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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Borussia Dortmund - October 2012 | FM13 Story

FM2013 BVB Dortmund

FM Story | BV Borussia Dortmund - October 2012

A part of my Football Manager 2013 story about BV Borussia Dortmund.

After struggling against good opponents in September, with many matches for a short period of time for the last half of the month, I start October with blank sheets, and a tight schedule against some of the best teams in German.
October will give you the opportunity to follow BVB Dortmund in the Bundesliga against title challengers FC Bayern and Schalke 04.

If you have not read my first post of my FM Story about BVB Dortmund, you will have the chance to read up on the Story in this post, or see the BVB Dortmund archive.

Team Management for October:

I started the month with taking a look at the fixture list.
I quickly notice that this month can be a very difficult month, as the schedule is tight, when the league starts again after a international break.
This month I have the chance to let my players get full knowledge of my tactic and develop further as players.
October Fixture List

BVB Dortmund fixture list October

Personal goals for October
- Go through to the next round of German Cup - Opponent Union Berlin
- Achieve a minimum of 4 points in the Bundesliga
- Keep up with the top three of the Bundesliga table - Currently 4th A points as top three.

Match Training Setup
After the match against Mainz I assigned my players on defensive positioning, as I face teams with better attacking football as me.
The match against Augsburg is a match I'm looking forward to; and I will try to exploit my attacking force bu setting the match training to Attacking movement.

Breaking news! Peter Beardsley is seen on Signal Iduna Park

Peter Beardsley announced as new coach for BVB Dortmund!
Peter Beardsley is a former English footballer which was snapped up from Newcastle.
He was signed for €350K and will be responsible for training Ball Control, where he has 4,5 stars in coaching. He is committed to us for the next three years and has good abilities in youth development and recruitment.

Peter Beardsley signed for BVB Dortmund Peter Beardsley coach ball control

Spartak Moscow - BVB Dortmund, Champions Cup Group E, October the 2nd 2012

Match preview

FM13 Spartak Moscow Dortmund match preview

The line ups:
FM13 Spartak Moscow Dortmund line ups

After done some changes to the tactic; Domination Extreme 4-2-3-1; changes mentality to rigid, deeper defensive line, more width and higher tempo in additional to some individual player adjustments, I felt excited and nervous.
Spartak Moscow started best as they scored a goal from corner (after poor concentration and marking).
I used most of the first half to get acquinted with the tactical changes and the changes paid off, resulting in increased possession and more room to exploit.
Sebastian Kehl (MoM) was very impressing and was heavily involved. He had the most passes, 132 passes attempted and 109 completed passes.

Watch match highlights in this video from my Youtube profile

FM13 Spartak Moscow Dortmund Match Stats

Post Match
FM13 Spartak Moscow Dortmund post match

Match Result: Spartak Moscow - BVB Dortmund, 1 - 2

FC Bayern - BVB Dortmund, Bundesliga 7th Game, 5th of October 2012

Match preview

FM13 FC Bayern Dortmund match preview

The line ups:
FM13 FC Bayern Dortmund line ups

I decided to be careful when assigning Opposition Instructions, and don't leave them to my assistant manager. I assigned closing down on never on Kroos, Gomez and Robben, so they had to use their creativity and skills to get behind my defensive line, and counteract my players being dragged out of position.
At first it went good, but later I could not withstand the threat from the Bayern players when running with the ball. Errors from my fullbacks and poor positioning from my defensive line (central defenders and anchor man) sealed the result. Bayern played very well forcing my players to do mistakes and the passing completion ratio and possession where extremely poor - 78% and 44%!
Guess I need to improve my tactic, as this tactic has been tweaked and changed after each patch update.

Watch match highlights in this video from my Youtube profile

FM13 FC Bayern Dortmund Match Stats

Post Match
I am pretty disappointed with the results of this match, and how my tactic works when facing similar or better teams. I know I was on foreign ground, but poor passing and especially Weidenfelder who launched long kicks when he was instructed to pass short to the right defender (defender collect, as I want to build up play). For this match I used the touchline instruction counter and later switched to win possession, but since Weidenfelder kicked the ball long, I lost the ball to technical gifted players. FC Bayern is the strongest team in German, and is the favourite for winning the title. My team have an average age of only 21 years, so I need to develop my players further.
FM13 Dortmund match analysis passing FM13 FC Bayern Dortmund post match

Match Result: FC Bayern - BVB Dortmund, 3 - 1

BVB Dortmund - Augsburg, Bundesliga 8th Game, October 20th 2012

Match preview
As Mario Götze got injured in the last match against FC Bayern I needed some time to find a suitable replacement.
Encountering Augsburg gave me options to rest some of my players, as the next match is only 3 days a head, an important match against Benfica in Champions League Group E.

FM13 Dortmund Augsburg match preview

The line ups:
FM13 Dortmund Augsburg line ups

The Match
After a disappointing defeat against FC Bayern BVB Dortmund had been given 15 days of preparations for this encounter. In the absent of Mario Götze it was another Football Manager 2013 Wonderkid, who got time in the spotlight and shined!

