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Football Manager 2014 Features and screenshots – FM14 Improvements

Complete list of new FM14 Features and Screenshots

Football Manager 2014 Features and screenshots

Our complete list of Football Manager 2014 features and screenshots will be updated daily as soon as new FM14 features have been revealed. In the next 10 weeks, and until its release we will provide you with all the major and minor new changes and improvements to FM2014.

FM14 will be released with a staggering amount of around 1000 improvements. Our list of Football Manager 2014 features will look to cover you with news about as many new FM14 features as possible, and as Miles Jacobson and Sports Interactive will reveal new features daily, this post will be updated quite frequently.

By proving you with this complete list of features and screenshots, you will be able to get access to all the latest news (both big and small) about the new game in one place.

Updated 20.09.2013 – The official Football Manager 2014 release date is set to Thursday 31.10.2013 00.01 GMT.

The new edition in short:

An improved 3D Match Engine
Extensive tech improvements
An enhanced user interface
Additional community features
A revamped news system
A tactical overhaul both to FMC and FM14
More realistic transfers and contracts
More complex interaction between staff, players and rival managers
More sophisticated board interaction
Evolution for Classic mode – NEW! FMC Vita

Extensive tech improvements

FM14 Linux Cross-Play Ability

Before the summer of 2013, Sports Interactive announced that FM 2014 will be available to play on Linux for the first time, as well as PC and Mac. The game will only be playable as long as your device has internet access to Steam and a keyboard and mouse.

The new game in the series of FM, will be launched to Linux with crossplay! This means that a single version of the game will be cross-compatible with Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, and the penguin-friendly Linux, as it supports Ubuntu 12.04 (LTS) or higher.

You can order your copy for Linux devices both digitally or box-version, as it will come in the same package as PC and MAC version. By making the game also available to Linux owners, the new version will reach out to everyone.

Football Manager 2014 Cloud Save

For those having multiple computers or want to play with friends on another computer, Football Manager 2014 is cloud-save compatible, which is another landmark for Sports Interactive. You can now save your save game career online, or in the cloud. The FM14 Cloud Save opportunity will make you able to continue your single managing career from any computer and devices. You can change between different devices depending on where you are and what devices you got available, either it is PC, MAC or Linux software, as long as they reach the minimum specifications. Remember you will need to install Steam and log into your Steam account, download FM13 on the specific computer or device before being able to continue your save.

What it means for you, is that you will have the opportunity to save your ongoing career in two different places by choosing the desired location; either in the cloud or locally on your computer.

FM14 Steam Workshop Integration

The Football Manager experience is also more customisable than ever before, as the integration of Steam Workshop tools make it easy for managers to create and share customised FM content and experiences. You can create a bunch of things, upload them on Steam Workshop and share your work to the others in the Football Manager Community.

New to the main menu is the Download bar. Here you can access extra content such as the FM Store and the Steam Workshop, and download kits, databases, facepacks and a number of challenges created by people of the entire FM Community. You can also install already downloaded content under this tab.

The Steam workshop integration will definitely have a major impact on how you will experience the game. By taking advantage of the Steam Workshop you can create your own content; graphics, add-ons and databases, and share them to your friends or onto the world of FM fans. It will not only be easier to create and share content, but also create an complete and unqiue FM experience which you can share.

More specifially you will be able to customize how FM looks by creating your own skins, kits, logos, databases, leagues and challenges to name a few.

I guess everybody knows the data editor, which makes you able to do a whole sort of changes to the official database. New is all the enhancements to the data editor, making it more powerful. It has been added a totally new Competition editor; which makes you able to create new competition and leagues easier than before. You can create your own fantasy leagues, customize competitions or change already excisting leagues.

New to the Classic mode (FMC), is also the Challenge editor which makes it easier to customize and create your own tailor-made in-game Football Manager challenges.

In additional to being able to upload and download custom-made databases and challenges from others in the Football Manager Community is the ability to share your work of kits created, facepacks, skins or other graphical add-ons to the match engine.
With the Skin editor with a resource archiver you will be able to create your own skins and re-design the look of the game. The opportunities are many like creating graphics packs, commentary packs and so on.

The incorporated pre-game data editor is free to download, similar to the previously released versions of Football Manager.

For all major and minor changes and improvements to Football Manager 2014 data editor, please visit this link.

“Our unchanging goal in the development of the Football Manager series is to deliver the most authentic and immersive simulation of real-world football management wherever you may be in the world, Players can now take charge of their team anywhere they can access a home computer, and with huge improvements to existing features plus the addition of loads of new stuff, can have the best Football Manager experience to date while doing so.” Quote by Studio Director of Sports Interactive, Miles Jacobson.

Official Real time Editor

For the first time in history, Sports Interactive will publish a downloadable paid version of a Real-time Editor. The real time editor will make you able to update your Football Manager 2014 career with the latest transfers and more while you are playing!

The official real time editor will be available for the Football Manager Simulation mode (not FMC mode).

Sports Interactive also reveals that this new feature will have technical support, but will not make you able to compete in the worldwide leaderboards, no matter how much you’d like to cheat your way to the top of the charts!

Enhanced user interface

One of the first noticeable changes, are the major changes done to the user interface. Key areas have been redesigned for the new version of FM, including; the training overview page, the transfer centre and the news homepage, while widespread changes have been made across the game’s user interface. The language employed throughout the game has also enjoyed a major overhaul and now corresponds more closely to the language of real world football.

To summarize in the words of Studio Director, Miles Jacobson; “The new user interface is really important because it saves you time being able to do things directly from the news screen rather than having to look around half a dozen other screens just to find the information you want. It’s all there from the news screen now.”

Other Improvements to user experience:

- NEW! Zoom in / Zoom Out feature (ZiZo): for people with higher resolutions it will provide you the ability to scour the user-interface by making you able to increase windows size, add extra panels, increase font-size and graphics within the game. The zoom in / zoom out feature gives you the opportunity to set an exact scale which suits your personal preferances.

- NEW! Steams Pitcure Mode: is a new feature ideal for everyone who wants to play FM14 on a TV screen, or on new Macintosh machines with higher resolutions
- NEW! Native Full Screen Mode for Mac-operating systems.

Improvements to Youtube Export feature: Guess your familiar with uploading highlights and sharing your best moments. In FM14 you will be allowed to upload a custom highlight package, showing goals from multiple cameras and angles.

- Other FM14 improvements is faster and better performances in player search and backroom staff filtering.

Competition changes

The competitions have seen great improvements to information and speculation you see in the modern football coverage, such a better overview of clubs form. Changed text and design to make it all better!

NEW! Season Preview Screen
The season preview screen is the main page for everything related to a specific competition, such as the English Premier League. Here you will find each teams odds for winning the league title, transfer activity and awards winners.

NEW! Transfer Tab for Manager Movements
The first video blog about User interface revealed a new tab within the game. Now you can keep track of all manager transfers and the history of manager movements for the specific season. This was done, as manager changes will happen more frequently in FM 2014. You can find the manager movement screen under the competition panel. You will also get information about which managers that left, their reason for leaving and who took over.

NEW! Media Prediction screen
In the overall panel, stages screen for the specific league table, alongside home records and “Last 5 Games”, you will be able to enjoy the new media prediction page. Here you will be able to see the league table sorted by each clubs odds foe winning the league. During the season you will then be able to see who have overachieved, done as expected or who has come short.

NEW! Past Position Comparison
You will also be able to compare two or more clubs in the new past position graph.

NEW! Trophies!
For the first time in the series, you can enjoy the new trophies added, each specific for each competition. The new trophies can be viewed in the club history screen, manager history screen and as well on the new Manager Landmarks screen. The Manager landmarks screen will make you able to get quick access to all your prevous achievements and records.

Improved Processing panels / Calender Bar

The processing panel feature a larger calender view WITH more relevant information for the specific day for you and your team! It gives you easy access to information about results, transfer activity for your league and major deals across the world.

New to the calender bar is the ability to arrange friendlies, rest players, go on holiday or create a note for a specific date!

