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Football Manager Classic and FMC14 Vita Features and Screenshots

Complete list of new FMC and FMC14 Vita Features and Screenshots

Football Manager Classic Vita features and screenshots

The Football Manager Classic features an almost identical feature set to FMC Mode on PC, Mac & Linux with some exciting new additions for 2014. For those who might not know, Football Manager Classic makes you able to enjoy the full Football Manager experience in an quicker way. You will still have everything you expect from Football Manager 2014, such as a huge database of coaches and staff, researched by over 1500 researchers around the world, realistic transfers and several playable leagues.

The “fast-play” mode of Football Manager, FMC, will have many more features than the Football Manager Handheld version for Playstation Portable. FMC14 Vita now includes Transfer Deadline Day, a Match Plan wizard and new unlockables, amongst other. The FMC available for home computers will feature pretty much identical features to FMC14 Vita.

The new improvements to Football Manager Classic for 2014 will make you able to play FMC almost everywhere. You can use your FMC save on a multiple devices such as Linux, MAC as well as the recently announced FMC14 for Playstation Vita! Fans of Football Manager, who own both FM14 & FMC14 for PS Vita can now carry on a single continuous game, at home or out with their Vita. This means that the FMC 2014 and FMC Vita will be two separate purchases, but with the cross-play opportunity you will be able to play FMC anywhere!

Read more about all available FMC features and enhancements and exiting news below.

Play at home, at work, at Univeristy, on the bus, on the train; wherever you want, with the saved game stored in the cloud.

Complete list Football Manager Classic Mode Features

Football Manager Classic Mode is known as the more streamlined Football Manager experience, where everything should go quick and without the need to use some of the advanced features of FM, such as training and match analysis. The Classic mode is more about creating tactics, delve into the transfer market and play matches and get immediate results by it. The FMC can be described as the less time consuming mode and is created for all those with less time on their hands.

This year there won’t be too many features added to the Football Manager Classic, as it’s important that this game mode is a “fast experience” of Football Manager. Most of the new improvements to FMC is actually merging screens together, making FMC even more streamlined, quicker and easier to play!

Quicker Career progression – More streamlined!

Football Manager Classic will be designed for a quicker career progression with the main focus on key areas within the world of football management. Tactics, transfers, and pre-match team management have been put under the spotlight and have been improved. They have made it quicker and easier to do the tasks needed before the most important; the match fictures!

Media handling, training and finances have become more streamlined and are now designed to not slow down your career progress before you can delve into the next match. Hopefully this will make you able to experience more excitement and fun!

- Game speed information added to League selection screen in FMC

NEW! Game Setup and Changes to start a new Save in FMC

Removed restrictions to maximum playable nations
Everyone who have tried FMC will notice that in FM13 it was only restricted to 3 playable nations. For FMC14 these restrictions have been removed. This means you can add as many playable nations as you prefer, similar to the FM14 Career Mode, or around 20 playable nations.

You can still use the default setup of playable nations restrictions, if you would prefer an even quicker FM experience. Do remember that the maximum load of players will always be 50,000 players and staff. You can also select database size (small, medium and Large), similar to the Career Mode.

Select game start date in FMC
New in FMC14 is the ability to select game start date for the different playable nations.

Graphical Improvements to FMC

FMC will always be about showing information in a more graphical way; getting the required information easier.
New in FMC will be the massive revamp to the screens where information and screens have been merged together in order to provide more information in one screen.

Overhaul of Match Preview screen in FMC
The new screen features adaptive layout and more information about league table, team news, division fixtures and team report snapshot all displayed in one screen. The team report snapshot also gives you detailed report card and advanced pre-match analysis of the opposition team.

Re-design of Manager profile
More information displayed on Manager screen in FMC, such as detailed breakdown of the manager achievements and career history. Added is the biography and FMC Steam leaderboards.

Added is also career stats which you can view more detailed information about. Here you will find information about overall amount of games played (won, draw and lost), overall earnings and promotions and cup wins.

Complete Overhaul of Staff Overview Screen
It will be more information displayed about each and every staff in Football Manager Classic 2014. Here you will see key attributes for the staff role with each backroom staffs attributes within every department. Action buttons are added so you can easily search for new staff when there is an empty position or see their staff profile to get more individual information about their area of expertise.

Re-design of FMC Training screen
The new Training screen will show more information about how your squad is performing in training, their overall training happiness and squad fitness. In addition to this you will get important information about each players notable training performances in the working area (training category).

Since coaches and training facilities is important for the overall training progress and players development you will get access to the standard of your clubs training facilities and top coaches star rating.

NEW! Automatical Training when playing in an Unfamiliar position
If you are playing players in unfamiliar roles or positions, the coaches will now automatically assign them to a training schedule to make them more familiar.

FMC Scouting Improvements

Re-design of Scouting screen
New in FMC 14 is the graphical improvements of the world map in order to easier see which scouting region the specific scout is assigned to. You will see their progress of players scouted better and which players arre highest rated in stars in order to delve into the transfer markt more easily.

