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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Downloads - Football Manager 2013 - Tactics, Shortlist and Search Filters

Football Manager 2013 Downloads - Quality files for FM2013

Football Manager 2013 Downloads section gives you the opportunity to download our quality files made for Football Manager 2013. Like to enhance your Football Manager career, and are looking for great stuff for Football Manager 2013?

Here you can download Football Manager 2013 related stuff such as age, nation and region specific shortlists, custom made add on files and databases we have ever created.

If you are looking for Football Manager 2013 tactics to download, please visit our main category for downloading football manager 2013 tactics. There you will find all custom made FM 2013 tactics like our famous Barcelona Tiki-Taka tactic or our best attacking tactic Cobra 3-6-1.

Download Football Manager 2013 Shortlists; Wonderkids, Talents and region specific

Download Football Manager 2013 Shortlist

To aid your scouting we have created different shortlist for your FM13 career. In the above link you can see custom shortlist filtered by nations, regions such as South America and age specific, such as our famous Football Manager 2013 Most Promising Young Talents Under-18 shortlist; a downloadable shortlist containing over 480 young talents!

For all FM Fans out there who are looking for the most comprehensive Football Manager 2013 wonderkids shortlist, look no further! Please check out this shortlist! Over 430 under-20 wonderkids from all over the world!

Download all my player shortlist for FM13.

Football Manager 2013 Tactics Download

FM13 tactics Barcelona Tiki-Taka Domination extreme
Download custom made tactics for Football Manager. We have created specific formation based tactics or playing style tactics such as our own version of the football philosophy of Barcelona; The total football playing style tiki-taka.

You can watch videos of the tactics we've created for Football Manager at our Youtube profile.

Find and download tactics - the full list filtered by:
- Formation; 4-3-3
- Playing Style; Much Possession
This list will be uploaded as soon as more tactics have been published

Football Manager Custom Database - Editor changes

Here you'll find a list of all the custom databases made for Football Manager 2013. The custom databases can be tweaks from the official database of FM 2013.

FM13 Database: Arsene Wenger as Arsenal's Director of Football

Arsene Wenger director of football

This Football Manager 2013 custom database will appoint the present Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger as the role as Director of football. This is a must download for all Gunners fans, who want to take over at Arsenal and keep it realistic.

Download the custom made editor file created by Football Manager Tube.

Download FM 2013 database: Arsene Wenger as Director of Football

downloadArsene Wenger as Arsenal's Director of Football
FM 2013 Custom Database; new Director of Football at Arsenal

Import the shortlist to the specific folder: "Your Documents" > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2013 > Editor Data


FM13 Player Role search filter - First Team - Download Player Role search filter Search filter for all FM13 player roles (except limited defender and libero)

FM13 Player Role search filter - Under 20 - Download Youth Player Role search filter Search filter for some of the basic FM13 player roles. See description when downloading for file includes.

Add the file to specific folder: "Your Documents" > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2013 > Filters
Filetype: Winrar. Unzip the file in the above folder.


Football Manager 2013 Staff Recommendation

Excellent staff and coaches is vital for good youth and player development. We have provided some custom-made backroom staff search filters to aid your search of finding excellent coaches, scouts and backroom staff.

Download the complete set of Excellent Backroom Staff Search filter with scouts, coaches and Director of Football

downloadFM13 Excellent Backroom Staff search filter
A collection of all the backroom staff search filters available for FM13.

Includes also search filters for Best Director of Football, Good Assistant Managers, excellent Head of Youth Development, excellent scouts/chief scouts and good physios.


Download Excellent Youth Coaches Staff Search Filters

downloadThe General Best Youth Coach Filter



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Image of Ball in goal in shortlist images is provided by Bplanet. Image courtesy of bplanet at

Want to contribute with your own files? Share your shortlist, graphics or more!


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