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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Football Manager 2013 Tactics Guides - Create and adapt your playing style

Tactic Creation, Match tactics adoption and tips about creating best Football Manager Tactics

Football Manager Tactics and formation

With the release of Football Manager 2013, there where an increased focus on the tactical side of Football Manager. Your tactic and preferred formation are one of the most important tools to succeed in Football Manager. Creating a winning tactic relies on your knowledge about your players, their attributes and manage to gather all information to succeed with your preferred football philosophy. Your preferred playing style and tactical knowledge will determine your success; both in regard to how your players interact and how you as the manager is able to do (read: see) the necessary errors in your favorite Football Manager Tactics.

Creating your best Football Manager tactic will also rely on your skills in adjusting your team and player instructions and adapting the match tactic according to next opposition. Training, player development, scouting and tactics are three important parts of team management that really goes hand in hand. How you set up match training and match preparation is as important knowledge as understanding the different player roles, the player attributes and when to take advantage of all the tools in Football Manager in order to succeed, The knowledge of when to change your playing style and formation according to match situations and incidents will determine your managerial skills, and could be the difference between an average manager and a top class manager such as Alex Ferguson.

Football Manager Tactic Creation

Football Manager Tactic Creator

When starting your new save in Football Manager you will need to set up your tactic. You have also the option to download great FM13 tactics which will fit your playing style and player skills.

The Tactic Overview in Football Manager 2013 is the place to be when creating your preferred football philosophy. The choice between playing style and philosophy can be done in the team instructions of the overview panel. By using the tactic creator, a build-in tool, you can set up your formation and select the preferred player roles according to how you wants your player to act in matches. You can easily choose your desired passing style; direct versus short passing play, how you want your players to close down (pressure zones) and creative freedom. The tactic creator makes it easy to change your playing style from rigid to fluid and strategy from defensive to attacking, and this can also be done in matches by using touchline instructions or match tactic adapting.

There are 23(!) pre-set formations to choose from in Football Manager 2013, from classic formations such as 4-4-2 to more advanced and complex formations such as 3-3-2-2. Creating your own tactic could be both fun and frustrating. One great tips is to use the tactic creator, choose the player roles and how you want your team to play and then drag and drop some positions in your formation to suit the players you possess. Adjusting player instructions is a must to achieve better results for your tactic. Sometimes when creating your football Manager tactic, it's a question of keeping it as simple as possible. This makes it easier to analyse. When creating your preferred Football Manager tactic you will always need to clarify two important issues:

- How do you want your players to behave
- And what are you trying to achieve with it

As a general rule you should always let your players get a minimum of 10 competitive matches before making a judgement of the tactic. The tactical familiarity levels will give you a head up in regard to that knowledge. It will tell you your teams knowledge to your formation, mentality and passing style, and will be increased through competitive matches and match training. you will notice the ability to load and prepare three different tactics. My advice is to have three almost similar formations loaded with their different team and player instructions. For example one tactic could be a 4-3-2-1 tactic similar to the FC Barcelona Tiki Taka Domination, which is a short possession tactic, while another is a regular 4-2-3-1 attacking tactic used when you hunts for a dramatic equaliser in the last minute of the match. Even though you can change some of your playing style easily by using Football Manager's touchline instructions, it is important to have a second tactic where the changes are familiar, as every changes to one tactic will increase or mostly decrease the tactical familiarity levels of the new tactic.

Creating your own Football Manager tactic can be a complex issue of understanding the player roles and their behavior in match and doing the required changes to player instructions in regard to get the best out of your players. Player preferred moves will enhance some of the players preferred behavior and can both hurt and aid your playing style.

Analyzing your tactic is a continuing process and should be monitored carefully through the first half of the season until you feel your tactic is a top winning tactic both solid in defence and attack. You can analyze your tactic throughout the match by clicking the tab Analysis and Performance. Here you can see heat map of the different players, how they many succeeded passes and tackles done in additional to where the shots came from and much more important. This information makes you able to do the necessary changes to the tactic.

You will be able to read more specific guides about tactic and tactical analysis in the future.

