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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Football Manager 2013 Update Hotfix 13.3.3

FM13 Update! Small update for Football Manager 2013

Football Manager 2013 hotfix Update

Sports Interactive has released an small update for Football Manager 2013 which fixes some minor game crashes, amongst others. You can see the most vital hotfixes below. The new football manager hotfix does not change anything in the database.

To download the update, simply save your current game and quit Football Manager, then restart Steam and launch the game as normal. This should start your update automatically.

If you find any bugs or have technical problems, please report them to the SIGames Community

A preview of some of the fixed issues in 13.3.3 Update:

General fixes
Fixed crash to do with match controller not being deleted
Tweaked human newgen intake limits
Fixed issue where Player is not interested despite “All Players Interested” unlockable applied
Fixed issue where a transfer bid has been accepted, but the Offer Contract screen tells user that the bid hasn't been accepted yet
Fixed crash when clicking on transfer offer via national team
Fixed crash when asking the 'How do I place an advert for a vacant staff role?' question on the Player Comparison screen
Fixed crash when viewing “All Seasons” team of the year

Corrected tabs appearing elevated on match pitch Fixed issue on match pitch where user can get stuck at half time if watching a highlight then pressing 'Live'
Fixed issue on match screen where sub tab strip displays background
Corrected issue when going to tactics screen during match, then exiting tactics screen highlight, will jump to end of current highlight
Record highlight button now functions correctly when going into an old match

League Specific
User unable to assign squad numbers to German II Squad when prompted to
South Korean wages fixed
Corrected K-league discipline rules
Updated South Korean common names
Fixed issue where MLS team's players can be on holiday for Club World Championship

Data fixes
Fixed various player heights

Fixed issue where changes to people fail when re-loading a previous data file and making new changes
Fixed issue where created clubs sometimes generate with Sandy Martens as their manager

Fixed crash where client searching for "Honda" causes a runtime error on host machine
Fixed issue where clients cannot load a single-player game from within network game
Fixed crash when client views inbox in network game

After installment the version number of FM2013 will be updated to: 13.3.3

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