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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Victor Andrade - Player Profile - Football Manager 2013

Victor Andrade (17), Santos (Brazil)

A part of our football guide to amazing wonderkids; Top 10 Young Football Talents of 2013.

Football wonderkid Victor Andrade
Player information:
Date of birth: 30 September 1995 (17)
Place of birth: Carmopolis, Aracajú
Club: Santos FC
Nation: Brazil
National level: Brazil U20
Position: Striker, winger
Preferred Foot: Right
Height / Weight: 171, 60kg

It's a really hard task to select one Brazilian starlet out of many possible choices. Brazil is one of the top producers of youth talents and have exported players like Lucas Piazon, Phillipe Coutinho, Alex Sandro and Danilo to European top clubs just the recent years.

From the club who nurtured Edison Arantes do Nascimento aka Pele, we will introduce one of the brightest talents in Brazil.

Victor Andrade Santos joined Santos Futebol Clube at only 11 years old, when rejecting a move to European football and more precisely the Portuguese club Benfica. The talented youngster spend his first years at Santos Under-13 and Under-17 where he put in some good performances and scoring tenth of goals. At the age of 15-16 he got quickly noticed by his coach, Muricy Ramalho, who saw his huge potential. Victor Andrade was only 16(!) years old when handed the debut for Santos' first team, a team with many excellent players and promising talents.
He got a lot of attention from football journalists around the world, as he signed a professional contract with a buy-out clause of astonishing €50Mill, (€5Mill more than fellow teammate Neymar), in the summer of 2012.

Victor Andrade has recorded 14 Brasileirão Série A appearances this season (2012), and has recorded two goals. Since the start of his professional career he has recorded 20 appearances, scoring 3 goals in the Serie A for Santos. Because of his young age, he has not yet debuted for the Brazilian national team, but has featured in an Eight nations tournament in South Africa for Brazil Under-20.

Santos' fans, coaches and teammates have much praise for this talented youngster and have drawn similarities to both Robinho and Neymar, might because of his excellent quickness, dribbling skills, eminent technique and first touch. As Robinho and Neymar he knows where the goal is, and has the ability to score goals from all over the pitch either by lobbing the goalkeeper or shooting from outside the area.

Much has happen for this young starlet in a short time, and world class clubs like Barcelona, Manchester City and Manchester United is all been linked to the player.
Victor Andrades professional career has just begun, and despite of huge amount of pressure, we believe 2013 will be the kick-off on his national and international career, as he will feature in the Brazil Under-20 squad and play regularly for Santos in the Brasileirão Série A.

Note! Andrade will turn 18 years old this year (end of September), which makes him available to sign for foreign clubs.

Notable Achievements:
- signed a three year contract with a €50Mill buy-out clause for foreign clubs.

Victor Andrade in Football Manager 2013

Victor Andrade - Player Profile:

Football Manager 2013 Profile Victor Andrade

We have previously taken a look at his basic information and statistics in his real life football career, and now it is time to take a closer look at his player profile in Football Manager 2013.

Victor Andrade have the potential to become one of the Football Manager 2013 wonderkids.

Personality: Professional
Squad Personality: Professional
Main Strength: Speed
Main Weaknesses: Aerial Ability
Best player attributes: Dribbling, Technique
Worst player attributes: Balance, Crossing
Preferred foot: Right
Natural Player role: Advanced Forward
Secondary Player role: Winger (right)
Third player role: Advanced Playmaker

Victor Andrade Player information position

Victor Andrade have the potential to become a world class player on FM13. As he possess good technical skills you can either play him as an attacking midfielder, inside forward or striker. Despite being young he has good level of anticipation, composure and finishing.

By scouting we can learn that his hidden attributes strength is important matches, which will make him useful in important matches as he tends to perform better.
Victor Andrade is unavailable for purchase the first season, but you could be lucky to buy him if you unsettles him. I would imagine that you need to spend around €3-6Mill to get him. He might demand around €3000-5000 in wages per week.

Player Development and Training scheduling in FM13:

Victor Andrade Player role training

Victor Andrade is a fairly good player on Football manager 2013 with good attributes in the most important attributes for his player role.
To improve his attributes further I would assign the player to individual training; advanced forward, to improve his work rate, off the ball,composure and anticipation.
Then I would assign him to either individual training poacher, to improve his balance, off the ball and composure or individual training inside forward, to improve passing, decisions and acceleration / pace.

You can read more about individual training in this article

Do you think Victor Andrade can live up to the pressure as an Brazilian striker playing for historical Santos?

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