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Monday, February 25, 2013

Gerard Deulofeu - The Wonder boy of La Masia - Football Manager 2013

Football Manager 2013 Player profile: Gerard Deulofeu Lazaro (18), Barcelona B (Spain)

A part of our football guide to amazing wonderkids; Top 10 Young Football Talents of 2013.

Football wonderkid Gerard Deulofeu

Player information:
Date of birth: 13 March 1994 (18)
Place of birth: Riudarenes, Girona
Club: Barcelona B
Nation: Spain
National level: Spain U21
Position: Winger/Forward
Preferred Foot: Right
Height / Weight: 180cm, 70kg

From the best talent academy of the world(?), from the famous La Masia we want to introduce to you one of the most promising youth talents coming through the ranks of FC Barcelona. While Lionel Messi has bagged in amazingly 38 goals in La Liga, this Spanish wonderkid is the joint top scorer of Segunda Division with 15 goals.

Could Gerard Deulofeu be the one who inherit the position of Alexis Sanchez next season?!

Image is provided by Catherine Kõrtsmik from Tallinn, Estonia (U-19 Portugal vs Spain.Uploaded by Dudek1337) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Gerard Deulofeu Lazaro, who turnes 19 next month, was raised in Riudarenes in the outskirt of Girona. Gerard started his youth football career at Barcelona by joining Benjami (a youth for players around 10 years old). Gerard Deulofeu has spent his entire career at Barcelona, and is 100% a Blaugrana product.

As a youth player, Gerard, amazed both scouts and football fans. At only 14(!) he was dubbed the next Ronaldinho and signed an advertising contract with Nike. Since joining the La Masia youth academy the player has caught attention from world class managers and clubs, such as Rafa Benitez, Manchester City and Chelsea.
There have always been much hype about this Lionel Messi type-of-player, as he has featured in much older youth teams than his actual age.

Gerard was handed his first professional competitive match for Barcelona B in March 2011, while still being part of the junior team. One month later he was called up to the senior team of FC Barcelona, but was never handed his official debut, as he never came of the bench. He had to wait until end of October before he was handed his first official appearance for FC Barcelona.

Despite his young age, he has recorded amazingly 58 caps for Barcelona B, and in the last two years he has recorded 24 goals and showed his potential to be the future winner of Fifa Ballon D'Or.
This season, Gerard Deulofeu, has played 23 matches and scoring 15 goals, which makes him a joint top scorer in Segunda Division.

Despite his young age he has received much international experiences. He has featured in the different youth levels of Spain national team, from Under-16 all the way up to Under-21. Since breaking into international youth level of Spain he has recorded 48 matches scoring 15 goals. He participated in 2011 and 2013 in the UEFA European Championship by helping Spain Under-19 to win the tournament both years. In 2012 he won the prestigious award Golden player of UEFA Under-19 Championship, where he scored 2 goals and having 3 assists. (Real Madrids hot prospect Jese Rodriguez became the Top scorer of the tournament with 5 goals.)

When talking about his style of play, Gerard Deulofeu is a very versatile player in the attacking line. Ordinary developed as an winger or inside forward, this young wonderkid can feature as a trequartista or a striker similar to Lionel Messi.
Gerard Deulofeu is widely known for his quickness and direct running. He is very quick when running with the ball and is an exceptional dribbler who often terrorizes the opponents defensive line with his creativity and speed.
Despite lacking a little in strength he has very good balance and first touch which is important when being closing down.
In additional to being a "Chance-creator" he's a highly goal scorer threat. He has scored some remarkable goals in his career and has a real eye for the goal mostly because of his world-class flair to cut in from wide.

He has been targeted by world class clubs since joining La Masia. Only time will show how 2013 will end up for one of the most exceptional talents coming through the famous La Masia academy. 2013 will be the year where he has to prove to Sandro Rosell that he deserves a new contract as the present contract ends in 2014. No matter how his future ends up, he is a young starlet with huge potential. If Gerard Deulofeu succeeds and continue his rapid development he might become one of the best Spanish footballers coming through the ranks of FC Barcelona.

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Gerard Deulofeu in Football Manager 2013

Gerard Deulofeu - Player Profile:

FM 2013 Player Profile Gerard Deulofeu

We have previously taken a look at his basic information and statistics in his real life football career, and now it is time to take a closer look at his player profile in Football Manager 2013.

Gerard Deulofeu is regarded as a Football Manager 2013 wonderkid.

Height: 180cm
Weight: 70kg
Personality: Fairly Ambitious
Squad Personality: Ambitious
Main Strength: Speed
Main Weaknesses: Athleticism
Best player attributes: Flair, Dribbling
Worst player attributes: Finishing, Decisions, Positioning
Preferred foot: Very Strong Right (Fairly Strong Left)
Natural Player role: Inside Forward
Secondary Player role: Winger
Third player role: Advanced Playmaker

Gerard Deulofeu Player position

Gerard Deulofeu is a very good player in Football Manager 2013, despite his young age. He is one of the best wingers at this age group, and could be compared to both Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Arsenal) and Julian Draxler (Schalke 04). We have compared the player to one year older "Los Merengues'" talent Jese Rodriguez, which shows some of his exceptional skills.
Gerard Deulofeu vs Jese Rodriguez
Gerard Deulofeu and Jese Rodriguez is two Spanish wonderkids with some of the same career history; both players are widely hyped by their own fans and both is struggling to fight their way into the senior squad.

Player Development and Training scheduling in FM13:

Gerard Deulofeu Player role training

In Football Manager 2013 is Gerard Deulofeu regarded as a natural winger, mostly because of his great speed, crossing and off the ball. Gerard has huge potential in FM13, but has injury proneness as a hidden weakness, which may stall his development as he tends to get many serious injuries on FM 2013. Gerard may also be played as a inside forward, but lacks a little bit in finishing and decisions to be regarded as a natural choice. Note his passing, technique and creativity which makes him a great choice to be positioned in the middle of the park as an advanced playmaker, which is a good tip if you likes to play with narrow tactics such as 4-2-3-1.

Gerard Deulofeu's main weaknesses (in the long run) might be his teamwork, work rate and physical strength. As mentioned before the player is prone to injuries, so it could be recommended to focus on his stamina and strength. If you decide to use him as a winger it is very important to first increase and develop his balance and first touch as it doesn't fit his abilities to run quickly. Despite his young age, he has two preferred moves; Cuts inside and Runs with ball often. To fit his style of play closer to Barcelonas Tiki Taka football it may be advantageous to focus his individual training to preferred move Tries killer ball often or Plays one-Twos. You can read more about the different preferred moves in this guide to individual training.

Gerard Deulofeu is valued at €4.5Mill and might be purchased for €11,5Mill at start of a new game, as he has a minimum release clause of this value. He would probably ask for wages between €20,000 to 40,000. You might be able to secure the young talent on a loan, which may aid his development.
To improve the player I would assign the player to individual training; attacking midfielder to improve work rate, decisions and first touch.
Then it may be favorable to assign him to individual training trequartista to improve anticipation, composure, finishing and agility. If you likes to make the player even more versatile, it may be advantageous to assign him to the individual training target man to improve work rate, team work, strength, heading and first touch.

You can read more about individual training in this article

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