You have also the ability to split days into Rest and Match Preparation in the training calendar

Revamped Confidence Screen

The improved cofidence screen features now a new details button which will give you an immidiate snapshot of more detailed information about the board and fans feedback of your job performance. Here you will get feedback on how the fans and board thinks about the squad harmony, recent signings and general happiness with how you run the club.

Revamped News system

The news system has been overhauled so managers can now deal with many club matters directly from their inbox. The new inbox is entirely reamped and is now made more streamlined, to make it easier for you to navigate around. The right side panel have been increased in size to make it much more clear and more informative. You will get much more information keeping more detail in one place. The new news section will feature a more logical order of the emails. The extra varity in messages and action buttons will make it more exciting to read through your news, as this will be the “place to do it”.

The new news system and its News items will be more bias towards form, rather than reputation in FM14.

In the end it is designed to save you time, minimize the game so you can do all of your most important actions within one screen!

Football Manager 2014 news system revamped

In addition, news is now colour-coded, based on category, and contains more details; for example, scout reports now appear as a single news item with a top-line report on all players scouted and the facility to shortlist or make an offer for each of these players. It’s easier to see news related to a specific category and navigate around to read those news. Transfer and match news items have been made much more obvious so you don’t miss out on any important news in regard to those categories.

There is also a new element of interactivity within mail items; sortable tables, placable static lists;
- scout reports can be sorted by their star ability / potential.
- Multiple news stories now combined when players are injured, withdrawn or used as replacements
- Ability to select/unselect all subscriptions on a per category basis

Football Manager 2014 Pre-Match News

The biggest change to the inbox is the information displayed within and how you deal with them; graphics and action buttons will make the new revamped news section a better user-experience and give you more information directly and deal with those club matters there and then;

NEW! “Out in the cold” news items
When a player is “out in the cold” the new news system will mention the last international game a player featured in.

Revamped Scouting Reports

Football Manager 2014 Match report News

Scout reports for an upcoming fixture is shown inside the mail item. You can directly see the opposition teams most used tactics, when they concede and score goals and most importantly setup your match training directly from the news item!

Scout reports on players now consist with list of recommended players. You can easily add those players to your shortlist or even make an offer directly from the news section.

The new news system will make you able to see the players attributes when an agent is offering you a player right away. By highlighting key attributes for a specific player role, you can see the players strength and weaknesses right away.

Match Analysis
New to Football Manager 2014 is the ability to see match reports, match confidence and Match analysis within the revamped news system for post match reports. You can get information about the teams match analysis or a specific player. Within a click of a button you can see a players shots on goal, passes and all vital information about his last performance.

– Improved match reporting on aggregate-related victories

NEW! Speculation and Excitements
In FM14 more media speculations and excitements from the fans have been added.
- When a manager is sacked, there are odds and speculation of who will take over. You can also see the leading candidates for a certain role in the job section page.
- You can see odds for next manager likely to be sacked as well, and see the predicted candidates will be; 3 most likely candidates to be sacked for each division will be handed to your inbox section when a manager is sacked.
- As in real life, there will be a lot of speculations when a club is looking for a new manager. The media will speculate who are in the position to take over. New in FM14 is the ability to kill any job speculations before it hurts your current managing position. But of course, if you fancy the available job, you can tell the media of your interest trying to flatter your way into the club.

FM14 Job speculations and manager interests

NEW! Tranfers and Loans Acceptance
As previous stated, you will now be able to handle transfers and loans directly from your inbox. This new feature makes you able to accept and reject multiple offers directly.
You can read more about the improvements to the “Real world” transfer and loans system further down in our list.

New in Football Manager 2014 is also the ability to handle multiple contract negotiations directly from your news section.

NEW! Highighted new applicants when second round of Backroom Staff advertisements
This will make it more clear who the new applicant are, while the previous applicants are listed as well, if you fail to find a new applicant of higher standard.

More information to season summary
- The new season review will now display key moments to the previous season.
- Further detail added to the season summary report

Other Minor improvements to new news system
- Address individual training directly from the training report card handed to your inbox (see screenshots and more in the FM2014 Training section within this list.
- Hyperlinks to division names in season summary
- Preview news item on next round of league fixtures
- The new Match report news tab will also now show possession and shots.
- You can even hold meeting directly from the news section.
- You will recieve emails from medical staff when players on loan gets injured. You will then have to decide if the player should be recalled from loan, if the detail of the loan deal allows this.
- registration news will remind managers which players that currently are not registrated to play in the league or for a specific competition.
- Ability to keep a players history after his retirement; keep records of your greatest player(s).

Minor changes to the Pre-match screen

- Referee Stats added which will make you see the next referees lenient to cards giving.
- Captains icon added to the pre-match analysis screen.

Football Manager 2014 Season Expectations
Football Manager 2014 will feature a more realistic setup of season expectations for the different clubs. You can also select your preferred season expectations more easily, if you have higher expectations than the board.

Football Manager 2014 Season expectations

Improvements to Player Profile and Team Profile

- Individual Development sub-section; You will now don’t need to leave a player profile to see get information about player development.
- Physical bars have changed colours to give better visualisation.

- Added colour coded buttons in Squad selection screen, for better visualisation of who’s in the starting eleven and who’s not.
- Ability to set squad status in the player profile
- Improvements to change of Squad Status advice

NEW! Stacked Status Icons

FM 2014 also introduces the stacked status icons. Just click on a status icon and you will see all the status icons attached to the player; easier to see if his a Homegrown player, Travelling and/or injuried all at once!

NEW! Button Hovering Information
New in FM14 is the ability to see full information about why the player is ineligible for next match by simply hovering over the INE button. The screenshot below also might reveal how the official Football Manager 2014 skin will be

FM14 button hovering information

Enhancements to Report Tab and Player Analysis

The improved coach report tab will now display stats, individual player analysis of his recent matches and form.
For players out on loan you can now get quick access to the coach report about his ability and potential. It will then get easier to see if the player has developed under the loan spell.

NEW! Individual Player analysis
Here you can find all available information about how the player performed in the previous match(es). You get quick access to his performances and see his passing completion ratio, shots and average position.

Scouting Improvements

NEW! World Map for Scouting knowledge
Football Manager 2014 will feature a world map in the scouting area. Here you will get detailed overview of your scouting knowledge in a specific part of the world.

NEW! Recommended Player button
Recommended player button added in news items for new staff signings

- Scout report on Player Profiles now displays Current and Potential Abilities
- Sort scout reports by name of scout, name of assignment and status

FM14 Shortlist: Transfer Targets

Better control on your Shortlist
The new added option Not to shortlist will make it easier to get better control over your shortlist. You can scout players without auto-assigning them to a saved shortlist.

Improvements to Transfer Targets
- Insert value pop up when adding a player to “Transfer Targets”

More streamlined player screen
It will get easier to add players to the shortlist with the new streamlined first level “Add to Shortlist” menu option on Player Screen.

Full access to shortlist(s)
Regardless of which team you are manager for, or if unemployed, you can now get full access to all the players in your shortlist.

AI Shortlists
AI teams will quickly shortlist “replacement players” when selling a key player. This makes it more likely that they will target the same players as you, and hopefully the AI teams will improve their current squad rather than weaken it when selling a key player.

Other improvements to the Different Shortlists:
- New pop up when adding a player to “Development List”

FM14 Player Recommendations
Football Manager 2014 will feature an improved player recommendations for potential signings.

Easier process for Managers of both Clubs and National Teams

For those who are manager for both a club team and a national team, you can swap between roles in an quick and easy way. The profile icons for your managerial roles are now seperated into two different icons; badgets and flags.

Enhanced Graphs

The new graph in the player history screen will now make you able to see previous seasons appearances (red) and goals, and the difference in performance; improvements or decline.

Improvements to the How-to system by making it easier to use

Improved (3D) Match Engine

The new 3D match engine in Football Manager 2014 has seen extensive improvements, including enhanced AI, improved lighting and player animation, individual player character and kit models, more realistic player reaction to on-field incidents and a range of optimizations which combine to make this the best looking and fastest Football Manager Match Engine yet.

With the added new player roles in Football Manager 2014 and the tactical overhaul you can read more about below came the necessarity to do a rebalancing of the complete 3D Match engine. This means that the new match engine will be freasher than ever before.