I instructed my players to go all out in attack, by adjusting the tactic to attacking and defensive line set to push high up. And finally it paid off - I got what I wanted: increased morale and 3 points!

For the first 5 minutes BVB Dortmund had 2 shots in the woodwork and pushed the Augsburg players back into their own goal!
It took a long time before the massive pressure paid off, but when BVB Dortmund finally scored it was top class! Robert Lewandowski showed international class by shooting the ball from long right behind the goalkeeper. Later Moritz Leitner took more and more over and was the main reason for this magnificent and important win by scoring to goals, by being on the right place on the right time, and assisting Robert Lewandowski with his second goal.

Watch match highlights in this video from my Youtube profile

FM13 BVB Dortmund Augsburg Match Stats

Match Result: BVB Dortmund - Augsburg, 4 - 0

Match statistics:
Goalscorers: Moritz Leitner (2), Robert Lewandowski (2)
Man of Match: Moritz Leitner
Possession: 66%
Passes completed: 90%

BVB Dortmund - Benfica, Champions Cup Group E, October 23rd 2012

Match preview

FM13 Dortmund Benfica match preview

The line ups:
FM13 Dortmund Benfica line ups

Watch match highlights in this video from my Youtube profile

FM13 BVB Dortmund Benfica Match Stats

Match Result: BVB Dortmund - Benfica, 1 - 1

Match statistics:
Goalscorers: B: Oscar Cardozo, D: Marco Reus
Man of Match: Maxi Pereira (Benfica)
Possession: 59%
Passes completed: 88%

New scout signed! Lorenzo Amoruso

27. October 2012

To strengthen my scouting team I suddenly decided to purchase Lorenzo Amoruso. He will take over the job on scouting next opposition team to hopefully provide more accurate team reports.

FM13 Lorenzo Amoruso Scout

Lorenzo Amoruso was signed for a €325K deal from the Italian club Fiorentina. He has a tactical knowledge of 16.

Schalke 04 - BVB Dortmund, Bundesliga 9th Game, 27 October 2012

Match preview
It is a tired squad who will face Schalke 04 for the Revier derby, which makes the task even more difficult. Mario Götze is insecure before the match, as he has been injured. Schalke has also been playing Champions Cup, and won surprisingly 5-0 against Juventus!
With the current form I don't leave my team any chance, but I won't hide the fact that it's a very important fixture for my fans.

FM13 Dortmund Schalke match preview

The line ups:
FM13 Dortmund Schalke line ups

The match couldn't have started any worse. After only 2 minutes of play Mats Hummels made an horrific error in the defensive clearing the ball directly to Lewis Holtby who could pass the ball in the back of the net!
My players fought hard for possession, but it wasn't until the 40th minute we managed to score a goal on a free-kick (see video). In the second half Schalke took completely over because I let my players tackle harder to win possession. I had not thought about the aerial threat. 1-1 changed quickly to 4-1, and ended 5-1 after a penalty awarded.

This match shows how important it is to focus on defensive or attacking set-pieces on match training, and how effective it could be.
Watch match highlights in this video from my Youtube profile
FM13 BVB Dortmund Schalke Match Stats

Match Result: Schalke 04 - BVB Dortmund, 5 - 1

Match information:
Goalscorers: S: Lewis Holtby, Ibrahim Afellay, Roman Neustadter, Kyriakos Papadopoulos, Marco Höger, D: Robert Lewandowski
Man of Match: Ibrahim Afellay (Schalke)
Possession: 52%
Passes Completed: 81%
Average Rating: 6.44 (!)

Union Berlin - BVB Dortmund, German Cup 2nd round, 31th October 2012

Match preview
As I felt I have struggled in my entire Dortmund career I felt it was time to take a closer look at my tactic and do some necessary changes while I have the opportunity to save the season.
AS I've felt I have lost a lot of possession by being outnumbered in the midfield area, I decided to position Götze deeper and try Reus on the left wing instead of right, according to the latest Dortmund formation in real life.

FM13 Dortmund Tactic 4-3-2-1

Match Result: Union Berlin - BVB Dortmund, 1 - 2

Match information:
Goalscorers: UB: Silvio (27), D: Robert Lewandowski (12), Mats Hummels (76)
Man of Match: Mats Hummels
Possession: 61%
Passes Completed: 88% (D82%, M90%, A91%)
Average Rating: 7.18

Match Stats:
Match Stats Union Berlin Borussia Dortmund
Passes Completion ratio:
Borussia Dortmund Passes Completion ratio

By changing the tactic, the tactic familiarity levels dropped to awkward in regarding to width and the formation is only at competent. I guess the performances and results will vary in the coming weeks, but hopefully can my players keep beter possession of the ball and create more chances by creating more space for Götze. As the Bundesliga is pretty tight it will be some important and exiting games in November.

Overall Bundesliga League Table for October:

Bundesliga Overall league table October
Home Records
Bundesliga Home records October

Away Records
Bundesliga Away records October

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