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Monday, April 01, 2013

Excellent Assistant Manager FM13

Football Manager Staff Recommendation: Best Assistant Manager

FM 2013 Excellent Assistant Manager

The Assistant Manager is your right-hand and closest co-worker in Football Manager 2013. The Football Manager assistant manager can give you notifications and updates regarding your team on a weekly basis. He has one of the most important roles at your club, as he is the primarily link between you, the manager, and the squad (players in first team and youth team).

In this post I will reveal some of the most important staff attributes to look at when assigning a new assistant manager for your team.
This article will also give you more information about the responsibilities for an assistant manager and how you could take advantage of your excellent assistant manager for the benefit of player development.

As part of our backroom staff recommendations you will have an unique opportunity to download my custom made search filter for excellent assistant managers or the complete set of excellent backroom staff search filter.

Assistant Manager: Football Manager Staff role;

The FM13 Assistant Managers will take care of the day by day running in your club, in additional to other aspects of team management, he will give you vital information about your team throughout your managerial career.

The assistant manager should be a staff member you can both trust and rely on.
It is important that you and the assistant manager have something in common and share some of the same football philosophies.

You can learn more about individual backroom staff members preferred tactical preference in the individual staff profile, where you can target his preferred formation, playing style and playing mentality.

It is also important to remember that The Assistant manager needs good coaching skills and will be left in charge if you decides to take a leave of absence (going on a holiday).

Assistant Managers Responsibilities and Assignments

Primarily the Assistant Manager will give you advises and help you out day by day in your managerial career; normally regarding match preparation training,

His main assets;
- provide team reports on a pre-set schedule - spot squad weaknesses and strenghts
- compile a list of players who may be available for loan for a particular position in your team
- take control of match training; Match Preparation
- arrange friendly matches and take care of the team in friendlies
- attend press conferences

Other choose able staff responsibilities;
- find and make offers for young players for the future
- finalize signings for young players for the future
- finds a new club for Youth Team players you've listed for transfer/loan
- decide which Youth Team players' contracts to extend and handles negotiations

Assignments Pre-Match, during match and pro-matches:
- handle team talks and motivate your players to perform
- set pre-match opposition players instructions for the upcoming match
- notify you on match situations and give match feedback regarding tactics and player performances.

Assistant Manager Opposite player instructions Assistant Manager Match Feedback Assistant Manager Team talk

Required Staff attributes

An excellent assistant manager requires good skills in these staff attributes:

- Determination; if responsible for contract negotiations (renewals) and dealing with transfers (buying and selling). Also important for 5-star coaching skills, and is needed to determine individual training assignments and setup match training.
- Motivating; if responsible for team talks, contract negotiations and player development / coaching.
- Level of Discipline; strictness when coaching job
- Man Management; keeping players happy and organize a good individual coaching setup
- Working with youngsters; if responsible for finding and purchasing young players for the future.
- Tactical Knowledge; to give feedback during matches regarding tactics and performances and suggest opposition instructions.
- Judging Player Ability and Judging Player Potential; to give you an accurate player / team report and find young players for the future.
- Adaptability; if signed from a foreign football culture / foreign nation, or if not fully fit for the staff role.

An assistant manager may also need good coaching skills, check out our Football Manager guide on how to find excellent coaches in this article.
If you tends to use your assistant manager as responsible for press conferences, you may want to have a person with good media handling style, such as media friendly.

Share your best assistant managers for Football Manager 2013 patch 13.3.0 database in the comment field below

Excellent Assistant Managers of FM13

This list is only an example of some of the staffs from the search filter results. Staff attributes can fluctuate from save to save.
The information is just some of the important factors for this staff role, but I've tried to highlight the most important once. The list is filtered by tactical knowledge. Pay also attention to man management, when choosing your assistant manager.
Updated for 13.3.0.