Improvements to the way you watch the Match

Improved Lightning
One of the biggest changes to Football Manager 2014 is how the matches look. The improved lightning will feature no matter match conditions; floodlights, in rain or in other weather conditions.

Easier to see the ball
The new yellow winther ball and other match balls in Football Manager 2014 will be easier to see.

NEW! Centered Match Highlights
Presentation of in-game information has become more televisional. Important incidents like goals, cards and offsides are provided with a new center screen caption, while replays are marked better.

Improvements to timeline and Match Clock
- It’s now possible to see when specific incidents happen with the improved timeline. – The action zones statistics have been updated so you can see what happened in the past 5 minutes.
- In FM 2014 you can choose to use the match clock which displays either elapsed time of the full 90 minutes or two separate for the two 45 minute halves.

Stay tuned about more news about the new Football Manager 2014 Match engine.

– NEW 3d match camera
- NEW camera angle – closecam

Football Manager 2014 Tactical overhaul and improvements to tactic creation

There has been a complete redesign of how tactics are created, selected and implemented with player roles and team strategies becoming even more prominent, definable roles for players for multiple positions, new player roles and instructions and improvements to rival managers’ AI so that they’ll adapt their tactics more readily over time.

Football Manager 2014 comes with a completely new tactics system, done to make FM 2014 even more realistic! One of the more striking changes to your team tactics is that it’s now been made more unified. With everything new in Football Manager 2014 in regard to the new features stated below you will have thousends of possibilities when creating your own tactic!

Player instructions, duties and roles

A Football Manager 2014 feature that’s wanted for ages is the ability to set specific player instructions for a specific player role and let two similar roles act different.
Gone are the days of tweaking a set of sliders. Finally the ability to customize different player roles with sets of player instructions have entered! You will of course be able to choose your preferred player roles, but in difference to the slider settings, you can now experiment with specific player instructions (formerly known as touchline shouts) and roles.

Choosing Player Roles
When choosing your player for a specific position you will now enter a new page where you can choose from all players in your squad and select the preferred player for the chosen position. You can choose from a vaariaty of player roles for a specific position and choose player instructions for each separate player and his preferred role. When choosing a player for a positon you will automatically see star rating for all different roles and its important attributes. This makes it easier to compare and decide which role to use, and get a clearer image of he fits the player role chosen.

FM14 specific Player instructions

For a versatile player who can play in a number of different roles, you can now customize how he shall behave in each different player positioning and for each specific player role.

In additional to this, you can now assign player roles and duties when making a quick substitution and the ability to specify a position to play a player in when sending hi to an affiliate club.

In Football Manager 2014 you can tell your players to stay wider, tackle harder or close down more than normal. You will easily see conflicting player instructions and set seperate player instructions for that position, depending on what you like them to do. These player instructions can be saved as a preset player instructions. The player instructions can be saved, loaded up to the Steam workshop and shared to friends and others in the Football Manager Community.

In addition to setting these player instructions pre-match, you can also alter and do changes to instructions for each individual player on the pitch while the game is in progress. By doing individual changes you can let one (or more) player(s) ignore overall team instructions and exploit weaknesses in the opposition team. You can even change your overall team tactics playing style (fluidity and mentality) before each individual match.

Here you can see a screenshot of the diversity of player role instructions and how three different players playing in the same position can act totally different.

FM14 Player role instructions FM14 player role diversity FM14 Player role instructions

You will also get an insight to the most important attributes for the specific position, but also set a wider range of duties for a specific player role, an opportunity which is not available in FM13. In this screenshot, you can even see that the advanced playmaker, which is normally a central midfielder, can be set to defend duty.

FM14 tactical diversity player duties FM14 player role duties

Tactical preparation progress bar

FM14 Tactical preparation progress bar

Football Manager 2014 New Player roles

New in Football Manager 2014 is the 8 new player roles in additional to the previous mention improvements to player instructions. The new player roles of Football Manager 2014 is:

Half back; will be something between a deep defensive midfielder and an aggressive sweeper. The half back will look to recycle possession and stay deep while the cetral defenders move higher up the pitch. The new half back will drop deeper then a normal defensive midfielder and quickly recycle possession when attacking play breaks down. A great role for tactics using a midfield diamond, where you like a defensive triangle of 3 players when attacking and defending. I would assume his recommended player attributes would be: passing, positioning, anticipation, strength, aggression, concentration, tackling and marking.

Limited Full back; will be a primarly defensiv full back, staying behind with the central defenders. A role perhaps suited for aging full backs who knows their strength and weaknesses and who will not look to go forward. The new limited full back role might be suited for lower league management, where you play with a basic line of four defenders and you want one staying behind creating a defensive line of three players when attacking. I would assume his recommended player attributes would be: positioning, strength, tackling, marking.

Complete Wing back; will be a player who can fully utilise all of his attacking and defensive skills. While he primarly loves to attack more than defending, he also got the ability to perform his defensive duties to the full extend. I would assume players similar to David Alaba could be well suited for this role, as their creativity, crossing, movement off the ball and anticipation to get in the right position in attack will make him more of a threat down the flank, exploiting the vulnerable areas behind the opposition teams full back positioning. I would assume his recommended player attributes will be a merge of the player attributes needed for attacking wing backsa and inside forwards attack. I would assume his recommended player attributes would be: off the ball, positioning, stamina, decisions, tackling, crossing, composure, creativity and passing/finishing.

Regista; will be a deeper deep-lying playmaker similar to the playing style and positioning of Xabi Alonso in Real Madrid under José Mourinho. He will be far more aggressive than the standard playmaker and look to dictate play from deep. The regista offers a dynamic and unpredictable creative outlet from behind. While this role is suited for any teams who favour high pressing, the regista will look to maintain pressure by constantly looking for new chances as his team mates gets into goalscoring positions. The player role can be a good choice in a modern 4-2-3-1 where one of the central midfielders stay deeper than the other, dictating play while pushing the opposition team back. A good regista will require excellent positioning, anticipation, creativity, composure, aggression/bravery, passing, first touch, technique, decision and tackling.

Enganche; a playmaker role, formerly known as the hook from Argentinian football. The enganche can be described as the teams prime creator as he sticks to his position being the focal point in attacking movement of the other players. The Enganche connects the midfield to the attack and seeks to retain possession by passing to the moving players around him. The enganche will be a playmaker who sits higher up in the midfield line and use his vision to look to play in others. The enganche might be a good player role when playing a diamong 4-4-2, 4-3-1-2 or in any formations where you want a guy staying behind one or two strikers. The enganche needs excellent positioning, anticipation, creativity, passing, flair, technique, first touch and dribbling. A good former enganche is Juan Riquelme and Juan Sebastian Veron.

Flank Forward or Wide Target Man will be the main aim for long balls and clearances from deep. the tall flank target man is often positioned against a smaller and more vulnerable fullback. Similar to the normal target man he will look to hold onto the ball until his team mates are joining him and play others into the game by flick-ons to a running midfielder, usually after long balls to the flanks. He will use his physic and strength, his aerial abilities and jumping to get space to recycle possession to moving team mates. A role that was often used by Norwegian coach Egil Drillo Olsen in the late 90’s, where Jostein Flo played as Wide Target Man. The term “Flo-pasning”, a long ball from fullback Stig Inge Bjørnebye onto Flo, was one of the national teams threat. The flank forward will require height, strength, jumping, heading, balance, first touch, heading, passing and anticipation.

Shadow Striker; will be the teams main goalscoring threat, eventhough acting as a false number 10. He is often coupled with a deep-lying forward and seeks to push forward into goalscoring positions as the ball moves into final third. When the team is out of possession he will close down opposition defenders and look to win the ball being more aggressively than a trequartista. The shadow striker will need both aggression and determination, in addition to creativity, finishing and off the ball.

False number 9; can be described as an lone striker or deep forward who looks to drop into the midfield. The role might have some similiarities to the advanced attacking midfielder or playmaker. The opposite defenders will then have to decide of they shall push up to mark him, leaving space behind the defensive line for a rushing midfielder/forward to exploit, or stay in position creating a space between defenders and midfielders which the false number 9 can exploit by passing and dribbling – using his creativity. A false number 9 will need many of the same player attributes as an advanced playmaker.

