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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

TV logos and Scoreboard by Dazs8 - FM13 Graphics add-ons

Graphical add-ons for your Football Manager 2013 skin; Download Scoreboard and TV logos

FM13 Graphics Scoreboard and TV logos

The scoreboard in Football Manager 2013 is pretty plain and simple. But thanks to Dazs8 of FMReporter, who have created my favorite Football Manager skin Scorpio 2.0, you are now able to improve the layout of the match screen by adding Dazs8 new scoreboard and TV logos. This pack of Football Manager 2013 graphics add-ons will with any skin that you've downloaded or used.

But we recommend to use the scoreboards and TV logos with the Football Manager 2013 Dark skin Scorpio 2.0 as intended by Dazs8.

Look back in the future for more Football Manager Graphics and databases for FM13 and FM14.

The Scoreboard and TV logos pack (version 3) includes logos from all the best sports channels in UK and around the world. By downloading this pack you can enjoy TV logos for example of;


FM13 Graphics Match screen Scoreboard and TV logos
Dazs8 scoreboards are created for the 3D Match engine, so they are not made with the 2D match in mind.

FM Graphics: Installation & Instructions

You must have a skin installed to use these as they need to be placed in the skin folder, which can be located here:
C:\Users\user name\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013\skins

If you are using the default skin you can download a custom skin, such as the previous mentioned dark skin Scorpio 2.0.

You can read more about how to import graphics such as facepacks, skins and kits for Football Manager 2013 in this guide. If you can't make this Football Manager 2013 add on work, make sure to do the following:

- Go to preferences
- Clear the cache
- Then reload the skin

Check out more Football Manager Graphics made by Dazs8 at his personal Facebook page Dazs8 FM Graphics. There you will find more add-ons for Football Manager 2013, such as an amazing background competition package + more cool stuff!

Download FM13 Graphics Add-on; Scoreboard and TV logos by Dazs8

Download Scoreboard and TV Logoes by Dazs8 of FMReporter
Latest update: 19.06.2013

How to import the Graphical add on to Football Manager 2013?

1) Download and open the file with 7-zip or win rar.

2) Import and extract the FM13 graphics pack to the specific folder: "Your Documents" > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2013 > Skins
If you do not have a skins folder you will need to create one.

3) Go to the skin folder, and then the skin you want to use this with.
Place the 3 folders here and if it asks to overwrite anything just accept.

4) If the scoreboard doesn't show up, check the bottom right corner there is an icon with two arrows. Once you click on it to either maximize or minimize you can switch between the two scoreboards.

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  1. Luis Oliveira Tsn23:08

    How Can I change the time colour? I can't see how many minutes left for the end of the game because its very dark. Can I change it to white or something?