Carry out 8 scouting assignments at all time
You will be able to get even more scout reports in FMC by taking advantage of the ability to setup up to 8 scouting assignments for specific regions, countries and competitions.

FMC Match Plan Creator

Football Manager Classic Match plan creator

FMC 2014 comes with a new match plans creator! The Match Plans feature is for those who don’t want to play a specific match but want som control of their tactical setup. You will now be able to setup a team tactics plan for every unfolding match events. Using the Match plan creator can give you more benefits, as you can change how you like the team to play depending on the scoreline. By using team tactics plan for a match you won’t be present, may give the team a significant boost during matches. The new FMC Match plan feature will let your assistant manager make certain tactical changes depending on scorelines and match progression.

The Match Plan creator will make you able to setup your clubs defensive and attacking approach, level of mentality and choosing a fluidity type. This allows you to instruct your players on how you like them to react to a range of match scenarios or potential scenarios which may occur during a match. these match plans can be saved and exported for other FMC saves.

Choosing templates
One important assessment to the FMC Match Plan creator is setting up templates.
The new match plan creator will make you able to set up a plan according to the strenght of the opposition team and how you may predict the outcome to be by setting up different match templates. You can order the team to play for a draw, which is a good choice when it’s most realistically to get a draw. This will be a good option when using the FMC feature “Instant Results”, which gives you the result of the next match instantly!

There are 9 different templates to choose from such as the “Smash and grab”, “go for a big win” or “pressure cooker”.

NEW to the Instant Result button
- Match report will immediately pop up over the match result with detailed information about match stats, player performance and the ability to see detailed information about match confidence. You can even see match highlights from the new Match report screen.

Tactics and strategy

FMC Match plan creator templates FMC Match plan creator tactics and strategy

FMC 14 Unlockables are expanded

The unloackables for Football Manager 2014 will be expanded and adapted for FMC14. 2 new unloackables are added;

“Magic Sponge”
This makes you able to heal an injured player in time to feature him in the next match. (Can be purchased)

“Morale Boost”
This makes you able to improve the squad morale to superb for all players within our squad for the next match. (Can be purchased)

Expanded “Son at Club” Unlockable
New in FMC14 is the ability to name your son whatever you prefer!

High Invisability is renamed Attribute MaskingFMC 14 Unloackable attribute masking makes you able to make certain player attributes (or in some cases all) invisible. This unloackable can even be purchased or will be autonatically unlocked when one of your players wins the Player of the Year award.

NEW! Ability to turn off unloackables
Circumstances can change very quickly in FMC. That’s why you now got the ability to turn off certain unlockables by deactivating them again.

NEW! FMC Team Meetings

Similar to the Football Manager 2014 Career mode, you will now experience team meetings in FMC. These meetings will happen less often than in the career mode, but will be valuable meetings to improve squad morale. Your assistant Manager will approach you when it’s relevant to hold a team meeting.

NEW! Full Deadline day experience

Another Football Manager Career Mode feature merged into FMC. The deadline day experience will make you able to enjoy the chaos and fun in transfers and transfer rumours on deadline day (summer and winter).

NEW! Football Manager Classic 2014 Vita (FMC14 Vita): Playable on Playstation Vita

For the first time in history, Football Manager Classic or FMC will be playable on Playstation Vita. This will be the first time the full PC version of FMC is playable on PS Vita. The Football Manager Classic of 2014 will alo be cross-save compatible, which makes you able to play FMC save anywhere; PC, MAC, Linux and now PS Vita. You can save and upload your Football Manager Classic career to the cloud and use it for all your different devices and playing platforms.

FMC14 for PlayStation Vita will be available as both a physical release and a digital download through the Playstation Network Store (PSN Store). For prices on FMC14 Vita and

3D Match engine

Another fantastic news for handheld Football Manager users, not only will FMC be cross-save compatible and be able to play on Playstation Vita(!), but with the new 3D match engine, Sports Interactive has, for the first time FMC will be release on a handheld device with 3D Match Engine to go with it to make the game even more realistic and . This will add alot more realism to a game that frankly looked ridiculous when in-match, with every goal being a long shot and players missing from inside the 6 yard box.

FMC14 Vita Tactics Menu

FMC14 Vita Tactics Menu on FMC14 Vita Tactics Menu off
FMC14 Vita – Player profile
Football Manager 2014 Classic Vita Manager profile

Other FMC14 Vita Screenshots
FMC14 Vita club home page Football Manager 2014 Classic Vita Manager profile

Other Minor features to FMC / FMC14 Vita

- Ability to add/remove playable leagues
- Your team is already picked for you when taking over a club in FMC
- Honours panel added to Club/Nation information screen in FMC
- Affiliate club sub-panel of club overview screen
- FMC Steam Leaderboard displays current playing team when choosing a challenge.
- Ability to give control of training to Assistant Manager in FMC
- Club finance history screen updated in FMC
- More details added to finance screen in FMC
- Automatic scouting assignments in FMC
- Assign scout pop up revamp in FMC
- Club honours screen updated in FMC

Football Manager Classic honours screen

Complete list of Football Manager 2014 features and screenshots – all you need to know about FM14