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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Football Manager 2013 Best Youth Coaches

Football Manager 2013 Excellent Youth Coaches

Football Manager 2013 Excellent Youth Coaches

When dealing with the Youth team (under 18, Under 19, Under 21) there are two types of backroom staff which is important to focus spending some money on;

A) General Youth Coaches (Fitness coaches, Goalkeeping Coaches, General youth coaches)
B) Head of Youth Development

You might have seen our popular post about excellent coaches in Football Manager 2013. Today we will concentrate on youth development and share the secret on how to find the very best youth coaches in Football Manager 2013.

Besides general team management in Football Manager 2013 it is important to concentrate your daily management to youth development.
It is worth focusing on Youth development as the benefit of having a good youth developing program could give you a more wealthy finance. Producing your own world class players is not only fun, but can be valuable, in developing own home-grown players.

As part of the youth development process you need excellent coaches to aid with the management of the young players. To succeed in Youth development you need to pay full attention to youth players general training and individual training.
It is vital to have good youth coaches (rated between 4 and 5 star in youth training).

In this post you can find our custom made staff search filter for finding excellent youth coaches for your under-18, under-19 or under-20 team.

Share your recommendation for excellent youth coaches in Football Manager 2013 13.3.0 database in the comment field below!

Youth training Coaches

If you don't want to pay 100% focus on youth training and player progress you can assign the responsibilities to your Under-19 Manager or Head of Youth Development, which where two new staff roles in Football Manager 2013.

4 to 5 star Youth Coaches:

Coaches in this list have a minimum required "Working with Youth" attribute at 15, as the attribute is vital for youth nursuring.
Name (Age) Club Best Coaching
Preferred Tr.
Stars Personality
Juan Carlos Pereira (44) Valladolid Attacking Attacking 4 Balanced
Sergio Zanetti (44) Inter U20 Tactical Attacking Not tested Model Prof.
Tony Whelan (59) Man Utd U18 Attacking Not Tested Not Tested Fairly Prof.
Massimo Beghetto (43) Vicenza U20 Attacking Not Tested Not Tested Resolute
Hector Tapia (34) - Technical Not Tested Not Tested Fairly Prof.
Daniel (39) - Defending Defending 4,5 Resolute
Rachid Chihab (50) LOSC Lille Technical Not Tested Not Tested Resolute
Daniele Bernazzani (49) Inter U20 Defending Not Tested Not Tested Fairly Loyal
Angelo Peruzzi (42) - Technical Shooting 4,5 Driven
Daniele Bernazzani (49) Inter U20 Defending Not Tested Not Tested Fairly Loyal
Tommy Martin (49) Man Utd U18 Technical Ball Control 4 Fairly Prof.
Jay Jay Okocha (38) Middlesbrough U18 Tactical Overall? Not Tested Light-Hearted
Rik Platvoet (37) FC Twente U19 Attacking Shooting,
4 Ambitious
Andrea Suriano (36) Catania U19 Defending Defending 4 Balanced
Jairo Leal (60) - Tactical Tactics 4 Fairly Det.
Tristan Celador (42) Real Madrid U19 Attack Attacking 4 Fairly Det.
Giuseppe Irrera (51) Catania Defending Defending Not Tested Balanced
Filippo Inzaghi (38) AC Milan U20 Tactical Attacking, Defensing Not Tested Determined
Rene Nijhuis (43) FC Twente U19 Attacking
Not Tested Fairly Sporting
Jason Dodd (41) Southampton Tactical Defending 3,5 Resolute
Christian Henna (40) AJ Auxerre Tactical Defending 4 Resolute
David Bechkoura (41) Paris SG U19 Tactical Tactical 4 Spirited
Armand Garrido (40) O Lyonnais U19 Not Tested Not Tested Not Tested Professional
Salvatore Cerrone (38) Inter U20 Technical Shooting Not Tested Balanced
Iddo Roscher (43) NEC U19 Attacking,
Not Tested Fairly Determined
Giovanni Pulvirenti (47) Catania U19 Attacking Attacking Not Tested Resolute
David Court (68) Arsenal U18 Tactical Defending 4 Loyal
Rene Stam (47) Ajax U19 Goalkeeper Goalkeeper Not Tested Fairly Sporting
Ricky Sbragia (56) Scotland U19 Manager Tactical Defending 3,5 Loyal
Roberto Sesena (55) Lazio Attacking,
Shooting 3,5 Fairly Det.
Ayres Morais de
Albuquerque (70)
- Technical Not Tested Not Tested Balanced
Abel (33) Sporting CP Tactical Tactics 3,5 Balanced
Luigi Iervese (40) Pescara U18 Manager Tactical Tact, Def,
3,5 Resolute
Nicola Liguori (39) Napoli U18 Defending Shooting 3,5 Fairly Det.
Alex Gibson (58) Liverpool Attacking Attacking Not Tested Determined
Roberto At. Madrid U19
Tactical Tactics, Def. 3,5 Fairly Prof.
Testinha (34) - Attacking Attacking 4 Balanced

Download Excellent Youth Coaches Staff Search Filters

downloadThe General Best Youth Coach Filter

Download the complete set of Excellent Backroom Staff Search filter with scouts, coaches and Director of Football

downloadFM13 Excellent Backroom Staff search filter
A collection of all the backroom staff search filters available for FM13.

Import the filter to the specific folder: "Your Documents" > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2013 > filters

Head of Youth Development - Football Manager Staff role and Responsibilities


  1. asdasd00:33

    Could you reupload head of youth development filter?

  2. Espen H13:04

    Hello, I have now uploaded the search filter for Head of youth development!
    Hope you enjoy it! Merry Christmas

  3. jake13:41

    what nationality is Daniel? it seems that I don't have him in my database.

  4. Daniel is Brazilian. He was 4,5 in the 13.0.0 database. I have not tried him on the 13.3.2 database.

    I can recommend to take advantage of importing all players from top clubs in a specific region; for example south america.

    It is also important to consider that you'll need the scouting knowledge to find staff or players from that particular country or region.
    I always select Brazil as one of the starting leagues as they have many youth talents and cheap great backroom staff.

    Hope this helps you. Have a nice day

  5. Screenshot of Daniel (39) Brazilian defending coach

  6. bøfmedløgpå13:04

    50% of the coaches cannot be found in my save.. using full (loaded almost every country except some in asia.. shouldnt matter though..) database.. shitty list

  7. No wonder-- the list is for FM13 - and you are hereby blocked as you created a fake account rather than being brave enough to tell it "face to face"