REMEMBER! It’s not only you who can favour from the new improvements to the tactic system, AI managers will also adopt more easily, making it more important for you to constantly change playing style according to opposition and find creative ways to secure the much needed win!

NEW! Formation added – 3-4-2-1DM
Changes to Tactic Screen

As player roles is more important than ever, the player suitability for a specific role is instantely deliver by a 5 star rating system, which can be found directly in the tactics screen!

A part from Stacked Player Icons talked about earlier, it will be easiy to see if a player is injured, on vacation or travelling, as small icons will now give you this valuable piece of information directly to your tactics screen. This will make it easier to select your preferred starting 11 based on available players, and see clearer why they are unavailable.

Ask to pick always visible
The ask to pick button is now always visible, making it easier to let a specific coach pick their preferred squad.

Match Day Changes and Improvements

- More comprehensive match day screen: easier to see match conditions, referee, current league tables for both teams and your teams latest fixtures.
- valuable information about the key men for both teams; easier to see player strength and performances. For example you will be shown if a specific player is the opposition teams top goalscorer, assist king or how his average rating is.
- In additional to the match preview screen is a comprehensive pre-match stat pack; a head to head comparison of both team. The huge amount of information will also make you able to see player comparison of goals, assists, shots and much more!
- The stat pack will also show the two teams prior records for the last 10 years. You can even see how many times they have recorded one specific result.
- The pre-match screen also shows forthcoming fixtures rather than information about the next match only; easier to decide to rest key players and having to deal with the decision real managers face on a weekly or daily basis.
- The pre-match team talk have now been improved; Players respond more realistically to the team talk. It will also be easier to understand why they respond in the way they do as you will get more information about their reactions.
- The opposition instructions is also been improved, as they now relate directly to specific threats.

Enhancements to Tactical Analysis

- Split first and second half shot analysis, making it able to see changes in performance between one tactical strategy or playing style used from one half to another.
- Added detail to highest average distance analysis

Backroom Advice – Tactics and Playing style

- Player suitability delivered in one report in Backroom Advice
This feature will make it easier to get a feedback on recommended players to take free-kicks, throw-ins or suitable players to be in charge for penalties.

FM14 Backroom advice player suitability

Improvements to Coach Reports

On Player Coach report – Clicking on position in player’s Position Panel updates the Position Rating Panel

Improvements to Team Report and Squad Management

FM14 squad selection youth and reserves

To make your young players develop better, you will in Football Manager 2014 have the opportunity to Make players available for youth squads, as well as reserves. By letting your best youth players available for both Under-18/19 matches and Reserves he will increase his amount of played matches in a season and improve his youth development.

NEW! Team Report revamped

Football Manager 2014 Team Report

The new Football Manager 2014 Team report screen will make it easier to see your team strength and weaknesses. You will get information about most common assist type, when goals are regularly scored and who the current form player is. The screen is made to make you able to spot where you need to strengthen your squad more easily and will be one of my favorite Football Manager 2014 features.

NEW! Make requests to Reserves and Under-18/19 Manager
Now you will be able to make requests to your Reserves Manager or Under-18/19 Manager. You can ask them to play a player in a certain position. This feature will make it easier for you to develop a player in a new position.

Perhaps the days are gone, when your Under-18 Manager or Reserves Manager plays a highly talented winger as a midfield, just because they got no one else in that position.

More realistic transfers and contracts

Football Manager 2014 features a revamped transfer module where opposing clubs and managers adopt a more realistic approach when making or responding to transfer offers. You will be handed more relevant information to ensure you can make proper decisions in terms of contract negotiations and transfers.

A number of new ‘real world’ transfer clauses have been added, such as the possibility to loan a player back to the club he’s just been bought from and the option to offer a combination of cash and loan players, as well as new contract clauses such as a sub bench appearance fee.

On top of this, the old “turn-based” system of transfer negotiations can now be done in two ways, the tried and tested system and a new “live” system, similar to that used in Football Managers contract negotiations. For expensive and important transfers for your club, you can let your board negotiate the transfer for you. This opportunity might be a good choice in lower league management, when the potential value excess of the transfer is high.

New Transfer clauses and Bonuses
FM14 Transfer negotiations

New to Football Manager 2014 is that transfer clauses will be specified within the new revamped news item with the total amount of appearances needed overall to meet the transfer clause limit. It will then make it easier for you too see how many matches a players have left before you have to pay for that clause, or simply give you the opportunity to avoid pay for it, if you don’t have the budget to do so.

Loan Back / Loan Back Length
One of the new transfer clauses is the ability to loan back a player to the club you purchased the club from. In the contract negotiations you can set the length of loan back duration from 1 to 12 months or to end of the season. You can even offer loan players as part of a transfer offer.

This new FM14 feature will be, not only an important tool in player development, but also a great feature when you’d like to secure a future wonderkids, but can’t promise him regular playing time. I will definitely use this feature when purchasing a new talent from a totally different continent, or when I’m uncertain about a players stability and progress.

FM14 Transfer clause loan back

Live Transfer Negotiations

Another new addition to the series, and one of the major changes to transfer and contracts is the introduction of Live Transfer Negotiations. This is a further improvement to make the game even more realistic than it is. This takes place between clubs on a more conversational manner, through phone method.

It is supposed to work the same way the individual contract is negotiatied with a player. The difference is that this time it will be a “live” negotiation about the player’s transfer fee with the club we want to buy him from. This will make the transfer negotations much quicker.

You can also go back to the old ‘turn-based’ system, by sending the other club a fax and wait for their respond and handle transfer negotiations in a “tried and tested system” instead, but we believe the new “live” system will add more realism to Football Manager 2014, and make transfer and contract negotiations quicker.

Lock conditions
When making transfer bids you can now lock certain conditions, such as player to exchange on either transfer or loan, or specific additional clauses.

Club rivalries for players
After a transfer offer has been approved, other clubs can still swoop in trying to lure the player to join them instead. It’s wise to make sure contract negotiations are done as quickly as possible after the transfer offer has been agreed. The player needs to agree to his contract terms and sign the contract, so other clubs can’t jump in with a better offer.

New Contract Bonuses

To increase the realism even further, Sports Interactive has now added some bonuses that are frequently requested in real life.

Unused Substitute Fee
As I understand it, this new fee will let you need to pay the player when the player is an unused substitute. If you have players in the squad with this bonus, you should let him get regular playing time. but this bonus should also be compared to the appearance fee, perhaps you can save money to let him be an unused substitute. But of course this will depend on the importance of the player in your squad, and for your tactic.

Clean Sheet Bonuses for Defenders
Similar to the goalkeeper, defenders will now get a bonus when they don’t concede goals in a match.

Other Contract and Transfer Improvements
FM14 Transfer negotiations potential value

NEW! Immediate Transfer of Bosman players
New FM14 feature is the ability to sign a player immediately if you just agreed a bosman deal, and the selling club wants quick cash. The selling club might want him to see out his contract, so using this feature is not always a good strategy.

Changes to Transfer Arranged Icon – “TRN”
Football Manager 2014 makes you able to see Transfer to and start date information when hovering over ‘TRN’ icon

FM14 Features transfer arranged icon

Players Rival clubs and transfer availability
One of the new Football Manager 2014 features that can change the game is the new feature; Players open to signing for rivals unless they dislike the club bidding. This will make you able to purchase a Real Madrid player when playing as Barcelona or vice ersa! I would presume this new feature might make you able to attract the interest of more players than usual, since all clubs have one or more rival clubs.

Mercenary players are more likely to agree move to a rival club, as long as that club can offer improved terms and better opportunities for success.

PIK loans added
PIK loan or “Payment in kind” is another new feature in Football Manager 2014. The major difference between regular loans and PIK loans is the difference in risk and expensiveness. You can read more about PIK loan here.

Where are they now button
Football Manager 2014 will come with this little feature as well. I know many have asked for this feature for the past versions of Football Manager and now it’s here! The new where are they now button makes you able to keep track on former players. The new button will be available on the transfer history screen.

