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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Football Manager 2014 Downloads - Tactics, Shortlist, Databases and more!

Download FM14 Tactics, Shortlist and Databases made by Passion4FM

Football Manager 2014 Downloads

Another year, another new version of Football Manager, and more new downloads to make your save better!

In order to enhance your Football Manager experience, we have published this all-in-one-place Football Manager 2014 Downloads post. Here you can find all FM14 tactics, shortlists, databases, search filters and FM 2014 graphics ever made for his new version either by us at Passion4FM or from our guest writers or partners.

These qualify files aims to make your Football Manager career more comprehensive and help you in the daily management in order to become superior! The FM14 downloads found here is just the actual link to the file, so if you want to read more about the file, please visit the link in each title, which redirects you to the main post about the specific download file published.

Discover Passion4FM's Football Manager 2014 Downloads here!

Want to publish your tactics, databases or other FM14 downloads at us? Contact us

Football Manager 2014 Tactics

Looking for the best Football Manager 2014 tactics or just like to discover some new tactical approaches? Here can you find all available FM14 tactics created by us and our partners. Some tactics will be inspired by historical playing styles such as Barcelonas Tiki-Taka while others will be more an tactical experiment.

Football Manager 2014 Attacking Tactic Cobra 3-6-1

Football Manager 2014 Attacking Tactic Cobra

Football Manager 2014 Attacking Tactic Cobra 3-6-1 is the ideal teamwork tactic; an attacking tactic that depends on much work rate and players interacting for the benefit of the team. This tactic is created for Football Manager 2014 and could be described as a solid tactic both in defence and in attack. The FM14 Cobra 3-6-1 is as brutally effective and deadly as the King Cobra Snake or the American fighter plane P-63 Kingcobra since the formation looks like an airplane.

The Football Manager 2014 Attacking Tactic Cobra 3-6-1 will see you play beautiful passing combinations, as well as direct runs into space and solid defending! Assemble a team of hard working team players and take on the opposition with this great tactical system.

Download and try our best FM14 Attacking Tactic Cobra 3-6-1 now!

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DOWNLOAD PASSION4FM's FM14 Tactic Cobra 3-6-1

Published: 22.11.2013 20.00PM GMT
Updated: 05.12.2013 222.40PM GMT

How to Import the file?

Download above tactic and import it to this specific folder:
"Your Documents" > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2014 > Tactics

Open Football Manager 2014 and go to Overview screen of Tactics. Click Manage Tactics and load "Passion4FM's FM14 Attacking Tactic Cobra 3-6-1"

This file is also available at Steam Workshop. You can subscribe and import it directly to your save here!

Please like and subscribe to it as its freshly uploaded to Steam workshop.

Football Manager 2014 Counter-Attacking Tactic Sidewinder 3-5-2 with Complete Wingbacks

FM14 Counter Attacking Tactic Sidewinder 3-5-2

Our football Manager 2014 Counter-attacking tactic Sidewinder 3-5-2 is a real world-beater who have been created from the historical influence of former systems like Catenaccio, Italian 3-5-2 and the W-M. This Football Manager 2014 tactic is created as a merge between past and future - how I think the footballing world in regard to tactics will evolve in the future. So how shall I describe this counter attacking tactic? Perhaps it's like grandma's best cooking recipe - a little bit of everything tasty!

FM14 Tactic Counter Attack Sidewinder 3-5-2 is not solely a tactic which hits on the break, the defensive line is set deep, but it's also capable of pressing high. In some games will you give possession away in order to counter them with quickness and creativity while other times will you feel you're playing a possession tactic as the opponents gets pinned back to their own penalty box. This means that your side will be superior in possession too! It's a raw mix of short sweet passes, wide crosses into the penalty box and direct passes which unlocks any opponents. This counter attacking tactic will also promise you a good amount of clear cut chances and shots on target.

Read more about our world-beater - Football Manager 2014 Sidewinder 3-5-2

Football Manager 2014 Shortlists

Shortlists are a great way to keep track of players in all ages no matter which nation, league or career you are doing. Here you will find all Football Manager 2014 shortlists released, with a brief description of what these shortlists covers.

Download Shortlist of Best Football Manager 2014 Wonderkids

Best Football Manager 2014 wonderkids

Passion4FMs massive shortlist of Football Manager 2014 Wonderkids features over 780 of the best talents under 21 years old.

FM14 Wonderkids such as Erik Lamela, Neymar and Marc-Andre ter Stegen have become too old, but have been replaced with some new amazing Football Manager 2014 Wonderkids worth scouting. Together with the massive shortlist we have even released a list of the best wonderkids of Football Manager 2014, which can be seen as an advanced scouting tool with information about each players personality, preferred player role and even screenshot of his player profile! This list will be updated until the release of Football Manager 2015 and will be a great way to find the best wonderkids for your tactic, transfer budget and managing club and tier level.

This shortlist of the best Football Manager 2014 wonderkids can be downloaded and imported into your own game!

