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Appointing an Captain – Football Manager Squad Management

FM Guide to the Captaincy Role for better Team Management

As part of the team management in Football Manager 2013 it is vital to choose the right captain and vise-captain for the success of your team. This can be done in start of every season. The captain is your leader on the pitch and a role model for the youth players off the pitch.
On the pitch, you can regard the captain as your right-hand, where he shall show commitment and desire to win the match. A good captain will constantly motivate his fellow players on and off the pitch, especially when the morale is low, he will look upon to boost the team spirit.

A good captain will have a personality which attracts groups of players together, which can be both positive and negative.
In this post you can learn more about the most important elements when choosing your captain.

Choosing the right Captain in FM

If you’re found yourself in the position of wanting to select a new captain for your team, or you need to, as the former captain has been sold or has retired, there are some important elements I want to share with you.

When choosing captain you should look at:

The primary attribute for captain role is the mental attribute Influence. This attribute is defined as a players ability to affect events and other players state of mind.
A player with high influence will be able to influence his teammates with his state of mind, personality and motivate others (or de-motivating the players if the chosen captain is nervous, under-pressure, unsatisfied or annoyed by you or fellow teammates).
Teammates will tend to rally around his captain and admire him. Your players may get close-knitted, as the captain influences relationships inside the game.

When choosing a good captain it is important to choose a player with above attribute of 15 in influence.

The mental attribute Determination can be an indicator of his personality description, as this indicates his desire to commit to the team strategy and do everything in his power to win for the team.
A determine player will be desirable not only when choosing your captain, but in your whole squad.

The Determination attribute should be as high as possible.

Personality Description:
The most vital element of choosing your Captain is his personality description. You can find a players personality description under overview and information.
It is recommended to choose a player with a positive personality (high professionalism and determination).

When looking at the personality description you will want to choose a player who is described as Born Leader, Leader or Charismatic leader. But players described as Determined, Model Professional, Perfectionists or Model Citizens can also be desired captains, as they are professional players with high ambitions and can handle pressure.

You can read more about the different personality description in this post.

High Experience level – The Age of the Captain:
As the captain influences a wide range of circumstances in FM13, it is important that your captain has a broad experience level. To check his level of experience you can go to a players history tab and choose career stat and biography.
It could be beneficial to have a captain with international caps or hundreds of national caps. It is vital that the player has been at your club for a longer period (above three years), and has been long enough in football to understand the captain role.

Players with an above age of 23 years old, could be favorable, but this depends on the players squad age.

You might notice, that if you appoint the right captain his player performances will play more consistently and his ratings will increase.

Note! If changing Captain role, the former captain, his friends and the media will want to know why, so make sure you’ve got a good reason for doing so!

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