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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Football Manager 2013 Transfer Zone - My First Barcelona Signings

Transfer Zone: My first Football Manager 2013 Purchases

Even though this is from my personal save I want to share my first Football Manager 2013 signings. These players was the most intriguing talents I have found from my FM13 Wonderkids list, so far.
If you are looking for players under-18 I can recommend this thread.

Potential Wonderkid: Paulo Dybala, 18yo, Striker

Paulo Dybala FM13 Wonderkid

Paulo Dybala is an Argentinian striker bought from Palermo. This 18 year old promising talent was bought because I fancied his attributes.
I really enjoy his attributes in flair, creativity, dribbling and technique, which reminded me a little of a young Lionel Messi.

Main strength: acceleration, speed and finishing
Main Weaknesses: Passing, Anticipation, Off the ball
Recommended Player Role: Poacher

Suitable training schedule: Complete forward

Transfer Terms:
Value: €825K
Actual Sale Value: €14,25Mill

Paulo Dybala Transfer Terms

Check out Paulo Dybala's first goal for Barcelona

Potential Wonderkid: Luke Shaw, 17yo, Left Back

Luke Shaw FM13 Wonderkid
Many of you is familiar with Luke Shaw from Football Manager 2012, where he was one of the wonderkids.
In FM13 he has become 17yo and is labelled the next Ashley Cole.
Luke Shaw was bought from Southampton, because of his young age and his potential.

Main strength: acceleration, speed and dribbling
Main Weaknesses: Positioning, teamwork, Concentration
Recommended Player Role: Full Back

Suitable training schedule: Fullback

Transfer Terms:
Value: €375K
Actual Sale Value: €5Mill

Luke Shaw Transfer Terms

Potential Wonderkid: Adryan, 18yo, Attacking Midfielder

Adryan FM13 Wonderkid
For those of you who follows international football you may remember Adryan from Under-17 World Cup in 2011. Adryan is one of the biggest talents in Brazil at the moment. I bought Adryan from Flamengo because of his low "Minimum Fee Release Clause". Adryan will be available for your team from august at the start of the first season. Adryan has the possibility to become a Football Manager 2013 Wonderkid!

Main strength: General Technical attributes, Free kick Taking, Off the ball
Main Weaknesses: Positioning, Heading, Balance
Recommended Player role: Advanced Playmaker

Suitable training schedule: Trequartista

Transfer Terms:
Value: €1,2Mill
Actual Sale Value: €1Mill (Minimum Fee Release Clause)

Adryan Transfer Terms

Potential Wonderkid: Leon Goretzka, 17yo, Central Midfielder

Leon Goretzka FM13 Wonderkid

Leon Goretzka is a young and talented central midfielder. He has average basic skills and I expect a lot of this promising midfielder. Leon Goretzka has the possibility to become a Football Manager 2013 Wonderkid!

Main strength: Positioning, Composure, Passing, Stamina
Main Weaknesses: Marking, Quickness, Flair, Finishing
Recommended Player Role: Deep-lying Playmaker

Suitable training schedule: Defensive Midfielder

Transfer Terms:
Value: €170K
Actual Sale Value: €5Mill

Leon Goretzka Transfer Terms

I have also bought 17 year old Argentinian winger Agustin Allione from Velez for €3Mill, and 17 year old Brazilian born defender Doria from Botafogo for €600K.

Who was your first signing in Football Manager 2013?

What do you think of the transfer prices in FM13?

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