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Over 780(!) Under 20 Talents
Published: 18.10.2013 17.00PM GMT
Updated: 14.12.2013 22.50PM GMT File Size: 3.69kb

Football Manager 2014 Best Young Talents (840+ U18 Hidden Wonderkids)

Football Manager 2014 Best Young Talents

This FM14 shortlist is provided for everyone who favours youth development and tutoring. Finding some cheap but promising youth players and develop them into further wonderkids might be the biggest achievement of Football Manager. Players like Aleksandar Kolarov, Edin Dzeko and Zlatan Ibrahimovic have all been youth players once. This massive shortlist of Football Manager 2014 Best Young Talents is put together so you can discover the hidden wonderkids of FM14. The downloadable shortlist contains of over 840 under-18 talents (as we speak), from all parts of the world.

This amazing FM14 shortlist of best young talents aims to help you discover some great prospects. Some of these talents are already very close to be described as wonderkids, while others need to be carefully nurtured by giving them pitch time to gain more experience. You will definitely find some great bargains which can aid you financially if sold at the right moment.

Welcome talents like Ramiro Peters, Patrick Pflücke and Filippo Romagna - Download our FM14 Best Young Talents below!

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Over 840+(!) Under 18 Players
Published: 12.11.2013 21.50PM GMT
Updated: 15.12.2013 12.30PM GMT
File size: 51.41Kb

How to Import Shortlists?

Download above shortlist and import the shortlist to this specific folder:
"Your Documents" > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2014 > Shortlists

Open Football Manager 2014 and go to Overview screen of Shortlists. Click the shortlist icon and load "Passion4FM's FM14 Best Young Talent" shortlist.

Passion4FM's Downloadable FM14 Search Filters

Search filters are a great way to find specific players and backroom staff to fulfill either a player role for your tactic or a staff role for your coaching staff. Below you will find all Football Manager 2014 search filters published with a brief description about them.

Football Manager 2014 Staff Recommendation; Download 5-Star Backroom Staff Search filter

Football Manager 2014 features a wide sort of different backroom staff roles, all making you able to delegate tasks, responsibilities and assignments to your coaching team and administrative staff.

Our Football Manager 2014 staff recommendation is a natural step from the closer review of the different FM14 staff roles and their requirements. Here you will be able to find the best backroom staff for each role. Our staff recommendations covers best youth coaches, best FM14 assistant manager, 5-star coaches, good Director of Football and excellent scouts and chief scouts.

Our backroom staff search filter makes you able to find the best ones in your own Football Manager 2014 career no matter which year you are playing in. It makes you able to still find FM14 5-star coaches when the world of FM14 backroom staff consists of only staff regens!

Download Passion4FM's 5-star backroom staff search filter below!

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Published: 30.10.2013 1500GMT
A collection of staff search filters for all available backroom staff in Football Manager 2014;
Director of Football, coaches, physios and scouts + more.
Import the filter to the specific folder: "Your Documents" > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2014 > filters

Download Passion4FM's Player Roles search filter

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Published: 29.10.2013 22.40PM GMT
A collection of all the available player roles in Football Manager 2014;
This includes but not limited to; Goalkeeper, Libero, Regista, Central Midfielder, Trequartista, Shadow Striker + more.
Import the filter to the specific folder: "Your Documents" > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2014 > filters

Download Passion4FM's Custom View Pack - A Collection of Squad Views and Player Searches

The Football Manager Custom Views makes it able to sort and filter available information and statistics in FM14. Therefore have we decided to publish our pack of Football Manager custom views. The pack includes customized squad views which makes it easier to make team selections or pick captains or set-piece takers. We've created our favorite views for all the different screens that can be customized. For those of you who likes to do bargains, we've created player and staff search views which focuses on picking up players on pre-contract deals. It's even a custom view for better analyzing of your next opponent. It makes you able to get instant access to player stats such as morale, tackle completion ratio, pass completion ratio and basic information about each player.

Passion4FM's FM14 Custom views is designed to make your managing life easier. You will find basic squad views and our Ultimate Squad View, which is made for computers with higher resolutions (1920x1080). This pack is created for the original (default) Football Manager 2014 light skin. You will even learn how to setup your own views in Football Manager 2014 as we show the different methods of customizing and find the different statistics and information.

Download our Football Manager Squad Views and more to accurately spot your best performing players or find your next favorite Football Manager bargain here.

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A collection of Passion4FM's basic and ultimate custom views for Football Manager 2014. Created for the basic FM14 skin.

Published: 30.01.2014 13.30PM GMT
Updated: N/A File Size: 5.23Kb

How to Import the file?

Download above shortlist and import the shortlist to this specific folder:
"Your Documents" > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2014 > Views

You will need Winrar, 7-Zip or any tool to unzip this package in .RAR file. Then open Football Manager 2014 and import the views for the different landing pages - the title of them should be explicit enough to understand which view for which screen. On the screen (for example Squad players) - Click the drop down arrow - Custom - Import View - Select Basic or Ultimate Squad View.

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