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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lorenzo Insigne - Football Manager Player Recommendation

FM Scout report of Naples Lorenzo Insigne (22)

Football Manager Player Recommendation Lorenzo Insigne

To follow up on our reviews and Football Manager Player Recommendations, where we have previously looked at Chelsea youngster Charles Musonda Junior, who can become one of the next Football Manager 2014 wonderkids, it's time to hand you our scout reports of another great football talent.

This time, we will travel from Stamford Bridge, Jose Mourinho's playing ground, to the Italian Serie A. We will enter the doors of Napoli's San Paolo to take a look at Naples Lorenzo Insigne.

By handing you Lorenzo Insigne's player recommendation, a player I highly recommended for Football Manager 2013, we aim to describe one of my personal favorite football players, a highly talented player who might be even better in Football Manager 2014!

Lorenzo Insigne - Player Profile

Naples Lorenzo Insigne, born June 4th 1991 (22), is a familiar name to many Football Manager fans. A favourite of mine, as he is able to play in multiple positions. He can play as a striker, left winger and/or right winger. A quick and versitile player who has the ability to change a game with the pace he holds. A product of his home town's youth academy, Lorenzo has played with Napoli since 2006.

Many will say the 2012/13 season was his breakthrough season, where he became a familiar figure in the starting XI. Due to his high quality level of performances for Napoli, Insigne now has 3 international caps for the Italian National team, where he scored a goal in a friendly against Argentina.

Lorenzo Insigne Napoli Scout report

Player Information:
Born: 04.06.91 (Age 22)
Nationality: Italy
Preferred Foot: Right
FM13 Value: €8.5 Million
Position: AMRL/ST
Height: 5ft 4in (163cm)
Weight: 9st 6lbs (59kg)

Lorenzo Insigne: Strengths and Weaknesses

In our player recommendation of Lorenzo Insigne we can't look beyond his height. He is a very small player; only 5 foot 4 inches. His natural position is striker or left winger. If you wish to play him as lone striker on Football Manager, I would personally not recommend this, due to a lack of ability in the air. My preference for Lorenzo Insigne is to play him in a wide role, as he is very quick. His ability to take on the opposite man and beat his marker with flair, quickness and dribbling is excellent. A player with great technique could be a natural choice taking free kicks for your side.

In Football Manager, he has the player preferred moves of "Knocks Ball Past Oppenents" and "Cuts Inside", so therefore will be a very useful option in the Inside Forward player role. In the beginning, Lorenzo Insigne may not look like the greatest of players, but with the right coaching, training and first team appearances, he will become a very good player.

Insigne had an impressive debut season in Serie A last year with 37 total apperances (21 of these as substitute appearances). He recorded a total of 5 goals and served 7 assists aswell.

A recent standout performance of Lorenzo Insigne was Napoli's recent 2-1 victory over Borussia Dortmund in Gameweek 1 of the UEFA Champions League. This was Lorenzo's Champions League debut and one to be very proud of. A fantasic freekick, which would turn out to be the match winner, as well as some creative sparks down the left side. For his 72 minutes he completed 79% of his passing with an average pass length of 19 metres. Insigne created 2 chances and scored one goal.

I expect Lorenzo Inzigne should get a very nice upgrade in Football Manager 2014, as I disagree with some of the attributes that he has on Football Manager 2013. I believe he should have a much higher level of crossing, an increase in work rate and even more pace! I believe his potential will stay around the same area but i believe his current ability will increase by quite a bit, due to last seasons performances.

Hopefully we will see a lot more about this talented football player both in UEFA Champions League this season as well as for the national team of Italy if his performances stays on the same level or above.

How would you rate Naples Lorenzo Insigne? What are your experiences with him?
Share your screenshots and thought's with us.

The photo, used in article image, "Lorenzo Insigne" is made available under Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported. Image courtesy of Tifosolonapoli 7 on Wikimedia Commons.
The photo, used in article image, "Italian fans" is made available under Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported. Image courtesy of Andrew on Wikimedia Commons.

Passion4FM Guest Writer

This Article was written by David Reilly

David Reilly is one of Passion4FM's regular writers,
who is in charge of player recommendations and scout reports for Football Manager 2014. He describes himself as a Football Manager Enthusiast and a huge Celtic Fan.

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