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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Borussia Dortmund - Football Manager 2013 Team Guides

FM2013 BVB Dortmund

FM13 Team Guide: Borussia Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund have amazed the football world the last season with their attacking football philosophy, direct counter attacking play and technical gifted players.
Borussia Dortmund is one of the best clubs in Germany and are one of eight clubs who can win the UEFA Champions League 2012/2013.
For a manager who loves attacking football managing Dortmund can be exciting.
Read more about Borussia Dortmund and get tips for your Dortmund career.

Brief Information about Borussia Dortmund
BV Borussia 09 e.V. Dortmund was founded in 1909 and has become one of the most successful clubs in Germany, and had their golden age in the 90's with Ottmar Hitzfeld as the man behind the success. Despite their good reputation they have only one Champions League once, in 1997, where players like Stefan Klos, a young Lars Ricken, Andreas Möller, Karl-Heinz Riedle, Mathias Sammer and Jurgen Kohler formed the core of the team. The CL final took place at the Olympic Stadium in Bayern, and the opponent where Juventus, who had the golden era in the same period as Dortmund.

Borussia Dortmund are the current Bundesliga champions, which they have won 8 times in total. BVB plays their games on the biggest stadium in Germany, the former Westfalenstadion, aka Signal Iduna Park.

Notable information for your FM13 BV Borussia 09 Dortmund career:

Board expectations and football philosophy:
- Develop players using the club's youth system

At board conversation you are offered a transfer budget of €2,99 Mill with a wage budget of €901K.

Ballspielverein Borussia 09 e.V. Dortmund

Legends and players

The Borussia Dortmund system has incorporated many of the best German players and managers in their time. A short list of former players and managers who have influenced the history and brought success and trophies to the club can be viewed below.

Club Legends: August Lenz, Lothar Emmerich, Aki Schmidt, Mathias Sammer, Ottmar Hitzfeld, Jürgen Kohler
Former Important Dortmund Players: Stefan Klos, Stefan Reuter, Dede, Lars Ricken, Jurgen Kohler, Michael Zorc, Manfred Burgsmüller, Andreas Möller, Karl-Heinz Riedle, Stéphane Chapuisat, Jan Koller
Favoured Personnel: Jürgen Klopp, Jürgen Kohler, Norbert Dickel, Wolfgang de Beer, Stefan Reuter, Mathias Sammer, Michael Henke
Manager Honours: Ottmar Hitzfeld 1991-97 (6 trophies) + one year as Director of Football, Jürgen Klopp 2008- (4 trophies), Mathias Sammer 2000-04 (1 trophy)
Other former managers: Bert van Marwijk, Michael Skibbe

Player Records:
Top League Scorer: 31 - Lothar Emmerich (1965/66)
Most League Appearances: 463 - Michael Zorc
Overall all-time scorers: 168 - Alfred Preissler
Highest transfer fee received: £17Mill - Evanilson (to Parma 01.07.01
Highest transfer fee paid: £25Mill - Amoroso (from Parma 01.07.01)

Club Information:

Basic Information:
Club Name: Ballspielverein Borussia 09 e.V. Dortmund
Nickname: Der BVB, Die Borussen (The Borussians) or Die Schwarzgelben (The Black Yellows)
Reserve Team: Dortmund U23
League: Bundesliga
Nation of origin: Germany
Founded: 1909
Founder(s): Franz and Paul Braun, Henry Cleve, Hans Debest, Paul Dziendzielle, Julius and Wilhelm Jacobi, Hans Kahn, Gustav Müller, Franz Risse, Fritz Schulte, Hans Siebold, August Tönnesmann, Heinrich and Robert Unger, Fritz Weber and Franz Wendt

Reputation: Continental
Operating status: Professional
Chairmen status: Loves the club

Finances: Rich
Annual Turnover 10/11: Unknown
Estimated Value: €291M
Loan Debt: €53M
Season Ticket Holders: 54000
Average Season ticket price: €555
Average Ticket price: €37

