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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Max Meyer - Next German Wonderkid - Football Manager 2013

Max Meyer (17), Schalke 04 (Germany)

A part of our football guide to amazing wonderkids; Top 10 Young Football Talents of 2013.

Football wonderkid Max Meyer

Player information:
Date of birth: 18 September 1995 (17)
Place of birth: Oberhausen
Club: Schalke 04
Nation: Germany
National level: Germany U17
Position: Attacking Midfielder
Preferred Foot: Both
Height / Weight: 169cm, 65kg

From the country who have nurtured Mesut Özil, Marco Reus, Mario Götze and most recently Julian Draxler, we wants to introduce to you one of the most exciting young talents in German at the present!

This young wonderkid is only 169cm tall, but what he lacks in height he makes up for in technical skills, similar to Lionel Messi, his football role model!

Maximilian Meyer, is according to German experts, one of the biggest talents in German football EVER?!

Max Meyer is one of the products of the massive overhaul of the German youth development system in 2002. He was born in Oberhausen in North-Rhine Westfalen in 1995. Oberhausen is one of many neighbor cities to Gelsenkirchen. Max Meyer started his football career at Rot-Weiss Oberhausen where he played until 9 years old, before transferring to MSV Duisburg where he spend five important years of his youth development. At the age of 14, he joined Schalke 04's youth team, where he will follow in the footsteps of Joel Matip, Lewis Holtby and Julian Draxler.

Meyer was quickly promoted to the Schalke 04's Under-19 team, a team mainly consisting of much older players than this young little gem, after recording 10 assists, 11 goals in only 17 matches for the Under-17!

In the previous season (2011-2012), Max recorded a tremendous statistic despite his young age. Max Meyer played 46 matches in total, scoring 24 goals and creating 17 assists for both Schalke Under-19 and Germany Under-17. Schalke 04 Under-19 became German Champions for the third time in club history. One major reason of the great achievement to the Under-19 youth team was outstanding displays of this young star player! So far in the 2012/13 season, Max Meyer has recorded 16 appearances, scoring 12 goals and ranking up 9 assists, which of course caught the eye of Schalke 04's Sport Director, who quickly offered him a professional contract until 2015. In January 2013, he was promoted to the Schalke 04 first team and added to the UEFA Champions League squad for the remainder of the tournament, where he will replace Lewis Holtby in the long run.
At the February 16th 2013 it was a pride moment for the young wonderkid, where he capped his first official professional appearance against Mainz. He came on the pitch 20 minutes before the end of the match and quickly recorded a lovely assist to Michel Bastos 1-1 goal. So far Max Meyer has slowly been introduced to the first team by recording two competitive matches coming off from the bench.

Maximilian Meyer has earned much international experience. He has played for both Germany Under-15 (1 cap / 1 goal), Germany Under-16 (6 caps / 2 goals) and most recently Germany Under-17. He made his debut for Germany Under-17 back in October 2011 and has later recorded a total of 18 appearances, scoring 9 goals. Max Meyer was part of the U17 squad who ended as runner-up in 2012 in the honorable UEFA European Under-17 Championship. He was later hailed as the Golden Player of the tournament and was also handed the award "The Golden shoe" as he ended up as the top scorer of the UEFA European Under-17 Championship. He recorded 3 goals in 5 appearances.

Max Meyers style of play can be described as a traditional number 10 and can play as an creative playmaker up-front (mainly behind the striker or deeper in the central similar to Xavi). Meyer has also the ability to cut in from wide positions (play as an inside forward similar to Marco Reus) and take on opposite defenders on his own, with some amazing dribbles and direct running.

Unlike many other great footballers, he is equally strong at both feet and possesses good first touch, which adds something special to his game. He possesses great technical and ball control skills in additional to the required anticipation and flair. He is remarkable at finding space and create the required space for his team mates. What impresses me, coaches and fellow team mates the most is his direct running, eye for the goal and his unique vision to make the final killer pass to better positioned team mates. In additional to excellent passing and technique, Max Meyer have scored some incredible goals in his career.

What the future holds for this young wonderkid is difficult to predict, but 2013 might be the year Max Meyer takes the step up into the international arena, by professional debut in UEFA Champions League and/or being called up to the Germany Under-19 squad. Additional articles worth reading:
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Maximilian Meyer in Football Manager 2013

Maximilian Meyer - Player Profile:

FM 2013 Player Profile Maximilian Meyer

We have previously taken a look at his basic information and statistics in his real life football career, and now it is time to take a closer look at his player profile in Football Manager 2013.

Maximilian Meyer is regarded as a Football Manager 2013 wonderkid.

Max Meyer is valued at €1.3Mill and could be purchased for €2.8Mill at the start of a new game on an approach to sign. He would probably ask for wages between €5,000-15,000.
Height: 169cm
Weight: 60kg
Personality: Balanced
Squad Personality: Professional
Main Strength: Skilful
Main Weaknesses: Athleticism
Best player attributes: Dribbling, Technique, Agility
Worst player attributes: Strength, Balance, Positioning
Preferred foot: Very Strong Right (Fairly Strong Left)
Natural Player role: Advanced Playmaker
Secondary Player role: Attacking Midfielder
Third player role: Trequartista

Max Meyer Player position

Maximilian Meyer is a very good prospect in Football Manager 2013, despite his young age. He is an excellent attacking midfielder with excellent potential. Maximilian Meyer is labelled as the new Sebastian Deisler, but could be compared to Mesut Özil in regard of dribbling and flair. We have compared the young star to the two year older La Masia wonderkid, Gerard Deulofeu.
Gerard Deulofeu vs Maximilian Meyer
While Gerard Deulofeu has bagged up an astonishing amount of goals for Barcelona B, Max Meyer have bagged up almost similar amount of goals and assists for Schalke Under-19.

Player Development and Training scheduling in FM13:

Max Meyer Player role training

In Football Manager 2013 is Max Meyer regarded as an advanced playmaker because of his excellent dribbling, first touch, technique, creativity and flair. Max has huge potential in FM13 and are very skillful according to his age. Max Meyer has important matches as a hidden attribute which makes him able to cope with much pressure and stand out in important matches.
Max has also the required attributes and skills to play as an attacking midfielder. According to his player position and skills, Max Meyer should be positioned in the attacking line, and could be a nice addition to your team if you love high possession tactics as he already have preferred moves moves into channels.

Max Meyer's main weaknesses might be his balance, stamina, finishing, composure and anticipation. To improve him further I would assign the player to individual training; trequartista to aid his development in passing, anticipation, composure and off the ball. Later it could be favorable to change his individual training to box to box midfielder to improve his acceleration, stamina, positioning and work rate, as you may want your midfielder to help the defensive line when not in possession of the ball and/or when roaming or cutting in from wide to create spaces.
He can also be assigned to individual training; inside forward as his finishing may be too low in regard to his position on the field and chances to score goals. His performances could be aided by having better decisions, acceleration and speed, especiall if you likes one of the midfielder to run with the ball often.

Despite his young age, he has four preferred moves; Cuts inside and Moves into channels, Tries killer balls often and Places Shots, which is excellent for his player role. To aid tempo of the game he could be assigned to individual training preferred moves; Plays one-twos.

You can read more about individual training in this article

Can Maximilian Meyer become the new Mesut Özil or get the same hype as Mario Götze?

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