Football Manager Tactic overwiew

Related guides and Discussions about Tactical analysis and Football Manager 2013 Tactics

To help you in your FM career, we have put together all the best Football Manager Tactics guides in one place! Our tutorials and guides about tactics and tactical analysis in Football Manager covers everything you need to know about tactical creation, formations and player roles.

In additional you can find great guides about; how to create tactics in FM14, how to adapt the match tactics, how to choose preferred formation before the next opponent according to scout reports and how to exploit weaknesses and enhance your teams strength by using opposite instructions.

This complete guide to tactics and tactical creation for Football Manager 2013 and future versions covers everything you'll need to know to succeed with your Football Manager Tactics. Get unique hints and tips or read guides about how to adapt your match tactic by using touchline instructions, which change your playing style quickly, and opposition instructions, which makes you exploit strength and weaknesses in the opposition team and deal with specific threats. Get more knowledge of the different player roles in Football Manager, and how to get the most out of the different player roles, so they fit your playing style.

We have also published some of our best FM13 tactics such as the most-talked about Possession Tactic; FC Barcelona Tiki-Taka Domination Extreme 4-3-2-1.

New articles and guides about Football Manager tactics and tactical discussions will be published in the future as well, so subscribe to our RSS feed for instant access to the newest articles.

Football Manager 2013 Guide to Touchline Instructions / Shouts

FM Tactics Guide; Touchline instructions and shouts

Touchline instructions have become even more important than ever! With Touchline instructions you have the chance to change your preferred Football Manager 2013 Tactics and playing style quick and easily.

This Football Manager Guide to Touchline Instructions gives you all you need to know about the different shouts and how you best should put them together into a new playing style.

Read more about FM Shouts in this in-depth guide

Football Manager 2013 Guide to Opposition Instructions - Part 1

FM Tactics Guide; Opposition instructions

Opposition Instructions is a great extension to touchline instructions and preferred team strategy. Opposition instructions will instruct your players on how they shall deal with opposition threats or target a specific player or different player positions. In this Football Manager guide to Opposition Instructions you will learn why it is important to assign OI's and which OI's is most effective to conquer the different positions and player types.

Read more about how to exploit weaknesses or encounter specific strengths in the opposition team by using Opposition Instructions.

Football Manager 2013 Guide to Player Roles: Sweeper Keeper vs Goalkeeper defend

FM Tactics Guide to Goalkeeper

In this first guide to Football Manager player roles we will take a deeper look into the difference between the player roles Goalkeeper defend and Sweeper Keeper. With this knowledge in mind you can create better tactics, which suits your playing style and player types.

Player roles will define your playing style and is an important tool when setting up your preferred formation. Player roles is player position depended and all player roles have different required player attributes. Remember to check out the definition to the key goalkeeper attributes or read the tactical guide to Goalkeeper defend vs Sweeper Keeper here.

Possession Tactics: FC Barcelona Tiki-Taka Domination Extreme 4-3-2-1

FM13 Possession tactics Barcelona Tiki-Taka

The Tiki-Taka Playing style is one of the most famous and successful playing style in the history! This successful fluid attacking tactic is based on the Tiki-Taka and Total Football, and focuses on some of the aspects from the playing style I love. It is one of the best possession tactics I've ever created for Football Manager.

Get used to have an average possession of 60% throughout the season, a pass completion ratio of between 85 and 90% in average and between 1 to 4 clear cut chances almost every match!

Created for Football Manager 2013 v.13.3.3. Download and try our best possession tactic and conquer the world!

FM13 Best Attacking Tactic: Cobra 3-6-1

Football Manager 2013 Attacking Tactic Cobra 3-6-1

The Football Manager 2013 Tactical experiment is created as the ideal teamwork tactic. A tactic that depends on much work rate and players interacting for the benefit of the team. This tactic is created for Football Manager 2013. It can be described as an attacking tactic, but is much more than that!

This FM 2013 tactic is inspired by several concepts both from other Football Manager 2013 tactics from the tactical experts in the Football Manager Community, as well as the real life principles of Antonio Conte, Juventus present manager and Jürgen Klopp regarding movement and work rate.

Discover the possibilities of the unbeatable attacking tactic Cobra 3-6-1. Read more about the effective FM 2013 attacking tactic Cobra 3-6-1.

Download Football Manager 2013 Tactics

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