Name (Age) Club Man M. Tac.
Mauro Tassotti (52) AC Milan 17 20 Tactics
Francisco Ayestaran (49) - 11 20 Defending 4,5
Jorge Valdano (56) - 13 18 Tactics 4
Semen Altman (66) 17 18 Tactics Not Tested
Italo Galbiati (74) Russia 6 18 Not Tested
Alejandro Sabella (57) Argentina 14 18 Not Tested
Ezio Sella (56) Palermo 6 18 Not Tested
Jimmy Hampson (56) West Ham 18 16 Not Tested
Jairo Leal - 15 15 4
Francis Smerecki (62) France U19 15 15 Not Tested
Antonio Bovenzi (46) - 16 15 Not Tested
Luigi Iervese (36) Pescara U20 20 15 Tactics
Nicolo Frustalupi (35) Napoli 15 15 Not Tested
Diego Bortoluzzi (45) Udinese 11 15 Attacking Not Tested
Martin Keown (45) Arsenal 15 15 Not Tested
Mark Bowen (48) - 16 15 Not Tested
Rosario di Vincenzo (71) - 17 15 Not Tested
Tord Grip (74) - 15 15 Not Tested
Michael Lindeman (48) - 13 15 Aerobic,
Not Tested
Gerson Sodre (54) - 20 14 Not Tested
Tonnie Bruins Slot (65) Ajax 14 14 Not Tested
Giuseppe Baresi (54) Inter 16 14 Not Tested
Gian Nicola Bisciotti (52) Algeria 14 14 Not Tested
Rodolfo Borrell (41) Liverpool 14 14 Not Tested
Giacomo Murelli (48) Bologna 19 14 Not Tested
Norbert Elgert (55) Schalke U19 16 13 Tactical Not Tested
Pat Rice (63) Arsenal 17 13 Defending Not Tested
Tito Vilanova (43) - 14 13 Not Tested
Milton Cruz (54) Sao Paulo 11 13 Not Tested
Josep Segura (55) - 15 13 Ball Control? Not Tested
Eric Black (48) Q.P.R 13 13 Shooting? Not Tested
Mike Phelan (49) Man Utd 12 12 Not Tested
Jair Ventura (42) Botafogo 15 12 Not Tested
Yves Bertucci (49) - 11 12 Not Tested
Bruno Demichelis (65) - 17 11 Fitness 5?
Alain Boghossian - 19 11 Not Tested
Brain McClair (48) Man Utd 15 11 Not Tested

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  1. antoine01:49

    Congrats mate your site is fantastic though ive had a hard time opening your filters because they're pft files can you help me with that

  2. Espen H11:21

    Hello, thanks for your kind words.
    After downloading the files, you need to import the filters to your Sports Interactive folder located on your computer.

    "Your Documents" > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2013 > filters

    When in-game: go to search - Staff - filters - manage filters and find the file name you want to import

    Hope this makes it easier for you=)
    Have a nice time playing FM13

  3. Andrew H09:03

    semen altman

  4. Sander20:02

    This is an awesome site. To me, personally, Bernhard Peters is THE best assistant manager. He is selected as Head of youth development but will join your club for 17.5k Euro per month. His stats are amazing, getting 4,5-5 stars in every category except for the goalkeeping (yes, fitness coaching as well)

  5. Thank you for enjoying our work!=)

  6. aron brookes01:33

    I can never seem to hire any of these assistant managers, they are just not interested and all greyed out? Maybe I need to download and use the filters?

  7. aron brookes05:06

    i tried using these filters. Playing as Racing in adalente. I used the barca domination tactics on really poor players, and because the club as zero money, not much you can do about it. Anyway, I took unrealistic filter and tried using the above filters, i am sure i imported them properly, because they all show up, however the names listed above seem not to be in any of the lists?
    I dont mind really, because my expectations this season is to try and finish in a mid table place, which is more than enough for the board. Then next season, try to poach the best people for the job. I am still trying to learn how to play this game, and I don't think I am doing to bad, being in 11, with 50/50 ratio of wins.

  8. Hobbit23:37

    tried starting as barca boss today, to see if I had the same problems trying to bring any of these assistants in. 99.9% where already on contracts, and the tiny minority who where not, where simply not interested. So i changed my profile to one of high reputation and again the same thing occurred.
    Essentially what good are these lists if i cant even hire a single assistant manager, or for that matter anyone else?? How do i get them to sign for my team?

  9. The list is provided in order to help people setup a 5-star team of backroom staff, which is important in order to training -

    I don't know exactly about that issue, as I've never encountered it. But first off, you will need a spot open to sign them. The staff member must be wiling to join you, so it's often easier to approach them in the pre-season of the first season or near a contract end. Some are tied up by long term contracts, and that's nothing we can do with other than pay more if they are willing to join your club.

    If you download my backroom staff search filter and make sure Unrealistic Transfers are ticked you will find staff members willing to join your club.

    If more people having trouble with this, I'm starting to wonder if they have downloaded an unofficial transfer database update where backroom staff members is edited.... because I've never experience such problems. Of course are there some who will not join your club, but my list is created by me purchasing them to a club to see their star rating.

    I hope you slve this issue, if not please upload some screenshots of staff search filter, and that the won't sign for your club - see image icon bottom left corner.

  10. Dave Humphrey23:23

    I think this guy is the best assistant manager Mauro Tassotti. He always does top cracking job weather i have been man city Utd chelsea arsenal. But i do like Bernhard Peters of Head of youth what Brian McClair role is at old Trafford so i try and bring in both