The Facilities:
Corporate Facilities: Good
Home Grown: Signal Iduna Park
Stadium Capacity: 80720 (53569 seated)
Building Year: 1974
Stadium Condition: Very Good
Under Soil Heating: Yes
Roof: No
Pitch Condition: Perfect
Surface: Grass
Pitch Dimensions (Current): Length 114m, Width 74m
Pitch Dimensions (Max): Length 118m, Width 83m
Training Facilities' Name: Unknown
Training Facilities: Top
Youth Facilities: Top
Youth Stadium and training ground: Unknown
Junior Coaching: Average
Youth Recruitment: Established

Affiliated clubs:

No clubs

Records and Trophies:

Summary of all the honours:

Dortmund Honours and Trophies Dortmund Competition History


Fierce rivals: Schalke 04 - The Revierderby
Local rivals: Bayern Munich - Der Klassiker
Competitive rivals: Leverkusen

Borussia Dortmund Squad Information

President: Reinhard Rauball
Current Manager: Jürgen Klopp (45)
Media Prediction Bundesliga: 3rd
Squad Personality: Professional
Captain: Sebastian Kehl
Vice-Captain: Roman Weidenfeller
Average Squad Age: 21
Youngest Player: Said Benkarit, ST, 17 years 166 days
Oldest Player: Patrick Owomoyela, DR, 32 years 234 days
Domestic Player Bias: 84%
National Represented: 9

Echte Liebe; True Love

Borussia Dortmund Squad (FM13) - 7,25/10:

Bundesliga Team Comparison Squad Report:

Goalkeepers 6/10:
The goalkeeper position may be the weakest link in the team, and could be strengthen. They have two goalkeepers who can play at the same level.

Dortmund Goalkeeper comparison

#1 Roman Weidenfeller, 31yo, €4,4mill
Roman Weidenfeller is a good goalkeeper all over. As I see it there are up to three other goalkeepers in Germany who can be described as better. Roman Weidenfeller has played over 260 matches in his career for Dortmund.
Weidenfellers main strength is his reflexes and one on one abilities, maybe some good qualities if you play with a high defensive line, making the team more prone to counter attacking form the opposite team.
His main weaknesses may be his handling and his aerial abilities.

#20 Mitchell Langerak, 23yo, €850K Langerak is an average goalkeeper which can develop to become at the same level as Weidenfeller. Langeraks main strength is his aerial abilities and reflexes. Mitchell Langerak is from Australia, and features in their national squad.

Promising Goalkeepers:
There are none obvious youth talents, who can compete for a place in the first team from day one, or in the future.
Decent under-18 goalkeepers:
Cedric Wilmes, 18yo, Germany, €26K
Steffen Göcke, 17yo, Germany, €5K

Defenders 8/10:
The main core of the defensive area is quite good compared to other clubs.
They possess four very good defenders who can be described as one of the best defenders in German league.
The weaknesses lies in the squad depth, as there are few other options to the four, if long time injuries occur.
Bundesliga Team Comparison Defend:

Dortmund Defender Reports:
Dortmunds's best defenders:
#2 Lukasz Piszczek, 27yo, D/WBR, €11Mill
Lukasz Piszczek is an attacking wingback who also can play in the midfield. His stamina, teamwork and working rate makes him a real threat both in defense and attack. He possess high ratings of pace and off the ball.
Piszczek has 75 appearances for Dortmund, and has scored 5 goals so far in his BVB career.

#4 Neven Subotic, 23yo, DC, €9Mill
Subotic is a very good defender who has high attributes on the most important attributes for defenders. He is 193cm tall, is a good header and possess great jumping attribute, which makes him a real threat in attacking set-pieces. Subotic is born in Serbia, has 89 appearances for Dortmund, scoring 10 goals.

#15 Mats Hummels, 23yo, DC, €13,25Mill
Hummels is the perfect companion to Subotic. Mats Hummels is also tall 192 cm high, but unlike Subotic he has high ratings in composure, anticipation and decisions wich makes him the perfect ball playing defender.
Hummels can also be a threat in attacking set pieces, and has good strength to mark opponents. Hummels has 109 appearances for Dortmund, scoring 12 goals.

