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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Scorpio Skin Ultimate by Dazs8 - Download Best FM13 Dark Skin

Download Best FM 2013 Dark Skin Scorpio Ultimate by Dazs8

FM2013 Best Dark Skin Scorpio Ultimate

We have previously published my favorite Football Manager 2013 dark skin Scorpio v2.1. Now there is a brand new FM13 Scorpio skin to enjoy! With the release of Scorpio Ultimate you don't need expert knowledge on how to customize the skin. Everything is ready to use!

For everyone who struggles with Football Manager Graphics we announce the availability to download Football Manager 2013 Scorpio Ultimate skin by Dazs8 of FM Reporter.

Download the brand new Football Manager 2013 Scorpio Ultimate dark skin today!

What are the new changes in the Scorpio Ultimate Dark Skin?

The Scorpio Ultimate skin has been made to make it easier for you to use! The most important changes, in additional to many more minor tweakes to Football Manager 2013 dark skin Scorpio Ultimate, is:

Custom Background Compatible
For the observant users of the Scorpio skins by dazs8, you will quickly notice that the Scorpio Ultimate dark skin have been made custom background compatible. You can now download any backgrounds without needing to select the preferred background everytime you load Football Manager 2013.

If you still would like to customize the backgrounds and main menu to your preferences you can do this, if you got the experience and expert knowledge to do this. It is very easy to change backgrounds and main menu. You will need to download or import backgrounds and manager images to the specific folder in graphics.

For in-game background changes: locate skins > Scorpio skin ultimate > graphics > Backgrounds and import the new background and re-name it to Default

For main menu background changes: locate skins > Scorpio skin ultimate > graphics > main menu and import the new image named as background.

Everything in this skin can be customized for your preferences. Just drop your own graphics and backgrounds into the folders provided. If you have downloaded earlier versions of the FM13 Scorpio skin, you can import the background and main menu images that you like to this version.

While this issue has been added for the brand new skin, there are some features that has been removed such as the background selector and opacity levels which can not be changed in-game.

Added new Mini-Stadiums for News Messages and Pre-Match Analysis
FM13 Scorpio skin mini stadiums

There have been added over hundred mini stadium pictures to enhance the user experience in the news messages and pre-match analysis. A part from this Dazs8 have also included National Team flags backgrounds from all the nations in the world.

When in game you can enjoy Dazs8 great work by looking at the new scoreboard which has been made slimmer than the previous version. Here is an example of the scoreboard in the full match screen selection.
Scorpio Ultimate skin scoreboard

By downloading the FM13 Scorpio ultimate skin you can still enjoy some of the best features from the Scorpio v2.1, such as the new advanced player profiles and enhanced slider bars.

In short, Scorpio skin, gives you a detailed overview in the player profile overview. Depending on which tab you are looking at; player profile or player attribute, you will get all the important information for picking the right player for your next fixture. Detailed overview of player attributes, height, weight, preferred foot, value, wages and contract length in additional to a quick overview of his best player role and positional abilities are some of the best features added. You will have much more opportunities to find all relative information about the player. Not only can you see his personality description and media handling type in the player profile, but notice the different tabs above the player attributes. The different tabs has all relevant information such as happiness, training, coach report, bans and biography.

The player attributes are highlighted in red for the best ones, but this can be altered quickly. If you do not know how to this, please read our guide on how to edit skin colours.

FM13 Scorpio Ultimate skin Player attributes FM13 Scorpio Ultimate skin Player profile

Apart for the revamp of the player profile for the players, there is also some changes to the news inbox. Now you will see manager profile image and club logo above the news section.
Fm13 Scorpio Ultimate skin news message

We hope this skin will suit everyone, both those who are experienced and those less competent with customizing the Football Manager graphics. If you like the work of Dazs8, you would love his personal Facebook page Dazs8 FM Graphics

There you can download more Football Manager Graphics such as more add-ons for this best Football Manager 2013 skin.

Download Best FM13 Dark Skin; Scorpio Ultimate Skin by Dazs8

Download Scorpio Skin Ultimate by Dazs8 of FMReporter
Latest update: 28.06.2013

How to import the skin to Football Manager 2013?

1) Import and extract the FM13 skin to the specific folder: "Your Documents" > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2013 > Skins

2) Go to Preferences - locate the Interface tab in the overview panel - select your preferred skin from the drop down menu Scorpio skin 2.1 - Confirm Selection

If you are struggling to import the skin or have any other problems, please read our guide to how to import graphics in Football Manager before complaining that it isn't working! Thanks! Share your feedback about this skin below and spread the news of the new update of this skin to your friends!

If you've downloaded any older version of the Scorpio skin, it may be important to clear the cache before changing to the new skin.

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