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Football Manager 2014 Wishlist New Features

FM14: Wishlist for new features or game changes

FM 2014 Wishlist New Features

Check out the official new Football Manager 2014 features and screenshots; here is our complete list of all (both minor and huge) improvements and enhancements to FM 2014 with some work in progress screenshots and videos!

I know there are months before Football Manager 2014 will be released, but in the meantime I have spend some time having fun reflecting on which areas in Football Manager that needs to be improved to make FM 2014 more realistic. If you where looking for Football Manager 2014 news, such as confirmed new features, release date and other important information about the new edition. You can find all relevant FM 2014 information as soon as it’s announced in the link above.

There might not be any doubt that the Football Manager series is THE best football manager game out there. Despite being touted as the most realistic football game on the market, there are still parts of the game that can be improved further, to make it even more realistic.

I must admit I had huge expectations to Football Manager 2013, as FM12 was one of the best games ever! For those of you who have followed our passion for FM since day one, you might remember our FM13 Wishlist post. Some of these suggestions are as relevant to mention for Football Manager 2014 as they where for FM13.

Since the release of Football Manager 2013 (and all it’s updates and bug-fixing…) the game has become better and better, maybe even better than FM12 as well. The main difference between FM12 and FM13 might be the increased importance of tactical and team management knowledge, which we believe will be even more important in Football Manager 2014!

Even though FM13 has been out for nearly half a year, we feels it is time to discuss which new features should be added to Football Manager 2014, and what needs to be improved to make FM14 even better, hence more realistic!

Please leave your suggestions for new FM2014 features or game improvements in the discussion field below.

This list of Football Manager new feature requests will be continuously updated until the release of Football Manager 2014. If you wish to recommend these request on other threads, for example on the official Sports Interactive forum, please do not copy from this list without asking for permission or referring to this list, as the opinions in this list are personal (my own views).

3 Different Attacking Set-piece strategies: Corners and Set-pieces

FM13 Set-piece creator

From real-life football there are many teams (f.ex national teams, but also some clubs) who put much of their main focus on the next opponent by training on different attacking set-piece strategies to both surprise them and try to score goals from the few chances they might get. In Football Manager 2013 there’s much focus on tactics and match analysis. With the release of FM14, I hope there will also be given some more importance to set-piece setup and making it easier to change this kind of tactical instructions in-match.

As you might remember, by taking advantage of touchline instructions you can change your playing style and tactical instructions completely according to how the match evolves. Similarly, I wish there was an easy way to change attacking set-piece strategies, for example if you’re struggling with the main set-piece strategy.

My idea is to have the ability to change between 3 different set-pieces setups similar to the ability to have 3 different tactics.

As you might have experienced, attacking set-pieces can both create goals and more chances and are one of the attacking threats. A good set-piece setup can quickly become the difference between winning, loosing or drawing a narrow match. In Football Manager 2013 there are few options to change set-piece strategies when in-game. As I see it, once you’ve made the set-piece tactics your stick with it, no matter how good or bad the set-piece instructions is. Of course you can tweak it in-game, but this must obviously contradict to the boost from match preparations and shouldn’t work as good as a set-piece setup you’ve practiced, right? To make my idea of having 3 different set-piece setups work, it is important that there exist similar familiarity levels for set-pieces as for the tactical familiarity levels. With this option you need to put even more focus on match preparation ”set-pieces” to become a set-piece specialist.

To make this work it is important that there are more player roles to choose from in the set-piece creator screen, in additional to making you able to place the player almost ‘whereever’ you want on the new set-piece creator screen. On corners you could have one or two more options to let your players attack from deep, which makes you able to have almost all your players to start from outside the penalty area and run into 6 yard box to disturb the oppositions man-marking. On free-kicks you could have one more player role, such as making you able to have one player who sits in offside and make an opposite run than all the others.

Short summary:
By making you able to choose between three different corner strategies in attacking set-pieces you can both upset the opposition team, change to a new setup if the original strategy isn’t paying off, or use different set-piece strategies for two following matches. The attacking set-piece strategies must be practiced in order to work. No matter how many different player roles for attacking set-pieces there are on FM14 I just want you to be able to have different set-piece instructions to choose from; with different player positioning which can be assigned quickly.

Football Manager 2014 Set-piece creator

Save Touchline instructions and import them into a new save

FM13 Touchline Instructions

The tactic creator makes you able to create a tactic without having to adjust any of the player instructions. By using the correct shouts during matches you can adopt your basic tactic into a certain playing style. By using touchline instructions you can change your tactical setup completely in just a click of a button; from long balls to short, from much closing in to little. As things are on Football Manager 2013, the touchline instructions are as important as your tactical preferences and formation.

