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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Douglas Baggio - The next Brazilian Ronaldinho? FM13 Wonderkids

Douglas Baggio (18), Flamengo U19 (Brazil)

A part of our football guide to amazing wonderkids; Top 10 Young Football Talents of 2013.

Football wonderkid Douglas Baggio

Player information:
Date of birth: 2 February 1995 (18)
Place of birth: Jaboatão dos Guararapes
Club: Flamengo U19
Nation: Brazil
National level: N/A
Position: Attacking Midfielder, Forward
Preferred Foot: Right
Height / Weight: N/A, N/A

From one of the oldest professional football clubs in Brazil, who have three wonderkids in their squad, Flamengo CF have spend their money wisely when signing Ronaldinho in 2011. Douglas Baggios idol is Ronaldinho, he is often compared to him because of his playing style, and he does have this little x-factor who might make him to the new Brazilian wonderboy. young shining football talent

From the club who developed Renato Augusto and Diego Maurício we want to introduce to you the next wonderkid of Brazilian football.

Douglas Baggio de Oliveira Costa, who recently turned 18 years old, was raised in the outskirt of Recife and started his youth football career at Santa Cruz. In 2010 he joined the youth academy of Flamengo CF and has spend his last years playing for Flamengo Under-17 and Under-19.

In the youth ranks of Flamengo he has been one of the true stars, scoring and creating goals on almost a daily basis.
He had some impressive performances at the Brazilian local Carioca Under-17 Championship, scoring 46 goals helping Flamengo to win the competition.
In the prestigous Copa Rio Championship 2012 he achieved to be the best goal scorer and player of the tournament, which caught the attention from scouts from some of the most leading European clubs.

Douglas Baggio has an overall record of 72(!) goals in 53 matches in 2012, in only 5 competitions! Who could beat that at his age, Lionel Messi?!

Even though Douglas Baggio is still a teenager, he is on the verge of breaking into the first team of Flamengo CF, joining two other Brazilian wonderkids. Adryan (18) and Mattheus (18) have already been featured in the first team squad and might become one of the best players in the world, if the development continues.

As mention before Douglas Baggios playing style is quite similar to Ronaldinho. Like Ronaldinho he can both play as a striker or as an attacking midfielder, known as trequartista.
Douglas Baggio is quick with the ball, have good power, and speed (pace and acceleration). But he has also the vision, intelligence and creativity to create, assist and open space for others. Douglas Baggio is known for his goals, but should be remembered for his great passing range and good technique. Despite being good at every passing range he has a composure and a coolness in front of the goal, which makes him the center of attention for both teammates and football fans. He uses his creativity to add something special in his performances such as Ronaldinho once did and Neymar does at present. This is the guy you want to pass the ball to!

Douglas Baggio, named after the famous Italian Roberto Baggio, has still not played any official matches for Flamengo, but have trained with the fist team for quite some time. Nor has he played for any of the Brazilian youth levels of national squad, but with his huge amount of potential, it is only a matter of time. Maybe 2013 would be the year he get his official professional Brazilian Serie A debut and call up to the Brazilian Under-19 or Under-21 squad.

This youth star have been targeted by world class clubs the last couple of year. Clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Napoli, AC Milan and Inter Milan are all eager to put his name on a professional contract. Now that he has turned 18 and he is contracted to Flamengo until 2014, summer of 2013 might be the time we'll see the race hots up for this talented youngster.

Douglas Baggio in Football Manager 2013

Douglas Baggio - Player Profile:

Football Manager 2013 Profile Douglas Baggio

We have previously taken a look at his basic information and statistics in his real life football career, and now it is time to take a closer look at his player profile in Football Manager 2013.

Douglas Baggio is regarded as a promising youth talent in Football Manager 2013.

Height: 178cm
Weight: 70kg
Personality: Balanced
Squad Personality: Ambitious
Main Strength: Speed
Main Weaknesses: Aerial Ability
Best player attributes: Stamina, Flair, Acceleration
Worst player attributes: Passing, First touch, Creativity, Anticipation
Preferred foot: Very strong Right (Fairly Strong Left)
Natural Player role: Poacher
Secondary Player role: Advanced Forward
Third player role: Deep-lying forward

Douglas Baggio Player information position

I would say Douglas Baggio is fairly underrated in FM13. He lacks very much in technique, passing and creativity, but could also be better at anticipation before FM14. His player roles are very different from the real life, as I would say he is a natural trequartista or attacking midfielder, who can also play as a poacher or advanced forward. Maybe he will become the new Ademilson, by becoming one of the best bargains for Football Manager 2014?

Douglas Baggio is a natural poacher because of his good off the ball, finishing and speed.
By scouting we can learn that his hidden attributes strength is important matches, which will make him useful in important matches as he tends to perform better.
Douglas Baggio has a value of €40K and could be captured on a buy-out transfer clause of €325K, which could make him a bargain for lower division clubs. You might even get the player as cheap as €250K. But big clubs, like Inter Milan, normally tends to have interest in this promising striker. No matter his market value is on your save, he is a player with much potential and could become a leading Liga BBVA striker in the future. Douglas Baggio might demand as low as €450-700K in wages per week, so maybe a big bargain!

Player Development and Training scheduling in FM13:

Douglas Baggio Player role training

At the age of only 17 he is a fairly average player. He could be compared to Spanish youngster Sandro of FC Barcelona, when it comes to attributes and skills.
In my point of view Douglas Baggio needs immense training to become a good FM13 player. The lack of technical player attributes is pretty disappointing. To improve the player I would assign the player to individual training; trequartista to improve passing, technique, anticipation and creativity.
Then it could be favorable to assign him to individual training advanced forward to improve crossing, dribbling, composure and anticipation.

You can read more about individual training in this article

Will Douglas Baggio be able to score 72 goals in 53 matches in Football Manager 2013 and how would you develop the player

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