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How to Save a screenshot in Football Manager

Football Manager Guide – How to save screenshots

Football Manager 2013 has many pretty nice features, sometimes it is difficult to remember how you can take advantage of all these cool features and enhance your Football Manager experience.
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In this first post in our Football Manager “How to-guides” you will learn how to take screenshots in Football Manager 2013 and post them on Facebook, Twitter, add to your steam account or on other social sharing communities.

Take a screenshot or Snapshot in Football Manager 2013

Shortcut screenshots

So you have achieved something awesome that you wish to share to your friends and to other Football Manager fans. You want to save a screenshot of the current screen, on your FM13. To take a screenshot is pretty simple. No matter where you are in the game, no matter which screen or tab which are open you can take a screenshot of this. Simply touch ALT+ F9 on your keyboard.

ALT + F9

The screenshot will then be saved to; “Your Documents” > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 201X > Screenshots

This is the default folder where every screenshot will be saved and stored.

How to change shortcut settings for saving a screenshot

When in match or things happen pretty quickly it may be difficult to hold both ALT + F9 to save the screenshot. It may be more advantageous to set a new shortcut manually, which you remember better.

To change shortcut settings: Preferences – Shortcuts – Interface: Save Screenshots

First you’ll want to remove current settings; Click Remove. You can automatically change it back to default settings whenever you like.

To set the new interface simply click Add new and hit a keyboard button at your preference.
Normally I like to use keyboard button X; easy to find and not in use.

You Want to Share your Football Manager screenshot

Your screenshot is now saved, and you wish to post the screenshot to your Facebook Profile, Twitter account or Upload a pin on Pinterest

To upload the pin to one (or all) of the social sharing communities you need to find the saved screenshot and add it to either a message or on a board.

Facebook Like

If you have connected Football Manager 2013 to your Facebook profile, you can easily share and post the screenshot to your Facebook profile.

Simply Click the Share on Facebook Shortcut – located in the main menu

If you have not connected Football Manager to your Facebook profile you’ll need to manually add the screenshot in a message or into an album.

To share the screenshot on Twitter you’ll need to tweet a message.

Click Compose a new MessageAdd a file and add Hashtags to it. Add for example #FM14, #FM2014, #footballmanager or #FMFamily to the message so all the Football Manager fans in the world can see your new tweet, and add your message. Simple as that!

Pin us on Pinterest

So you want to upload a pin on Pinterest. It’s very simple:

Click Add + and locate the screenshots folder in Football Manager 2013 folder. Add your message and take advantage of hashtags.

If you have connected Pinterest to your Twitter account, the pin will be published on Twitter as a tweet.

Save a screenshot and post it on your Steam account

Many of you might be familiar with Steam, as Football Manager 2013 needs to be activated through Steam.
Steam has a own way for saving and sharing a screenshot from your active game. Steam gives you free storage of 2GB so you can upload your screenshots.
How to save a screenshot through Steam and post it to your Steam profile:

While in Football Manager 2013 click F12. A popup message from Steam will notify you that the screenshot is saved.

To post it on your Steam profile:

Open your Steam account – click on my profile from the main drop down menu.
Go down to My Screenshots and locate Upload screenshots. Add a description to the screenshot and save it!

Pretty simple, and the screenshot will be available to see for all your Steam friends.

Save screenshots on Steam

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