More Information in FM14
Information is key to you as manager. FM14 will provide you with all needed information when dealing with clubs, agents and playes in terms of transfers and contracts. You will get more information when starting a new job; team reports, backroom advices on tactics, man management, player status and more, from your assistant manager. You will be able to immediately see players on expiring contracts.

Information when Contract demands can be negotiate down
Your assistant can give you information when contract demands can be negotiate down, so you dont get swindled by greedy agents.

Information why contracts and transfers have been rejected
You will get more information about why players have rejected contract offers or why they aren’t interested in joining your club.

Re-design of Transfer Center
The New FM14 Transfer Center is now more like a hub for everything transfer related. Transfer and Loan screen is improved to ensure all relevant information is handed on the selected page.

Football Manager 2014 Transfer centre

You have now the ability to multi-select players on transfer panels: reject, confirm, stall or negotiate selected contracts for all players selected.

 multi select players on transfer panels

Introductions for Staff Responsible for handle transfers and Contract Negotiations
- You can now set instructions for your Director of Football when a transfer offer is received, if he is ticked on the staff responsibility screen. You can also instruct your Director of Football to respond to offers or handle it yourself. He will then handle negotiations on your behalf. You can let him sell for value, do nothing, sell for half value or reject offer. The actions buttons makes you able to do changes to his assignments throughout the game when contract offers comes along.

- When the Director of Football has made a bid for a player, the Player Report will be immediately available for that player.

– Can now choose staff reponsibilities for either transfer negotiation or contract negotiation, rather than them being combined.

Long period Free-Agents
One of the better improvements is that long period FM14 free agents will now lower their wages demands, in order to find first team football. Because of this improvement it will now be fewer players on the free transfer list, who have high unrealistic wages demands.

Fewer Repetitive bids
There will be fewer repetitive bids from clubs you’ve previously rejected the same bids from, or bids of higher value.

NEW! Encourage Agent Ownerships
A new Football Manager 2014 feature is the ability to let certain clubs encourage business mens, agents and investors to fund deals by getting a percentage ownership of the player, similar to the third party ownerships of real football.

In regard to this new FM14 feature, Sports Interactive looks to add more realism by adding;
- Shorter contracts for players owned by third parties where appropriate to better model South American transfers

More options when offering players out to clubs;
i) including multiple player exchanges
ii) more options to preferred positions when sending players out on loan
iii) more realistic player release fees

A brief list of other improvements
– Option for clubs to auto-extend contracts by up to 3 years in contract negotiations
- Turkish young player contracts more realistic, with no youth contracts
- Promise to offer a player a new contract at the end of the season
- Change Transfer Type for players on the Unwanted List and Transfer Targets list
- Expand Transfer Embargo News Item
- Warning message when manager bids for a player who will be ineligible
- Contract bonuses will now come from your wage budget.
- Wages Expenditure Account Split
- Contract length calculation now calculated in weeks
- Non-contract contract offers now more intelligently implemented
- Update to Spanish and Serbian emergency loan signings rule
- Further player contract details available in Contracts sub-panel on player’s profile screen
- Pop up explaining why a player is unable to be loaned to an affiliate club
- AI to make use of affiliate clubs in loaning out players
- Non playable teams more active in the transfer market, particularly when likely to be promoted.

FM14 Finances and Improvements to budget and taxes

- FFP – or what we think FFP will turn out to be
- The new finance screen will now make you able to see more than one piece of information at once; for example both projection and expenditures for the season.
- A marker in the financial projection graph will indicate where the club are in relation to the budget
- Conditional loan repayments such as “repayble on Promotion to top division”
- Separate staff budget
- Levy on all transfer spending by football league clubs invested into youth development
- Expand Monthly Board Confidence update to include financial fair play
- Use of Bonuses/Clauses should lower and raise the overall transfer budget
- Transfer budgets will now include both clauses and bonuses and will take them into account.
- Support multiple contract ends dates
- Net transfer income appreciated by board
- Added Financial Fair Play tab on the finances screen
- Player Wage Projection if Team is promoted
- 3 year projected transfer budget on the finance screen
- Breakdown “Total Cost of Transfer” to “Total Cost of Transfer Per Year” to help with FFP when buying players 
- Swedish “artist tax” implemented
- Tooltips on Finance screen explaining various financial terms
- Revamped handling of club debt
- Player Wage Totals” as header for set of conditions in Finance Projection
- Player Wage Projection added to ‘Salary Projection’ tab on Finance screen if team is relegated
- Further detailed breakdown to see where club revenue is coming from
- “If Team is in Current Division” added to projections tab in Player Wage Totals
- Danish club taxes update

Transfers and Contracts – User Interface changes

The transfer clause screen has been changed with adding the ability to;
- see sell on fee percentage and sell on fee profit percentage.
- make offers for players directly from the transfer clause page, if you got option to buy back.
- Ability to Expand Contract Offer screen to include FFP information

New ability to see both transfer status and loan status for a specific player, when receiving loan offers

The news bar for deadline day is now animated with the biggest news rolling every second!

FM14 Agents

- Agent fees & pro-rated loyalty bonuses come out of your transfer budget.
- Agents & investors can now make offers to co-own percentages of players in leagues that allow third party ownerships
- Ask a player to sack his agent

FM14 ask player to sack agent
Improvements to AI Manager acts in Transfer Market / Shortlists

- Re-write of the shortlist module, which is used by the game to try to mimic the players a real life manager will try to look for, to make the squad depth as strong as possible in regard to their season expectations. As the new player roles introduced, the shortlist module will also take into account which type of tactic the manager uses, and shortlist players according to their playing style.

- Contract renewals will be more realistic in Football Manager 2014. Clubs will consider even more elements when negotiating new contracts. Players will be more likely to enter contract talks with AI clubs because of key events such as promotion, good form or transfer offers. This will make Football Manager 2014 transfer market even more competitive. AI managers will face more realistic demands by their players and their agents as well.

AI have also seen extensive improvements in terms of more action between clubs in transfer and negotiations;
- more negotiations between AI clubs for transfers
- more awareness on how future bonuses and clauses affects the deals.

Board, Player and Staff Interactions in FM14

A complete revamp in this area, makes you able to interact with the board, players, staff and fellow managers in Football Manager 2014. The interaction between all parties will have effects to how you build up relationships in FM14. Your relationship with specific journalists and medias will now be shown in additional to their journalist personality!

Below will you find all improvements and new features to interactions in Football Manager 2014.

Improvements to Press Conferences and Media

The press conference questions have been re-written to take the new narrative system into account.

NEW! Narrative system
This system influence on how managers and journalists converse in FM14. It will try to replicate the type of stories, topics discussed, debated in the press each week. This system will influence on all parts of interaction within the game when dealing with the press.

You will now have a wider viarity of topics in the press conferences, making it more interesting interacting with the media and press. The new topics in FM 2014 are;

- different playing styles AI managers employs and how you will try to deal with it in order to win.
- a teams physical approach to the game in regard to making faults and play a physical playing style involving hard tackles.
- transfer dealings with certain managers and your relationship with them.

This will go vice versa, so fellow managers can also offer opinions and respond to your comments as well. This will add more excitement to the pre-match build up similar to the style of Jose Mourinho. AI Managers will now also actively engage with the press in the pre-match speculations. Their thought about you will be determined by how you have talked about them in the past.

