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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Best Head of Youth Development in Football Manager 2013

Football Manager 2013 Staff Recommendation: Head of Youth Development

FM2013 Best Head of Youth Development

As part of our Football Manager 2013 Staff recommendations, we will now give you the best Head of Youth Development staff in FM13!

The Head of Youth Development is one of several new staff roles in Football Manager 2013, and can be compared to the Director of Football or the U19 manager in regard to staff responsibilities. For a successful player development and youth development program you must to hire a good Head of Youth Development, as he will supervise the youngsters both in training and give you feedback on their training progress.

We have previously taken a closer look at the Football Manager staff role Head of Youth Development and its staff responsibilities. You've learned what a good Head of youth development requires, and how you can find the best Head of youth development in your own save, now it's time to give you our staff recommendations of the best Football Manager 2013 Head of Youth Development.

The Best Head of Youth Development Staff Members in Football Manager 2013

To help you find the best Head of Youth Development staff members, we have provided our excellent staff search filter for you to download. Then you can find your best Head of Youth Development staff members in Football Manager whenever and whatever type of save you're doing.

We encourage you all to share your staff recommendations and favorite Head of Youth Development in the comment field below!

Please note that some of the staff attributes may change from save to save. We have also taken the freedom to not add suitable backroom staff with low coaching abilities (read tactical coaching).

Name (Age) Club Judging PA Working w/
Luiz Fernando Moraes (45) Santos 20 20 Not tested Defending Resolute
Newton Motta (62) Bahia 20 20 4 Attacking Determined
Fermo Favini (76) Atalanta 20 20 Not tested Not tested Model Professional
Phil Cannon (52) Blackburn 19 20 4 Overall Balanced
Bruno Conti (57) Roma 19 20 Not Tested Not Tested model Prof.
Thomas Albeck (56) Stuttgart 19 20 Not Tested Attacking,
Orestes Portolan (38) Internacional 19 19 Not Tested Not Tested Determined
Rodolfo Borrell (41) Liverpool 18 20 4,5? Shooting,
Ball control
Fairly Det.
Tony Carr (62) West Ham 18 20 Not Tested Attacking Professional
Patrick Rampillon (57) Stade Rennais 18 20 Not Tested Not Tested Fairly Loyal
Matthew Crocker (42) Southampton 18 18 Not Tested Not Tested Fairly Prof.
Bernhard Peters (52) Hoffenheim 17 20 5 Fitness
(4,5 Tact., Def.)
Model Prof.
Brian McClair (48) Man Utd 17 19 Not Tested Not Tested Professional
Volker Kersting (43) Mainz 17 19 Not Tested Not Tested Fairly Loyal
Liam Brady (56) Arsenal U18 17 19 4 Tactics Prof.
Eamon Mulvey (45) Man Utd 17 20 Not Tested Ball Control Prof.
Roberto Samaden (46) Inter 17 20 Not Tested Not Tested Balanced
Sammy Lee (53) Bolton U18 16 16 Not tested Fitness Fairly Loyal
Stephane Roche (41) Olympique Lyonnais 15 17 Not Tested Ball Control Fairly Prof.
Hans Westerhof (63) Pachuca 12 14 Attacking Fairly Det.

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Published: 19.10.2013 14.00PM GMT
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  1. malna21:30

    Great post. Figured it needed a comment.

  2. Dahnert15:47

    Gianluca Pessotto is great despite his poor Level of Discipline (3).