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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Become a Writer for Passion4FM

Become a Writer and Contributor of Passion for Football Manager

Write for Passion4FM

Have you ever wanted to showcase your ideas and how you play Football Manager to the whole FM Community? Have you always dreamed of having your own blog, but don't have the money, time or skills to handle both webdesign, writing and SEO? Are you a freelance sports writer or just a passionate member of the Football Manager Community, who wants to join our success?

Why not contribute to Passion for Football Manager, an established Sports Interactive Fansite, and really kick-start your journalistic aspirations?!

This exclusive offer is for all you out there, who has a passion for Football Manager and simply loves the best management series ever published. By becoming a writer for Passion4FM, you will reach over 100,000 unqiue visitors per month from all over the world. You will be able to broadcast your Football Manager experience, your knowledge and love for football, and all aspects of football and Football Manager 2014 to dedicated readers and followers who are as addicted to Football Manager as YOU!

Are you interested to become part of the rising success of Passion4FM? Read more about how to become an author or guest writer for Passion4FM below.

Help wanted at Passion4FM

Writer Requirements

Passion4FM reaches out to all areas of the world. We've got daily visitors from Malaysia, Indonesia, Norway, Italy, Nigeria, Russia and Turkey, to show you some examples. In order to write for us, you will need to write proper English, so that everyone can understand you. This means no slang, no social media abbreviations that only teenagers can understand. Finally, you will need the time to write for us.

Apart from this you will need to have something on your heart, an idea or perhaps personal tips to show. You will need knowledge about what you're writing about, the desire to both improve your writing, do reasearch and get more information about the topic you're discussing. Our readers are used to quality work and in-depth guides, se we will demand a certain level of writing quality.

We hope you have the little extra in order to add another level of quality to Passion4FM, mainly through inventive ideas, unqiue writing angle and positive personality.

Topics to write About?

I would assume many of you are intrigued by this exclusive option to show off your work and passion to hundreds of thousands of readers. Your only question is; What shall I write about? Which topics are Passion4FM looking for?

We’re interested in any topic that you’re passionate about, in any of our current categories, this involves everything about Football Manager, as well as general articles about football such as football players, wonderkids and tactical analysis. We are hoping to see inspiring articles which will help and motivate all levels of FM expertise.

Topics to write about?
- Football (-history, -tactics, -matches, events, competitions)
- Football Manager (Tutorials, Guides, Tips, How-to's and everything related to increase our readers knowledge about FM14)
- Player Recommendations (Scout reports, Wonderkids, Talents, Bargains, Legends, Star Players, Favorite players)
- Tactics and Tactical analysis (Share your tactics, playing style and football philosophy)
- Team Guides and recommendations on clubs to play
- Challenges and Tips to increase motivation to play the game
- Got other ideas for topics?

Not an expert?
We would like this opportunity to be available for everyone. Even if you don't feel like an football expert, or are a Football Manager veteran, you can still broadcast your tips and most importantly how you play Football Manager and what you've discovered in Football Manager. If we have learn one thing through around 15 years of playing Football Manager, is that noone plays the game the same!

Feel free to share some of your own ideas if there’s a topic or a specific area of Football Manager or Football you like to showcase to our readers. You are free to contact us, if you like to know which specific areas we want writers for.

Eligible Writer Programs at Passion4FM

Passion4FM can currently provide you with two different options to contribute to the website. No matter your preferred option, you are all free to write whenever you got time. The published article must be exclusive for Passion4FM, never released at other places such as your personal blog. The articles don't need to be very long, but we have set the minium amount to 500 words no matter which option you choose.

1) Guest Writer is the option for you who only likes to publish an article now and then. You will need to send in your complete article through e-mail. Perhaps you got a personal blog, but want to increase your reader audience and get a valuable link-back to your personal blog. This option is also great for everyone who are interested in joining our Writer Program more permanently.

Your article must be a final version which we can publish immediately. This article must be within the specific categories listed on our website. The article will feature on the home page as any other articles released. Maximum 3 labels to choose from.

2) Author Program is a more permanent solution where you get access to the Writer section on our website. We require that you publish at least 2 articles per month, but in return you will get access to our writing experience. You will be able to design the layout of your articles, get help to improve your writing skills and actually get help to increase the amount of views for the published posts. Contributing articles as an author means that you will get more help to write quality articles.

For those of you who will like it, we will provide an "Author box" with an unique image or avatar, a small description about yourself and external link to your website/blog, personal Twitter account or Youtube account. Authors should have an active Twitter account, use Reddit and socialize on different facebook groups and pages.

If you choose this option, you will be able to be more free when choosing topics. You will be able to influence on how Passion4FM is today and how it should be in the future by being able to share your ideas. The articles will feature on the home page as any other articles released, but also feature in the main menu on a permanent level. Maximum 7 labels to choose from. We will do anything it requires to get the most exposure as possible.

This option requires access to an installed version of Dropbox on your mobilephone or PC/MAC. This is to be able to share articles, screenshots or anything else related to your coming articles quickly.

Because of copyright issues, it's important that everything published on Passion4FM doesn't object with any existing copyrights. It's vital that all written content is unique and written by you. We will permanently ban and remove all work from those who offend copyrights.

Will I get paid?

Currently all contributor positions on Passion4FM are unpaid. By continuing to grow, we hope we can offer a small number of paid opportunities available on the site, for those choosing the Author Program on Passion4FM. Until then, we hope it will be beneficial for all parties to spend some of your precious time, writing articles for Passion for Football Manager.

How can I become a Writer for Passion4FM?

In order to become a Writer for Passion4FM you will need to send us an application, as long as you haven't been invitated specially to the Passion4FM team by any of our admins. When applying as a Writer, send an email to us with:

1. Write a short description about yourself
2. Write about your field of interest and what you're passionate about: Your main Writing Categories
3. Show off some of your previous work/articles, or write a short piece (Max 500 characters, Times New Roman, font size 12, 1.5 line gap).
4. How you would like to sumbit your articles (Email, Dropbox, own blogger section)
5. How often can you provide us with your articles? (For Author Program only)

Send in your Football Manager Graphics and Databases

Passion4FM is also looking for people who have other skills than just writing articles and guides. We are also looking for people in the Football Manager community who have explicit and unique knowledge about creating Football Manager Graphics such as kits, skins, FM add-ons and other things related to Football Manager Downloads, such as Databases and Challenges.

Send us an email, label it FM Graphics Contributer and attach some of your work.

Contribute your high quality articles to our Football Manager website now!

We would be happy to see your work published at Passion4FM, and are excited to welcome new publishers to our writing team. If you think you got the passion and love for Football Manager to be part of Passion4FM, contact us at:

Email: admin[a]
Scheme: Contact Us
Facebook: MyPassion4FootballManager

If you have any immediate questions you would like answering, please get in touch with us via Twitter, or drop us an e-mail.

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