NEW Tones in Press conferences and Team Talk
The revamp of the press conferences and interaction with players, board and media also covers new tones. Now you can select between “Animated”, “Considered”, “Assertive” and “Calm”, which will give you more varity when talking to your players and staff.
- Press conference and interaction tones condensed

The new FM14 improvements to press conferences covers:

– More realistic fan reaction to losses against superior opposition
- One news story generated if multiple players withdraw from international squad
- Relevant press conference questions when joining struggling side mid-season
- Question from the media if stadium improvements or new stadium request is granted/rejected by chairman
- Press conference question on Chairman’s ambitions for the club, if any requests are rejected
- Press conference question on new chairman after a takeover
- Press conference question on chairman’s future when looking to sell the club
- Press can suggest a specific player is not the team’s best player and is overrated
- Press conference question if new contract request is rejected by chairman
- Press conference question if increased transfer funds request is granted/rejected by chairman
- Press conference question if increased wage budget request is granted/rejected by Chairman
- Press conference question on whether the board’s expectations are acceptable and realistic
- Fans react more to manager fielding youngsters
- Press conference question about a player breaking a record

FM14 Press conference player breaking records

- Press conference question asking about ambitions for next season after promotion

FM14 Press conference after promotion

– New press conference questions based on goal analysis data
- New press conference questions based on style of play data
- Press conference question if training facility improvements request is granted/rejected by chairman
- Can complain to international manager about a player’s treatment whilst on national team duty
- Press conference question if youth facility improvements request is granted/rejected by chairman
- Weekend newspapers no longer attend midweek press conferences
- Press conference question asking about stadium development after promotion
Improved press conference questions regarding violent conduct
- Deadline day question from media asking about weakness in certain positions

FM14 Deadline day question

NEW! Job interview – Approaching for a new manager job

FM14 Board interaction job interview

One of the more exciting features for me personally in FM14, and one we debated in our FM14 wishlist is the ability to attend job interviews when you’ve one of the candidates to take over a new manager job. You will be invited to attend if the clubs board thinks you got the right football philosophy and records to take the club to another level.

Your vision and expectations will be some of the first things discussed in the new Football Manager 2014 job interview. You will of course need to convince the board that you are more than capable of achieving their minimum expectations. In order to reach the expected visions, you will then be handed a proposed transfer budget which you will need to consider in order to achieve the season expectations set. Up for discussion is also your football philosophy which the board will judge you by if you gets the new job, such as direct or attacking playing style. If you got specific board requests you will also be able to set some demands.

The clubs chairman will come back to you with detailed contraft offer if your the applicant they was looking for. In this overview you will also see transfer and wage budgets in additional to whats agreed above.

Tweaks to Manager Contract Negotiations
Contract negotiations are more realistic in Football Manager 2014, as managers and boards can now make demands and lay down their respective visions for the club in both initial job interviews and contract renewal discussions.

The improvements to manager contracts also features the ability to set the contract type (full time/part-time), bonuses and clauses. The team performance will now also impact the club and on you financially. Remember that your team performances and your amount of wages / earnings will also impact on the FM Leaderboard rankings. The link to the FM leaderboard will be available directly from the start screen of FM14.

Some of the new bonuses and clauses are;

- Percentage of Compensation for managerial role; the percentage the club will receive when you’ve moved to a new club.
- Performance clauses such as: “Yearly Wage Rise”, “Relegation Wage drop”, “Top division Promotion Wage Rise”
- Promotion bonuses

Contract Renewals for Managers:
Similar to the job interview you will attend when approaching a new club, you will now also be invited to a similar interview when contract re-negotiations in your managing club. You chairman will hand you his proposed contract renewal which you either can accept, re-negotiate or reject.

You can also be reward for staying loyal if they’ve been offered a job by another club, with the outcome to aid their decision on whether to move or not.

Similar to players contracts the clauses and bonuses discussed can be locked for your preferences.

FM14 Improvements to Board Interaction

Football Manager 2014 Board interaction

FM 2014 gives you the opportunity to interact with the board on a bigger scale. Now you can discuss the clubs current expectations, its vision, or make general requests to the board, such as improving training facilities or youth development. The board will also judge you and your performances in a broader perspective, which can be discussed and changed in board interaction.

FM14 Board interaction club philosophy

Improvements to Board Requests
You will now be handed with more conversation options when making board requests, this to state your case better and persuade the board to accept your requests even if they initially were against the idea.

The board will also take in count the clubs board philosophy when making their desition. The new graph board opinion will make you understand better why the request was granted or not.

Leak to press!
New in FM2014 is the ability to leak to the press, for example about board requests you’ve made which has been declined. A journalist will then ask you about your opinion and the board will come back to you with a response, such as threatening to sack you, demand to explain your actions or finally accept your request.

Remember that their response will depend on your records as manager of the club and the board members personalities.

Board Meetings
The board can ask you to attent board meetings when things are going badly or if they have concernes. This will give you a chance to save your job.

Other Improvements to Board Interaction / Chairmen Talk
- Prompt to set Staff Responsibilities in initial meeting with chairman

Improved Player interactions

Football Manager 2014 also provides better interaction between players, managers, their rivals and the media; for example, members of the coaching staff now offer feedback on how reserve and youth team players are performing.

NEW! Player Advice screen
The new player advice screen is something similar to the backroom advice from FM13. You can find the player advice screen under the new Development tab of each individual player. Your coaches will then hand you their advices on the players development and other things related to keep the player happy; Man Management, tactical advices about how they fit into your tactics, advices on squad status and training.

NEW! End of Season / Pre-Season Team Meetings
From FM13 you may be accustomed to kick start your season, or manager career by talking to the squad and raise the morale. While these team meetings is great opportunities to get the squad together to lay down targets and set expectations for the season ahead. The new end-of-season meeting allows the manager to let the squad know how they have performed and set targets for the coming season as well. Now, you can also see the players level of expectations.

NEW! Specific Playoff Team Meetings

FM14 new feature Team Meeting

Player Conflicts
As you can read more about under the improvements to the captaincy role, you can ask him to resolve conflicts as well. Not only can you ask specific players to talk to a player who has personal problems; player conflicts, but you can also ask your players to ambassadorial duties for your club. As soon as we know more about this new feature, we will update it here.

Private talk with players
- You can now privately congratulate players on winning 1st cap or scoring 1st international goal
- Revamp to conversation with concerned player over their asking price
- Squad status conversations with players
- Managers can also ask key players to have a word with unhappy squad members.

FM14 Private talk congratulate players

Talk to players out on loan or loanee manager
New in Football Manager 2014, is the ability to talk to players out on loan and loanee manager. You can discuss with the loanee manager for example when a player out on loan is not played.

In addition to this, you can now also Admire & declare interest specifically for players you have on loan.

Player talk with those out on loan

NEW! Talk to Free Agents
Not only can you talk to other players in other clubs, but you can also talk to the press about players who are free agents.

Make Positive / negative comments
New in FM14 is the option to make a positive or negative comments to the press about a player, if you’ve sold them or if you’ve left the club.

Specific Player talk with Goalkeepers
- Specific ‘Last match’ conversations for goalkeepers

Other Player Talk Improvements

- Additions to recent form player conversations

FM14 Recent form Player conversations

– Privately congratulate player on winning a personal award

FM14 Player Talk Congratulate Personal award

- Expand ex-player’s pre-match comments praising the manager for a good run of form
- Expand ex-player’s pre-match comments criticising the manager for a poor run of form
- Expand ex-player’s pre-match comments for derby/rival matches

FM14 Ex-player Pre-match comments

- Expand ex-player’s pre-match comments looking forward to seeing a player play
- Expand ex-player’s pre-match comments criticising a current player

NEW! Manager Tendencies and non-player traits

With manager tendencies added, you can now see clearly in the manager profile how your and AI manager management style is. The manager tendencies covers everything from tactical disposals;
- “Uses Target Man”
- “Uses counter attacks”
- “Relies on Set-pieces”
- “Uses Zonal marking for set-pieces”

to how they will deal in the transfer market;
- “Uses Loan market”
- “Signs Youth Players for First Team”
- “Signs lower league players”

NEW! Newgen Staff get non player traits
Non Player traits is the same as the players preferred moves. Newgen staff (generated staff in long term play of Football Manager 2014), will now get non player traits.

Manager Profile Improvements

The first improvements to Football Manager 2014 will be in getting started in a new club. There have been made several changes and improvements to make the game even more realistic when being welcomed by the board and introduced to the expectations for your managerial career.

When setting up your FM14 manager profile, you will now be able to add a new manager’s city/town of birth.

New is also the ability to choose non-playable club as your favourite club when setting up your manager profile in FM14.

Football Philosophies determination and opinions

In Football Manager 2013, we became used to the football philosophy demanded by the board, now you will be able to see the boards opinion on the different football philosophies. Would your coaching and manager style fit your new clubs board of directors?