I miss the opportunity to save my main preferred touchline instructions, and import them into the new save, similar to the ability to save and import tactics, shortlists and player search filters. Hopefully FM14 will add this to the new features.

Revamp Agents and Agencies

For many Football Manager fans agents can be a pain in the ass. For the real-life manager, agents are a natural part of transfer negotiations. In Football Manager agents are only seen when negotiating contracts or when offering a player to another club.

In Football Manager 2014 I wish they would add real-life agents and agencies such as Mino Raiola, the agent of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Mario Balotelli and Paul Pogba. The agents would have the same personalities as in real life with all their pros and cons.

In the further extend of agents is to add professional agencies; corporations who try to find new clubs for their players and who partially work with the young players to develop them to withstand pressure from the media. By revamping the agents and adding agencies in Football Manager 2014 I hope it would be an increase of promoting their players to your club by sending in a picture of the player, brief introduction to the player and strength of the player. Some agencies will be professional both when promoting the player to you and in contract negotiations, others will just try to earn as much money they can. For minor clubs who can’t afford to send a scout watching the player they will need to trust the report card from the agents. The different agencies will be located in their nation with players and coaches from it, as in real life.

You can find all the different agents and agencies at under the officials screen for the specific country.

Manager Contracts negotiations and managerial career progress

Being able to choose your own agents
from your assistant manager. Before meeting the board and finding the team to manage I would really love to have the ability to choose your agent from a list of real and generated agents (or at least that it will be assigned automatically if agents are not revamped – see section above).

Revive Manager Contract negotiations
Manager contract is very basic in Football Manager 2013. Apart from being able to request your own Football Manager football philosophy, I would love if you could set some minimum request or demands for accepting a new contract, just like in real life with reference to the Jose Mourinho saga, which is going on these days.

  • Be able to setup a shopping list of possible transfer targets which you demand that the club approaches to sign before agreeing to a new contract or signing for a new club.
  • Request that the board upgrades youth facilities or other important assets to the facilities for agreeing to a new contract
  • Request that the board makes room for a specific favorite backroom staff of yours. This backroom staff member could exceed the limit set by the board.
  • Managers Coaching Attributes
    When starting a new save I would really wish to have backroom staff attributes for your manager profile as well. The coaching attributes and mental attributes could start off automatically on 10 as a new manager. This way, the manager profile tab will be similar to the other managers in-game and you can compare the attributes, in additional to the AI teams to discover what football style you may prefer to use. These attributes can increase or decrease as time passes by. I can see two options for them to increase or decrease:

  • Increase attributes: You need to attend coaching seminars just like the general coaches to improve the attributes in additional to make them increase along with your manager style and tactical preferences. One way to do this is that you need to read an article about team talk, scouting or for example attacking style of play which you need to confirm to increase the stats and coaching level.
  • Attributes like motivating may decrease if you can’t handle morale or team talk well. Or, if you are consistently buying poor players who don’t fit your tactic in regard to attributes mental, judging player ability and tactical knowledge.
  • These tips are written with Daniel Hubner.

    Manager Coaching Attributes

    Add Favorite Personnel for your Manager Profile
    I would also liked the ability to create a list of one to three favorite personnel and players when starting a new game. If not the ability to develop relationships with backroom staff members, palyers and managers who can become favorite personnel, as time passes by. Perhaps you have bought 5-star chief scout Alexandre Ceolin who has been part of your squad for two or three seasons, which may qualify him to become favorite personnel of yours.

    New Backroom Staff Roles in FM14?

    With the release of FM13, a total of four new staff roles were introduced, such as the Head of Youth Development and the Director of Football. After playing FM13 daily since its release I hope two more staff roles are being added to Football Manager 2014!

    The main purpose for the groundkeeper will of course be to take care of the football pitch, so it’s ready for match kick off. The groundskeeper will naturally need other technical staff attributes than the coaching attributes that exist today, but Determination and Level of Discipline will be some of his key attributes. The main purpose of why I wish the staff role groundskeeper was eligible in Football Manager 2014 is for the tactical aspects of the game. With the option to talk to him and require or demand how the pitch should be watered or cut (taken care of) before next opponent, you can hopefully use the pitch condition to your benefit!

    For example, you face a tough encounter against a technical team full of quick-footed players similar to Real Madrid or FC Bayern. You can then ask your groundskeeper to make the grass longer and the pitch slower than if you played against a team full of heavyweight players who rely on their strength and tackling skills. If so, then you can ask your groundkeeper to water the grass extra before kick off to make the surface quicker so long balls will be more difficult to take control over.

