PM CET (12.00PM GMT). The winning picture will be published on our site, if allowed by the winner. We will contact the winner through message (Facebook), DM (Twitter) or Email, where you will be handed the 100% voucher from Green Man Gaming.

How do I participate?

Now you might wonder how can I participate in this FM14 giveaway? How can I win a free copy of FM14?

There are several ways of participating and share your Passion for Football Manager with us. Our competition will be held through all of our social medias, such as our Facebook page, Twitter page and even Instagram account! Which option you choose is up to you, but you will need to follow us so we can get in contact with YOU! Here is how you can participate in Passion4FM's FM14 giveaway!

A. Upload the image to Passion4FM's Facebook page

Passion 4 Football Manager Facebook Page

If you like this option, click the above picture which will direct you to our Facebook page. Remember to follow us, and then send in your picture to us.

B. Upload and share a picture to Passion4FM's Twitter account
Passion4FM at Twitter

Click the above image to be directed to Passion4FM's official Twitter account. Remember to follow us, and send in your contribution to @Passion4FM with hashtag #Passion4FM. We hope everybody will spread our FM14 giveaway to your followers by retweeting (RT) us.

C. Share your Passion for FM at our Instagram account
The third and final option is to upload and share an image of your addiction, love and passion for Football Manager to our Instagram account Passion4FootballManager. Send the image to us @Passion4FootballManager, remember to tag it #Passion4FM and #FM14.


We will announce a winner at Thursday 17th October 13.00PM CET (12.00GMT), who will be contacted immediately!

Good luck to all and may the best picture win!

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