Define your preferred formation
Personal manager details favourite formation

Everyone playing Football Manager will be accustomed to setting up the personal details when adding a new manager. In Football Manager 2014 a very neat feature has been added that may set expectations and limits for your Football Manager career. By defining your favourite formation you will, not only show the clubs board your preferred formation but also make you able to set preferred formation like all other backroom staff and managers in Football Manager 2014.

View Job Advert button on club screen
FM14 job advert on club screen

One of the minor FM14 improvements is the new “Job Advert button” on the different clubs team screen. There you can get information about their level of training facilities, wage bill and financial status. You can also view the boards expectations for the new manager in charge, as their overall target for the season will be displayed. hopefully the new Job advert will make it more intriguing for you to apply for the manager position.

Football Manager 2014 Training and Player development Overhaul

Football Manager Training Centre

Football Manager 2014 will yet again see an overhaul to the training overview section. The new interface of the training overview is an all-in-one page of everything related to training and match training. You will be able to set up the next match tactic, and prepare your team for the new formation and playing style.

Improvements to Training in FM 2014

Squad Training Happiness
FM 2014 makes it easier for you to keep a watchful eye over squad training happiness. It’s easy to see how many players that’re happy with your style of training. The squad happiness is shown in a diagram, along with the percentage of players assigned to the different general training focuses such as defending or attacking.

NEW! Ability to develop leaders!
Finally the option is here to train players into leaders. We hope for more news about this feature, but we guess you will be able to increase a players level of attribute in leadership, formerly known as influence, so they can become leaders on the pitch and more suitable for a captain role.

Football Manager 2014 Training Overview Revamp
New Football Manager 2014 feature is the revamp of Training overview. You will now get more details about the squads training, squad fitness and most important how many weeks training has taken place in certain areas!
You can see sceenshot of the new Football Manager 2014 training overview below.

FM14 Training overview time spent

Training Calender
- Ability to split days into Rest and Match Preparation in the training calendar
- Training camp shown on training calendar

Football Manager 2014 Training Calender

Squad Fitness overview
FM 2014 makes it also easier to get a detailed overview of squad fitness; the amount of tired players, match fit players and players that’re lacking match fitness. This will certainly be a nice addition.

Training Report

FM14 news system training report

As part of the new news system, mentioned earlier, the training report in Football Manager 2014 will let you get feedback on which players that have impressed or not in training. One of the new features is that you can address training assignment and change training focus and intensity directly from the training report! This makes it easier to change training focus for players in important areas that they should focused on in additional to see the coaches recommended training area and general report of progression for the specific player.

Player Development Advice
FM14 Backroom advice individual players

Many of you might be familiar with the backroom advice of FM13. New to FM14 is the ability to get feedback and backroom advice for a specific player. You will then get feedback and advice on training, tactical advice, man management advice, player status and player development for a particular player. You can respond to the feedback quickly by changing individual training focus to what’s recommended or change player status. The benefits of this new system are many. In terms of player development you can quickly get important feedback on training and see the workload and amount of training spent on the preferred training area.

FM14 player development advices

Other Improvements to FM14 Training

- Train a player’s weaker foot

FM14 Scouting and Scout reports

Football Manager 2014 Scouting

After you’ve set your vision for your new club in charge and the new job interview has gone successfully, your scouting team will welcome you by delivering you the scout reports for players that can take the current squad to new levels. As part of the new news system, you will now be able to see the players ability and potential directly on the news screen.

New in Football Manager 2014 are the improved scouting assignments which will generate more scout reports.
When your scouts have been finding new potential targets in a region, they will provide you the scout reports of the most highly recommended players. You will get feedback on the amount of players found, and the potential ability and current ability of the most recommended players.

FM14 scout reports

Other Improvements to scouting in FM14

- “Try Different Nation/Region” button added to Scout Assignment Update News

Player Search improvements

Within the Football Manager 2014 player search results, new is the ability to filter player search results by overall scout recommendations

FM14 filter by scout recommendation in player search

Football Manager 2014 Testimonials

Testimonials will add more realism to the game. With this new Football Manager 2014 feature, we will finally be able to pay tribute to or honour players who have done service for your club for a long period of time. Testimonial matches could be described as games often set up for players who approach retirement. If a player is strongly identified with more than one club, the testimonial may involve the player’s current and past clubs, with his old teammates playing along.

Now you will then be able to arrange testimonial matches for your long-serving favorite player as he approaches retirement, or honour the long time services of for example Frank Lampard once he retires.

How Testimonials will work is yet to be revealed, but it will be a nice feature, which has been requested throughout the Football Manager Community for a long time now!

Changes to Work permit

- You are now able to apply for work permits for your own players without the need to offer them a new contract. This means that if they qualify for a new work permit, their existing contract will be valid.

Remember as well that you can sign players without a work permit, if you got a foreign feeder club, and loan the player out to them until they gain a new work permit.

Changes to Captaincy and new Captain abilities

Football Manager 2014 will come with some new features to the captaincy role and his abilities. It will be more realistic in terms of the importance of appointing a captain.

The captain role is something that has been highly overlooked in previous versions. In the new edition, like in real life, the captain role will be the actual link between your squad players and you as manager. The captain or vice-captain can be more involved with the communication between you and their teammates. The team captain can provide you with more feedback about the team players state of mind, the teams level of happiness.

More specifically, the new captain abilities and improvements, make you as manager able to;
1) Ask the captain to determine the level of team blend and the players state of mind (read: mood) in the dressing room. This new feature will make you able to get feedback on when you should organize team meetings (which is another new Football Manager 2014 feature you can read more about above).
2) Ask the captain or vice-captain to help out team mates who have personal problems
3) Ask the captain to resolve conflicts between two of his team mates.
4) Since captains also are humans they can also behave badly. Now you will be able to reprimand them after poor behaviour and reminded them of their responsibilities as a role model.
5) New is the ability to speak to the captain to tell him he’s going to be replaced and give reasons for why.
6) appoint a player on loan as captain

FM14 private chat

Revamp to the referee role

- Referees are now able to retire and you’ll see new ones added to your game similar to how new players arrives to your club. = newgen referees and assistant referees generated.
- Regional refs for regional comps, such as Conference North
- Better implementation of referee categories; ensuring that the right level of ref is refereeing the correct matches

NEW to Backroom staff roles in FM14

Staff roles – Reserve team
- A total of 10 new staff roles for the reserves team is eligible for Football Manager 2014. The reserve team can now have their own assistant manager and coaches, which will be an addition to the first team coaches and youth coaches. This will increase the amount of total required coaches and staff for your team.

Improvements to the Backroom staff role – Assistant Manager

The FM14 Assistant Manager is one of the most important backroom staff roles in real life. In Football Manager 2014 you can look to get more feedback from him than ever before. Advices offered by your assistant can now be applied if you wish to making you able to deal with tactical problems without needing to do some manual changes to sort them out. You can of course ignore these advices also.

He will provide you with more feedback both before the match as well as during them. In pre-match circumstances he will be on hand providing you with valuable information about players and team cohesion. He will also offer feedback on the players post match reactions, the effect of the team talk and how the players respond to the team talk.

You will be able to finetune your team talk based on his analysis from it.

Some related enhancements to the Assistant Manager role for FM14 is:
- Assistant manager automatically handles post match press conference if you’re serving a touchline ban
- Feedback from Assistant Manager’s recommended role and it’s key attributes.

Assistant Manager may control training
Not only can you assign your assistant manager to be responsible for team talks, as it is in FM13, but Football Manager 2014 will also give you the opportunity to let your assistant manager handle training, and setting up the players training focus.

Improvements to Director of Football Staff role

- Improved explanation of how Director of Football works in FM and FMC
- Director of Football suggests changing transfer values following unsuccessful attempts to sell
- Ask Director of Football to find a player to play in a specific role or position.
- When the Director of Football has made a bid for a player, the Player Report will be immediately available for that player. - Set wage amounts for Director of Football for transfer targets

Other new FM14 Staff role:

- Club Owner

Other Minor features:

Here is a brief list of some of the minor Football Manager 2014 features and improvements that will make the game EVEN BETTER!