    Tactical Analyzer
    Last week I read a very interesting article in the latest version of the Norwegian football magazine Josimar, about Everton and how they always overachieve according to wage bills and the level of players they possess. You can read the original article, which was written at Financial Times here. The article explains mostly how they use tactical analysis as the key to their achievements and knowledge of how to counter specific opposition threats. Yes, I do know you have the ability to use Opposition Instructions in FM13, but with the new backroom staff role ‘tactical analyser’ I wish to take it a step further!

    The main responsibilitiesof the tactical analyser will be to watch matches either live or on videos about your future opponents as well as videos about your matches. He will track down everything such as stats about tactics, players and more importantly how your players can improve their performances within your preferred tactic. By taking advantage of your tactical analyser you can spot tactical problems more easily and let the players work on areas that need to improve in their game. The backroom staff role is just one of the key figures in a massive overhaul to tactical analysis, which we will discuss more in the future of my Football Manager 2014 wishlist for new features.

    Part 2: Create Youth Academies and revamp youth Intake

    FM14 wishlist youth academy and revamp regens

    In FM13 you get new generated players from nations you got scouting knowledge within. The annual youth intake will promote both local regens and regens from foreign countries. You can read more about how to get the best regens in the yearly youth intake here. For Football Manager 2014 I wish there are some important changes to make the game even more realistically!

    My idea is simply to be able to create your own youth academy in Football Manager 2014. Read more about how I wish youth intake would be revamped here!


    - Filter by staff role: Youth coaches
    I wish there was an opportunity to search for youth team staff as well as senior staff in the staff search menu. It is often very difficult to find staff members that want to work with your youth team, and you’re often forced to depend on adverts that usually take a long time and give bad results.

    More communication within the club before looking for transfer targets:
    I wish there was more communication between you, the manager, and your Director of Football or Head of Youth Development, if they’re in charge of buying players for you. In FM13 they will suddenly buy a player, perhaps a player who doesn’t fit your playing style at all. You and your DoF or Head of Youth development will interact more and have a dialogue of what kind of player types/roles you wish the man in charge of transfers will bid on. The manager will set up a description list of which positions, player roles, player attributes and preferred player preferred moves the transfer target may require to have. The man in charge of transfers will come back to you with a list of player recommendation and together they will agree on who they shall bid on.

    Please remember that these wishlist request are not official features for Football Manager 2014. The official new features for FM14 will be revealed approximately one month before release of the Football Manager 2014 beta.

    Enhance your Football Manager experience – Download Passion4FM’s created add-ons for FM13

    • saviourmc

      Better Stadiums, Unique to each club, I appreciate it is not really the mangers job but being able to design the layout of the stadium would eb so much fun (likethe ancient unltimate manager form the 90's)

    • Daniel Hubner

      Giving us a possibility to split our tactic in two, where we can prepare the off the ball defensive part and on the ball offensive part in the same tactic. say a general 4-3-3 where i want my players to defend as 4-1-4-1 but attack as a 4-3-3

    • Danny Chapman

      Love &quot;Be able to setup a shopping list of possible transfer targets which you demands that the club approaches to sign before agreeing to a new contract or signing for a new club.&quot; That would be an epic addition to the game, as well as the other negotiations you mention.<br /><br /><br />After all it defo happens in real life, one thing that I mentioned on my site is the ability to

    • Adam

      yes :D this is exactly what i would like to see

    • Danny Chapman

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    • Turner

      Some interesting suggestions, I particularly like the being<br />able to negotiate certain conditions with managers contracts, personally, I’d<br />like to see the set-piece instructions set in similar way to current “Shouts”<br />format, where I’m able to create a few and save them to apply in match whenever<br />I want, as different scenarios call for different tactics. E.g. if I’m a goal<br />

    • FM14

      How about the ability to negotiate sponsorships, or at least to set the duration for the sponsorship? If I take an obscure club and (intend to) take it to Champions league glory, it&#39;s more useful for me to negotiate short-term sponsorship deals so that I can get better deals as I progress. On the other hand, if my club is already at the top and I want to radically change it (risking

    • FM14

      Sure thing. Ideas are meant tho be shared! :-)

    • Blaz

      it will be realy great if we can signed the new sponsors and choice it

    • xavi

      be able to offer players on loan as a payment for a signing. last one i can remember canales to valencia on his first season there was a loan part of the payment for albiol, i think.

    • senna_4ever

      in olds FMs this had, i dont know why they retired this

    • senna_4ever

      negotiate sponsorship? it would be cool<br /><br />@passion, you make a summary of all wishlist here and send to the SIofficial forum?