#29 Marcel Schmelzer, 24yo, WB/DL, €7,25Mill
Schmelzer is a good fullback and could be compared to Piszczek. Like every modern fullbacks he can play in midfield too. He has exceptional stamina and teamwork. His main weaknesses is his off the ball abilities and ball control, as he lacks some technique. Schmelzer has 112 appearances for Dortmund, scoring only 1 goal.

Other notable defenders:
#27 Felipe Santana, 26yo, DC, €5,25Mill
A good substitute for Neven Subotic. 194cm tall, high jumping and heading attributes. Also a good team-player with exceptional bravery.

#24 Chris Löwe, 23yo, ML (DL), €-
Naturally a left midfielder, but can play as a left fullback if needed. Got good attributes in teamwork, work rate, acceleration and crossing. Can substitute Piszczek if needed, but lacks defensive skills (marking, tackling, positioning).

#25 Patrick Owomoyela, 32yo, DR, €775K
Owomoyela is a defensive good fullback. He has very good skills in heading, jumping, strength and teamwork and can be a fierce force in attacking and defensive set-pieces. Can also play as left fullback if needed.

#21 Oliver Kirch, 29yo, DR, €1,9Mill
A average good fullback who can substitute Schmelzer if needed. Could be transfer listed.

Promising Defenders:
Julian Koch, 21yo, (at loan Duisburg), DR, €1,7Mill
Koray Günter, 17yo, DC, €90K
Should be promoted to Dortmund II and feature in the first team for some matches, to aid his development. Similar skills to a young Neven Subotic.
Player role: Limited defender

Midfielders 8/10:
Dortmund is widely known in Europe for their attacking midfielders, and has some players who can dominate the football world for the years to come. may be one of the best in the world. Marco Reus and Mario Götze is two young wonderkids who amazes the football world with their finishing, creativity and technique.
The midfielders of Barcelona obsess eminent technique, passing abilities and team work abilities compared to other teams in La Liga.
It could be hard to choose the starting line up, but my favorites for the starting line up is:

Bundesliga Team Comparison Midfielders:

Dortmund Midfielders Report:
Dortmund's best midfielders:
#11 Marco Reus, 23yo, AMR, €19Mill
As I see it, Marco Reus is the new wonderboy in German football. He came to Dortmund before the 2012/13 season from Gladbach, and got his debut for the German national team in 2011. Marco Reus is known for his speed, technique and versatility.
In FM13 he has exceptional off the ball and very good finishing and anticipation. Marco Reus can play as a striker, but is recommended as a inside forward.

#10 Mario Götze, 20yo, AMC, €17,5Mill
Mario Götze is the most promising wonderkid in the football world today. He has exceptional skills and is regarded as a very good attacking midfielder. In FM13 he may be the most natural choice for the player role advanced playmaker, as he possesses good attributes in creativity, finishing, passing, technique, decisions, flair and anticipation in addition to agility and acceleration. Despite his young age he got 66 appearances for Dortmund, 20 appearances for the German national team, and has scored 17 goals for Dortmund.

#6 Sven Bender, 23yo, DM, €8,5Mill
Sven is the twin brother of Lars Bender. Sven Bender is a natural anchor man and will support the defensive line, when the creative midfielders rush in attack.
Sven Bender possess exceptional tackling, marking, teamwork and work rate attributes, in addition to stamina and anticipation.
Despite his young age he has 78 appearances for Dortmund, but only 2 for the German national team, as he compete against Sami Khedira and his twin brother for a place in the line up.

#5 Sebastian Kehl, 32yo, DM, €3,8Mill
Kehl will be the most natural competitor for the defensive midfielder position among Sven Bender. Sebastian Kehl has got 224 appearances for Dortmund, scoring 19 goals. Kehl is experienced and determined, and possesses exceptional tackling, positioning, decisions, anticipation and concentration attributes. Can be a good choice as captain.