- Going on pre-season tours abroad to boost shirt sales
- Merchandise sales boost for high repuatation clubs touring abroad
- Choose own realistic Feeder Club
- Revamp of TV money payment
- ‘Insert value’ pop-up when adding a player to “Unwanted List”
- You can tell the press you’re interested in a certain vacant position
- Position history graph when picking a team to manage

FM14 Club Position history graph

– Check contract details for players you’ve agreed future transfers for
- Improved details A-League specific finance screens.
- Viareggio Club World Football Tournament Coppa Carnevale now featured, which is one of the most important youth football tournaments in the world. This youth tournament is held in Tuscany each year, wit Anderlecht the current champions. If you’d like to know more about this youth tournament, please visit the official webite of the Viareggio Cup Coppa Carnevale here.
- Schedule to play at a bigger stadium in some European cup competitions if home stadium is too small
- Team records News item available at welcome meeting
- Increased attendances for friendlies at new stadiums
- Streamlined Continental Qualification seeding news stories
- Player position labels link to position section
- Clubs reputation rating update
- Ungentlemanly Conduct” renamed “Unsporting Behaviour”

Football Manager 2014 Match engine

- Save custom database set-ups
- Team names now included in autosaves
- Where appropriate, supporter owned clubs won’t sell to businessmen
- Club badges on the Next Match panel of the Manager profile are now hyperlinked
- Ability to select/unselect all subscriptions on a per category basis
- Kit sponsorship revamp
- When conducting ‘Trial days’ teams play in First Teams formation
- Updated Australian maximum transfer fees
– German clubs are now 51% supporter owned, with the chairman voted for by those supporters. Any takeover is for 49% of the club.
- Newgens are now created in non-MLS clubs in the Academy division
- Naughty newgens going onto social media to complain about various club issues
- Make smaller nations playable by creating regens for that country
- New player and staff retirements
- Training facilities grading revamp
- Retired players have Head of Youth Development & Director of Football as desired careers
- 1368×768 windowed mode now supported in-game
- U21 information appears on Player Information screen
- International managers can respond to player refusing international call up
- Improved stadium sponsorship scaling
- Managers can advertise for jobs even when at maximum staff limit
- Player related data relocated from “Information” subpanel to “Player” subpanel
- During a match, clicking Team Name takes you to Squad page
- Multiple user attention boxes in Tutorials when needing to highlight more than one widget
- Player status panel shows all unavailability statuses

FM14 Player status unavailability
- Media source profiles

– Option to have overall transfer control for B & C teams
- Affiliate clubs screen revamp
- Improved set up of pre-season tours

FM14 Pre-season tours

- Interaction ‘hooks
- World & search menus merged on career mode
- Extra stats for Cup and Continental appearances in the player overview stats panel
- Manager informed if the club is banned from European competition
- More realistic aerial ability stats for goalkeepers
- Managers taken to appropriate Leaderboard at the end of a season to see how they’re doing

Improvements to Competitions, Challenges and/or Fixture list

- Difficulty rating for Challenges depending on what team you manage
- Fixture list includes potential opponets in next round of cup competition
- Competition tables can now be sorted
- Request fixture rearrange or postponement if multiple players are called up for international duty
- French clubs receive indemnity for international call ups
- Update to Norwegian domestic home grown rule
- Danish work permit revamp
- Belgian cup updates
- Higher attendances post-league title win despite playing lower reputation teams
- Updated Greek FA penalties
- Brazilian Paraná State Championship final goes to penalties if points are level after both legs
- Turkish league fair play awards

FM14 Turkish Fair Play Award

- Additional foreigner limit for Turkic nations
- Updated rules for over age players between 21 and 23 in Scottish U20 leagues
- English U21 league now in game
- Competition panel for each continent split into 2 lists – domestic and other
- B team match reports
- More clubs recognised as having ‘Worldwide’ reputation
- The Liechtenstein Cup added to the game in the Swiss football calendar
- Updated rules for over age players in English and Scottish U21 leagues
- Updated salary caps for MLS and A-League
- First Knockout Round cup stage added to subscriptions – The only computer game in the world 2 have an official license from the Gibraltar national team
For more information about the full FM14 licencing, please visit the official forum
- Italian Serie A final round matches played at different times
- Italian Serie C Cup matches rearranged if team plays Monday the same week

FM14 Network Game Mode Improvements

- For those managing the Ultimate Challenge, you can now prevent others from taking over clubs who have a manager, and only take control of managerless clubs. – All games in versus mode take place at a neutral stadium
- Host server rules available when joining an online game
- Flashing Continue button in Network games
- Verses mode UI cleanup
- Ability to set squad morale ahead of versus mode matches

Improvements to MLS:

- Improved details on MLS specific finance screens.
- Added MLS Waiver Draft in November
- MLS Transfer revamp
- MLS first round draft picks ask for either a Senior or SEL contracts
- MLS reserve league update
- MLS Trade screen update
- Updated MLS disciplinary system
- News item explaining league contract rules when joining MLS/ A-League team
- Players able to opt out of the MLS re-entry draft
- Rule update on free agents signing outside of MLS transfer window
- Watch list/shortlist tab on MLS draft screen
- Guaranteed contract buyout in MLS
- Improved MLS transfer AI
- Trade up or down in MLS draft, as it’s happening
- MLS Allocation Process for returning US National Team players
- YDP contracts implemented in MLS
– MLS “Developmental” and “Academy Apprentice” contracts merged into “Reserve” contract
- “Salary Cap Impact” and “Guaranteed Contract” columns added to default MLS Registration panel
- Draft dates section added to MLS rule screen

MLS Contract rules explanation

Football Manager Classic 2014 – FMC Features and screenshots

FMC14 Vita features and screenshots

Football Manager Classic has been improved as well for Football Manager 2014. FMC will now be playable on Playstation Vita, Linux, MAC and PC. The “fast-play” mode of Football Manager, FMC, now includes Transfer Deadline Day, a Match Plan wizard and new unlockables, among other new features. FMC14 Vita will feature pretty much identical features to FMC on home computers. Fans of Football Manager, who own both FM14 & FMC14 for PS Vita can now carry on a single continuous game, at home or outside with their Vita. The cross-play opportunity will make you able to play FMC anywhere!

FMC Vita will be the first game in history where you can play FMC on a handheld device with a 3D match engine!

Check out our complete list of Football Manager Classic 2014 Vita features and screenshots. Here you will find all available news about FMC14 Vita.

Potential Football Manager 2014 Wonderkids – The new emerging talents of FM14

  • Paulo Freitas

    I like these new features, but due to its impact in the game, I am especially interested in the transfer related ones, such as the &#39;live&#39; transfer negotiations and the options such as loaning back the player.<br /><br /><br />The cloud save is very good too, as many people play in different computers,

  • Sander

    I hope this time we will be able to instruct players to defend the passing lines instead of only man and or zonal. This would allow us to recreate the barca style pressing.

  • Passion4FootballManager

    in some way, i believe you may consider that the zonal marking style, but i also understand what you mean

  • guile1

    Team kits to change colour and design every new sponsorship deal. Gets a bit boring seeing the same two kits all the time.

  • Passion4FootballManager

    It&#39;s a very good suggestion. Actually we had a guy working on creating a pack that would change team kits every season until 2030. Unfortunately it&#39;s not possible due to the data editor, but we hope data editor of Football Manager 2014 will be better

  • Passion4FootballManager

    So I suggest you look back after the release of FM14, or subscribe to us on either Facebook, Twitter, EMail or Feedreader to get instant information if it&#39;s possible to release the team changing kit pack

  • prasetyo purnomo

    first time playing football manager 2014, in the match I&#39;ve seen players such information when an offside player photo<br /><br />after i change in preference and play again no info like that again in the match<br /><br />I forgot what I changed<br /><br />how do I restore it?

  • prasetyo purnomo

    first time playing football manager 2014, in the match I&#39;ve seen players such information when an offside player photo<br /><br />after i change in preference and play again no info like that again in the match<br /><br />I forgot what I changed<br /><br />how do I restore it?

  • Passion4FootballManager

    Hei, I&#39;m not sure what you&#39;ve done. What have you changed in preferences?<br /><br />Have you updated FM14 to 14.3 version –<br /><br />and have you deleted cache in order to reset FM14 to default?<br /><br />You can also check if you have ticked &quot;show information popup between