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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Football Manager 2014 Staff Recommendation

#1 Place for FM14 Staff Recommendation - Best Coaches and Backroom Staff

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Football Manager 2014 features a wide sort of different backroom staff roles, all making you able to delegate tasks, responsibilities and assignments to your coaching team and administrative staff.

Our Football Manager 2014 staff recommendation is a natural step from the closer review of the different FM14 staff roles and their requirements. Here you will be able to find the best backroom staff for each role from youth coaches to Director of Football.

By providing you the recommendation of best FM14 backroom staff and coaching team, you will become one step closer to succeed in transfer market, training, match preparation, scouting, squad management and tactical adapting in matches, as your setup of an proficient backroom staff team will give you valuable and highly important feedback and tips throughout your managing career.

Download our backroom staff search filter with all available staff roles of Football Manager 2014.

Our comprehensive lists of FM14 staff recommendations, such as the best coaches, assistant manager, scouts and head of youth development is all sorted by their main required staff attributes. For the coaching staff their star rating in training will be important.

Some of you might wonder how to find the best ones for each staff role. The previously written guides about this matter (see below) will point you in the right direction, while our staff recommendation will pinpoint specific backroom staff who should be approached in order to setup an excellent team of professional backroom staff.

How to find the best coaches in Football Manager, for the different training categories?

How to find the best scouts in Football Manager in order to setup an efficient scouting network?

FM14 Staff Recommendation; Best Assistant Manager / Reserve Manager

Football Manager 2014 Best Assistant Manager

Your assistant manager can be described as your right hand. Many of the most important assignments in the daily management can be delegated to your excellent assistant manager. He will provide you with valuable feedback about players and their development, your preferred tactics, match training and required changes to it during matches.

Finding the best Football Manager 2014 assistant manager is of absolute importance. In order to help you sign the best ones, we have provided you with our list of Football Manager 2014 best assistant manager together with the best reserves manager.

Both staff roles will need to interact with you, the players around them and provide feedback, motivate players n the training group and assist you in your approach to squad management. Our FM14 staff recommendations for these two important roles aims to both increase your knowledge about their requirements and be able to find excellent backroom staff for these roles on your own by handing some specific examples.

Check out our list of Best FM14 Assistant Manager and Reserve Manager

Football Manager 2014 Best Coaches (First Team / Reserve Coaches)

Football Manager 2014 Best Coaches

Your coaches will be the core of your coaching staff. They will set the level of training quality and training intensity for your players. Assembling a backroom staff team of the best Football Manager 2014 Coaches is vital in order to succeed with player development and progress. Professional and determined coaches will provide more valuable and accurate feedback which is vital to both adjust and assign the correct individual training for your young talents and FM14 wonderkids.

Our FM14 Staff recommendations of best coaches is sorted by their preferred coaching category and filtered by their staff rating. Here you will find excellent Football Manager 2014 5-star coaches, which makes you able to assemble a proficient backroom staff team.

Football Manager 2014 Best Youth Coaches (Under-18 / U19)

Football Manager 2014 Excellent Youth coaches

While having the best first team coaches is important in order to hunt for trophies, finding excellent youth coaches will be as important in the long term development of your squad quality. Consistantly buying world class players won't be a good long term squad management planning. In order to aid your club financially it's worthy to look to your youth team and put focus on developing world class players.

In order to increase the clubs chances of nurturing an average youth talent into a future wonderkids lays the importance of signing excellent youth coaches. They will be the main core of your youth development program and will require a positive personality and decent coaching attributes in order to work with the youngsters.

We've compiled a list of recommendations for excellent FM14 youth coaches in order to help you find the best coaches for your reserves, under-18 or U19 squad. It aims to help you setup a proficient coaching team.

FM14 Excellent Chief Scouts

Football Manager 2014 Best Chief Scouts

When you've setup your staff team of excellent coaches, it's time to look at the improving your scouting knowledge in order to find the hidden Football Manager 2014 Wonderkids. You will need excellent chief scouts in order to profit from your scouting network program. They will be responsible on updating you on the regular scouts' reports of players and transfer targets.

Our list of best Football Manager 2014 chief scouts will make you find backroom staff with excellent judging player ability and potential in order to provide accurate 2nd hand scout reports. Discover the best chief-scouts here.

Massive list of Excellent FM14 Scouts (Roaming and Next opposition)

Football Manager 2014 Best Scouts

The general scouts will be the core of scouting in Football Manager 2014. You will need excellent FM14 scouts in order to improve scouting knowledge and get accurate report of players.

The list of best scouts is sorted by roaming, general and next opposition scouts and is filtered by their level of determination and judging player potential.

Discover the best Football Manager 2014 roaming scouts here.

Download Passion4FM's Backroom Staff Search filter - Find excellent coaches better!

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Published: 19.10.2013 14.00PM GMT
A collection of staff search filters for all available backroom staff in Football Manager 2014;
Director of Football, coaches, physios and scouts + more.
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Found any 5-star coaches or excellent scouts? Share your Football Manager 2014 Staff recommendations below!

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