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Monday, April 01, 2013

Football Manager Training Guide (General, Individidual, Match Preparation)

Football Manager Guide to Training and Training Scheduling

Football Manager Guide Training

Football Manager Guide to Training: Main Page

To help you understand the new and revamped training system in Football Manager we have created this in-depth guide to training. In additional to the main football manager training guide, you will find recommendations on how to set up a good training schedule for player development and how to get a successful training progress for your players.

The training section in Football Manager 2013 has been split into three different areas:

Get all the tips for setting up your own training schedule in Football Manager 2013, or contribute with your own hints and tips!

Player Attributes: Technical, Mental and Physical Attributes

Football Manager Guide Player Attribute

One of the most basic parts of Football Manager is the attributes which describes a specific players strength and weaknesses. The player attributes is located in the player profile and is split into technical, mental and physical attributes.

The player attributes can be improved by training or through match experience.

Read more about the different player attributes definitions.

General Training - Team Training and its categories

Football Manager General Training

General Training is the basic team training where you can schedule the teams focusing area for the next three weeks. You will get an in-depth look at the different training categories and what they covers, so you can setup your own general training, which suits your football philosophy.

The General Training in Football Manager are split into five different working areas. In this guide to Team Training we take a closer look at which specific player attributes the different training categories covers. The General Training is as important as individual training, as it increases the tactical familiarity levels for your preferred tactics.

Read more about General Training in this excellent guide!

Individual Training - Player / Youth Development

Football Manager Individual training

A part from general team training is the individual training. It differs a lot from the general training and match preparations, as the players will work by themselves, in groups, or with selected coaches, to improve player attributes or certain skills or preferred moves, which might be favorable for your Football Manager tactics.

The Individual Training is vital for player development, and needs extra focus for managers who favors youth development. The Individual Training in Football Manager are split into four different sub-categories;

Individual Player Role training - which improves required player attributes for a specific player role. The amount of player attributes worked on for a specific player role affects the workload.

Specific Attribute - makes you able to improve a specific player attribute important for his player role and positioning.

Preferred Moves Training - Improves how the player will act or behave in different match situations and are linked to the player instructions for your tactical setup, as preferred moves will override any player instruction in regard to movement or finishing.

New Position - Increase positional abilities - makes you able to make a player better suited for your preferred formation and tactical preferences. Training a player in a new position can make your club save money, especially great for minor clubs, and make you have additional covers for a certain player positions.

Read more about Individual Training in this excellent guide!

Match Training - Encounter threats from next Oppositions

Football Manager Match Training

The Match training lets the team prepare for the next match. Match preparation occurs only a day or two before match, (according to desired workload), and allows you to set a more specific match focus such as focusing on defensive set pieces or team tactics depending on your opponent.

Football Manager Guide to Overall Training Workload

Football Manager Training Workload

No matter training schedule and training assignment the players will always have a certain training workload which affects the main outcome of the training.

The overall training workload predicts a players working intensity for the different training schedules in Football Manager 2013. It's a good guide for player development and understanding why players complaining about too high workload and why they becomes unhappy in training. You will also learn more about the scheduling bar and how it affects training workload.

Read more about the Overall Training Workload in Football Manager.

Training Intensity in Individual Training

Football Manager Training Intensity

When assigning a player on an individual training schedule in Football Manager, you have the ability to set the intensity level for each player. By setting an individual intensity level you have the ability to prevent unhappiness and influence the training workload, and in the long run the individual players probability of desired improvement.

The level of improvement is affected by a players morale and training happiness. An unhappy player with good morale (or lower) will not improve as much as a happy player with superb morale. Before choosing the focus intensity it could be important to control the overall workload, which you can set in the team training section.

Read more about the three levels of training intensities and how they may influence happiness and player development.

Match Fitness and Training

In FM 2013 you have the ability to rest players before and after matches. To get your players fit for next match I recommend to let the players rest the day after match,
This has worked very good for me, and the players match fitness is almost close to 100% at match day.

Image of Team Training is provided by Marcello Casal Jr/ABr (ABr) [CC-BY-3.0-br], via Wikimedia Commons

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