#6 Ilkay Gündogan, 21yo, MC, Germany, €11,5Mill
Ilkay is also a young promising player. Ilkay got more defensive fibres and can be suited as a deep-lying playmaker. Ilkay has very good technical attributes, creativity and pace, in addition to good attributes in tackling and teamwork.
Ilkay has 36 appearances for Dortmund, so far in his BVB career. As his value is 11,5Mill he may be a potential player for the transfer list. He could be superfluous as you also got to wonderkids in Moritz Leitner and Leonardo Bittencourt. Note! This depends on your use of player role, as these two does not suit the deep-lying playmaker role.

#16 Jakub Blaszczykowski, 26yo, AMR, €14,5Mill
Maybe not the best inside forward in Football Manager 2013, but could be a good winger. He possesses exceptional acceleration and pace in addition to work rate. Main weaknesses; Finishing and decisions.
Could be considered transfer listed as Marco Reus will be the best choice on the right flank.

#14 Ivan Perisic, 23yo, AMC, Croatia, €7,5Mill
Ivan Perisic is a good attacking midfielder who have exceptional finishing skills. He is 187cm tall and possesses good heading and jumping attributes.
Main weaknesses; creativity, decisions and teamwork. Good choice for player role trequartista, and can play as a striker, if needed.
Can be considered transfer listed as he may be superfluous.

#19 Kevin Grosskreutz, 23yo, AML, €10,25Mill
A average good player with exceptional stamina, work rate, teamwork and bravery.
Possesses also good defensive qualities and can play as a wing back. Main weaknesses: crossing, passing, creativity

Other notable midfielders:
#4 Leonardo Bittencourt, 18yo, AMC, €2,3Mill
Bittencourt is a potential wonderkid who possesses very good attributes in technique and creativity. His ability to control the ball and move with the ball is very good despite his young age. Could be the next Mesut Özil and preferred role may be advanced playmaker

Moritz Leitner, 19yo, MC, €5,25Mill
Preferred role may be deep-lying playmaker, but needs to develop his defensive attributes to become a world class deep-lying playmaker.
Possesses exceptional first touch and technique.

Jonas Hofmann, 19yo, AMR, €400K
Can become a good winger. Average skills in dribbling, pace and off the ball.
Working areas for the future: Anticipation, Decisions, flair, balance, composure.

Promising players - Midfield:
Jeremy Dudziak, 16yo, MC, €65K
Recommended player role: Deep-lying playmaker or advanced playmaker
Working areas for the future: positioning, off the ball, creativity, tackling

Attack 7/10:
Because of Lionel Messi I would say the Barcelona attack is world class. Lionel Messi has the technique and skills to be the decisive force and could settle boring matches.
Some of the weaknesses with the team may be that they have few options in the attack beside Lionel Messi and David Villa.

Bundesliga Team Comparison Attack:

Dortmund Attacker Report:
Dortmund's best attackers:
There are few very good options in the attack, but the best one, is regarded as one of the most dangerous strikers in German, and maybe in Europe.

#10 Robert Lewandowski, 23yo, ST, Poland, €17,5Mill
Robert Lewandowski is a player known to score many goals. He has played for Dortmund since 2010 and has recorded 78 appearances and scored 37 goals. In the Polish national team he has 50 caps and 15 goals.
Lewandowski has exceptional attributes in first touch and technique, and possesses very good balance and bravery.
When it comes to pure attacking skills, he possesses very good finishing and pace.
Main weaknesses: composure, heading.

Other notable attackers:
#23 Julian Schieber, 23yo, ST, €6,75Mill
A average good complete forward who possesses very good strength, bravery and teamwork abilities. May be considered for transfer list, as €6Mill could give you 2 good youth players.

Promising Attackers:
Marvin Ducksch, 18yo, ST, €170K
Preferred role: Poacher
Working areas for the future: Acceleration, speed, first touch, passing, decisions
Said Benkarit, 17yo, ST, €75K
Preferred role: Poacher
Working areas for the future: Acceleration, speed, first touch, passing, decisions, composure, anticipation

Dortmund Preferred Formation:


Dortmund Formation 2012-13

The backroom staff of Dortmund

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