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Friday, October 04, 2013

Pre-order Football Manager 2014 - ON SALE NOW!

Football Manager 2014 Pre-Order - BONUS! 2 weeks early BETA ACCESS!

Pre order Football Manager 2014

To cater all your desires we aims to give you a number of options to get your hand on Football Manager 2014 as cheap as possible. We are proud to have trusted partners who can let you buy Football Manager 2014 both digitally and boxed version.

By partnering up with reliable companies we can cater all gamers out there, (both for them who plays PC, PS3 or Xbox), but most importantly giving you the ability to pre-order Football Manager 2014 from a reliable source and GET BETA ACCESS at the same time!

The official release date of Football Manager 2014 will be Thursday 31th October 2013 00.01GMT!

Now, you can pre-order Football Manager 2014, the game you're all waiting for(!), through our website! Currently you can buy FM14 from three different sources through our FM website. Both Green Man Gaming and GamersGate are official participating retailers, which means you will get 2 weeks early beta access prior to the Football Manager 2014 release date.

We can also offer limited discounts, exclusive offers and voucher codes, which makes you able to save money when purchasing your copy of Football Manager 2014. By teaming up with Green Man Gaming, one of the best webshops for video games of Sports, Adventure, Racing and Action games,

Order Football Manager 2014 from Green Man Gaming - Get Beta Access on your copy of FM14!
GET 25% Discount on Football Manager 2014!
Use Voucher code: GMG20-X80Z3-CU97Y

Valid until 11.11.2013 15.00PM UTC

Green Man Gaming is a digital retailer of PC games, and gives you the chance to buy FM14 in 89 countries around the world! A trusted webshop in the Football Manager Community, and a participating retailer of FM14. 100% reliable and has also an unique feature that makes you able to trade-in your digitally downloaded games for credit in your account. This credit can be sued to buy new games.

Green Man Gaming is VeriSign Trusted (with VeriSign Class 3 Validation SSL SGC CA certificates) and use the best established payment systems in the market, giving you the ability to buy FM14 through SagePay or PayPal!

Order Football Manager 2014 From GamersGate

GamersGate have specialized on digital downoad of PC and Computer games. GamersGate is also a participating retailer of Football Manager 2014. By becoming a GamersGate member you will get access to some exclusive offers and gain access to some great features, such as ability to download expansion packs for free.

GamersGate comes with an exclusive price guarantee:
This means that if the price of the pre-ordered FM14 game drops within 30 days from release for 6 days or more, you, the customer, will get the difference back in Blue Coins. Blue coins are GamersGate virtual currency and is part of their reward program.
You will get 9106 Blue Coins in reward when pre-ordering your copy of FM14. 9106 Blue Coins is equivalent to approximately €6.85.

Order Football Manager 2014 From Amazon

I don't think there is any need to introduce Amazon to you all. Amazon is perhaps the #1 place for online shopping. Not only can you buy Football Manager through amazon, but you can also buy football books and papersback on tactics and tactical analysis which will be worthy to understand for Football Manager 2014.

We can also provide you with the opportunity to pre-order Football Manager 2014 from Amazon. This is a great opportunity if you like to purchase the box version of the game, or already have an Amazon account with gift card to use or find Amazon more safe than other webshops out there.

Beta Access - Information

The Football Manager 2014 beta is a pre-released and playable copy of the game, which is close to the final version. What makes it great, is that you will get an unqiue insight to FM14 and its database. The playable modes are the "Career mode", new "Classic mode" and "Challenge mode", but remember it is not the full and final version, so some elements will not be activated until you install the full copy of FM14. This means that modes such as Network Mode can not be accessed until the full version are official released on the FM14 release date.

By buying the game from any of the official Sports Interactive participating retailers, you will get the chance to start up a save and managing career two weeks early. This means you can play Football Manager 2014 around 2 weeks before every one else! No matter buying the box version or digital version, once you've order Football Manager 2014 from any of the participating retailers, you will be e-mailed a code prior to the beta access going live. The time you receive the code may vary depending on the retailer, so please check with the retailer in question if you are unsure. All printed cards and emailed codes come with instructions on how to access the beta.

The installation of FM14 beta will require around 2GB of available harddrive space. The FM14 beta access will be available on Steam around two weeks before the official release of Football Manager 2014. The fully-playable beta version will be automatically converted/updated to the full game at release day. Careers started in beta version can be continued in the full version. The early access will be switched off on the Monday, following the games release. You will not be able to continue playing beyond this point unless you have installed the official copy you've pre-ordered and activated it.

If you have problems to activate your beta code, please contact SEGA at email: help[@]

Why Pre-order Football Manager 2014

If you still hasn't decided why ou should pre-order Football Manager 2014 we daily provides you with the most recent features announced. Football Manager 2014 features a massive 1000 improvements and changes. Many of them can you read more about in our complete list of Football Manager 2014 features and screenshots

Our complete list of FM14 improvements and changes will hopefully give you a nice insight to the new version of Football Manager.

1. Football Manager 2014 will be the most realistic football manager game ever created
2. The 2 weeks early beta access will make you able to get a valuable insight to Football Managr 2014, and play it before everyone else!
3. You won't need to struggle with sliders when creating tactics - will make it easier to create your preferred tactic 4. Save money, while you got the chance! Take advantage of our limited discount codes. 5. Only Football Manager addicts will pre-order the game, AS THEY CAN'T WAIT to start playing!

Football Manager 2014 Release date


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    Thank you very much ..I live in Ne Zealand and save $40 bucks..

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    Does i works on Mac?