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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Download Football Manager Graphics - Enhance the FM13 experience

Football Manager Graphics - Download skins, facepacks, kits for FM13 / FM14

Football Manager Graphics - Download misc add ons

There are all sorts of Football Manager graphics in the market. You can update and enhance your Football Manager experience with new skins, kit packs, facepacks and more. There is few limits to what you can change and improve from the official Football Manager 2013 / 14. Below you can find some of our favorite FM13 / FM14 graphics. These useful links lets you customize the game to your own preferences and might as well make the game better looking and easier to use.

There are all sorts of Football Manager graphics to download, but there are four main categories; skins, kits, facepacks and misc add ons; such as backgrounds, new improved nets, balls and other match screen related graphics. Thanks to Dazs8 you can improve and customize the game in many ways.

By downloading Football Manager graphics from our site you can make the game up to date with some quality graphical add ons.

How to import Graphics to Football Manager

Before you can enjoy the work from all the creators of Football Manager Graphics, it is important to know how to import the graphical add ons to the game. In this brief tutorial you will learn how to import skins, facepacks, kits and club logos.

Please read our tutorials on how to import graphics to Football Manager or read the instructions of your downloaded file before asking for troubleshooting.

Football Manager 2013 Dark Skin Scorpio 4 by DazS8

Download FM 2013 Dark skin scorpio

The new Football Manager 2013 Ultra dark skin Scorpio skin made by DazS8 is maybe the best skin he ever made! The new FM13 dark skin comes with many new enhancements to layout and user-interface such as new improved Scoreboard for a better match experience, instant result button and a new player profile screen.

The new Scorpio 4 skin is an exclusive download for our Football Manager blog. By downloading the Football Manager 2013 Scorpio 4 you may enjoy the many backgrounds and manager picture, which can be customized for your preferences. Your start screen can now show your favorite footballer or manager. You can choose to use pictures of Gareth Bale, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar or Jose Mourinho.

Download DazS8 best Football Manager dark skin today!

Scorpio Ultimate Dark skin for FM13 by Dazs8

FM2013 Best Dark Skin Scorpio Ultimate

The Scorpio Ultimate skin is the brand new re-worked edition. This is the ultimate skin for every one who are less competent in the world of graphical customizing. By downloading this FM13 dark skin you don't need to care about which folders specific graphics should be imported into. The ultimate skin is also custom background compatible which lets you download and use any preferred backgrounds.

In my point of view, the best skin for FM13 have become even better with the updated version of the famous Scorpio skin. Dazs8, who have created this have also added mini backgrounds and done some great improvement to the player profile, which let's you get the information you need to make a better judgement before team selection.

Read more about the improvements in Football Manager 2013 skin Scorpio Ultimate here.

FM13 Ultra Dark skin: Scorpio v2.1 by Dazs8

Football Manager 2013 Skin Scorpio by Dazs8

The Ultra Dark Scorpio skin created for Football Manager 2013 is one of the best dark skins on the market. The scorpio skin is created by Dasz8, who have given us permission to share his work with us. The scorpio skin is currently in version 2.1 and have been recently improved with some new unique features such as the different tabs in player profile.

What makes it my favorite dark skin is the detailed player profile, the opacity selector and enhanced slider bars which is worthy when creating or adjusting your preferred tactic.

Read more about Dazs8 ultra dark skin Scorpio v2.1 for FM13 here!

For those of you who don't like the red and yellow player attributes colours, you can easily change this. Read this guide on how to edit the skin colours here.

FM13 Add-ons: Scoreboard and TV logos by Dazs8

FM13 Graphics Scoreboard and TV logos

No matter which skin you use for Football Manager 2013, Dazs8 scoreboard and TV logos can enhance your Football Manager experience.

By downloading the pack of TV logos you can enjoy the logos of for example SKY sport, Viasat and ESPN. In additional to the TV logos, DAzs8 have also created a nice looking scoreboard for all those users of 3D match engine.

Download the Football Manager 2013 add on Scoreboard and TV logos by Dazs8 here.

This page will be updated with more graphical add-ons for Football Manager 2013/2014.

Do you have experience with creating Football Manager graphics and would like to do so for us? Please contact us. If not, please share links to your favorite skins, kit packs and facepacks in the comment field below.

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