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Monday, March 04, 2013

Football Manager 2013 Excellent Coaches - Staff Recommendation

Best First Team Coaches in FM13

Football Manager 2013 Excellent Coaches

As part of the job as a manager you need to make sure you have quality staff members at your service, which you can trust and rely on.
To help you in your Football Manager career I have provided a list of some of the excellent coaches in Football Manager 2013 (labelled with four to five stars in team overview), in additional to a backroom staff search filter to find the best coaches and backroom staff.

An important part of good player development and training is the knowledge on how to find the best coaches in Football Manager 2013 and how you should set up Football Manager training

To get a good player development it is useful to spend some money on signing professional coaches and backroom staff aka 5 star coaches.

To aid your Football Manager team management and player development we have split the list into the different backroom staff roles. Please visit these articles to find the best assistant managers, good youth coaches, best Director of Football and excellent scouts / chief scouts.

Football Manager 2013 general training is split into five different sections, in additional to fitness coaches and goalkeeping coaches. We have provided staff search filters for each training category, which can be downloaded below or in our overall download section

Below we have gathered the list of best coaches in Football Manager 2013 filtered by General coaches, Goalkeeping Coaches and Fitness coaches

Share your best coaches for Football Manager 2013 in the comment field below!

Excellent Coaches in Football Manager 2013

As part of our backroom staff recommendations you will have an unique opportunity to download my custom made search filter for excellent coaches or the complete set of excellent backroom staff search filter. Check out each training section.

Excellent 5 star General Coaches:

General Coaches - Defending/Tactics:
Name (Age) Club Job Type Best Training
Stars Personality
Ivan Carminati (57) Man City Coach,
Defending Not Tested Fairly Det.
Warren Joyce (47) Man Utd Reserve Manager Defending 4,5 Resolute
Michele Salzarulo (38) Inter Coach Tactics 4,5 Professional
Hermann Gerland (58) FC Bayern Coach Tactics
Not Tested Determined
Mauro Tassotti (52) AC Milan Ass.Man Defending
4,5 Light-Hearted
Francisco Ayestaran (49) - Coach,
4,5 Resolute
Massimo Carrera (48) Juventus Coach Defending 4,5 Prof.
Paulo Cesar Batista
dos Santos (44)
- Coach Defending,
4 Fairly Det.
Ivan Couto (64) - Coach Fitness,
Defending, Tact.
4 Fairly Det.
Jorge Valdano - Ass.Man Tactics 4 Model Prof.
Massimo Bonini (52) - Coach Defending
4 Fairly Prof.
Tullio Grutti (53) - Coach Tactics 4 Determined
Marco Aurelio (43) - Coach Defending 4 Fairly Amb.
Flavio Tanajura (37) Vitoria Coach Defending 4 Resolute
John Versleeuwen (48) - Coach Tactics 4 Balanced
Francesco Pedone (44) Sampdoria U20 Coach Defending Not Tested Model Prof.
Patrick Weiser (40) Franfurt Coach Defending,
4 Fairly Prof.
Lorenzo Amoruso (41) Fiorentina Coach Defending
4 Fairly Loyal
Steve Bould (49) Arsenal Ass. Manager Tactics
4 Resilient
Martin Keown (45) Arsenal Scout Tactics 4 Professional
Andrea Maldera (41) AC Milan Coach Tactical Not Tested Fairly Amb.
Toni Ruiz (42) Coach Defending,
4 Fairly Prof.

General Coaches - Attacking/Shooting:
Name (Age) Club Job Type Best Training
Stars Personality
Ralf Rangnick (54) RB Leipzig Director of
Attacking 4,5 Prof.
Leandre Griffit (28) - Scout Ball Control Not Tested Fairly Det.
Rene Meulensteen (48) Man Utd Coach Attacking, Ball Control Not Tested Prof.
Rodolfo Borrell (41) Liverpool Res Head of Youth Dev. Ball Control
4,5 Fairly Det.
Sergio Zanetti (44) Inter Coach Attacking 4,5 Model Prof.
Attilio Lombardo (46) Man City Reserve Manager Attacking 4,5 Model Prof.
Tosh Farrell (42) - Coach Shooting 4 Prof.
Keith Bertschin (55) Hull Coach Shooting Not Tested Fairly Det.
Jeffrey Talan () Heerenveen Coach Shooting Not Tested Balanced
Chico Fraga (57) - Coach Shooting 4 Fairly Prof.
Peter Beardsley (51) Newcastle Coach Shooting 4 Prof.
Lemos Filho
Cruzeiro Coach Attacking,
4 Prof.
Phil Cannon (52) Blackburn Head of Youth
Overall 4 Balanced
Marcos Antonio Biasotto (42) - Coach Shooting 4 Fairly Determined
Anselmo Sbraglia (39) Palmeiras Coach Overall 4 Prof.
Ivan Couto (64) - Coach Overall 4 Fairly Determined
Neil Banfield (50) Arsenal Coach Shooting 4 Resolute
Roberto Sesena (55) Lazio Coach Shooting 3,5 Fairly Det.
Ruben Sosa Nacional Coach Shooting Not Tested light-Hearted
Mark Howard (34) West Ham Coach Ball Control Not Tested Balanced

General Coaches - Ball Control:
Name (Age) Club Job Type Best Training
Stars Personality
Mike Rigg (42) West Brom Coach Ball Control Not Tested Fairly Prof.
Tony Whelan (59) Man Utd Coach Ball Control 4 Fairly Prof.
Chico Fraga (57) - Coach Ball Control 4 Fairly Prof.
Peter Beardsley (51) Newcastle Coach Ball Control 4 Prof.
Massimiliano Catini Inter Coach Ball Control? Not Tested Fairly Loyal
Giuseppe Colombino (36) Catania Coach Ball Control 4,5 Balanced
Lemos Filho
Cruzeiro Coach Ball Control 4 Prof.
Joe Jordan (60) - Coach Ball Control 4 Prof.
Salvatore Cerrone (35) Inter U20 Under 20 Coach Ball Control Not Tested Balanced
Francesco Chinnici (41) Roma Fitness coach Ball Control? Not Tested Prof.
Enrico Fedele (43) Roma Coach Ball Control,
4,5 Resolute

Excellent 5 star Goalkeeping Coaches:

The coaches without stars and best training category is not yet tested a club, but have been found because of their attributes.
These staff members will be tested to give you full information.
I encourage you to buy these player and test them out for me. Please write the club you hired them for.
Name (Age) Club Best Training
GK Att. Stars Personality
Celio Rossi (37) Cruzeiro GK Handling 20 4,5 Resolute
Oscar Rodriguez (43) Santos GK Handling 20 5 Determined
Paolo Orlandoni (39) Inter U20 20 Prof.
Carlos Pracidelli (55) Palmeiras GK Handling
Shot Stopping
20 4,5 Professional
Silvino Louro (53) Real Madrid GK Handling
GK Shot Stopping
20 4,5 Professional
Gerry Peyton (56) Arsenal GK Shot Stopping 20 4,5 Fairly Determined
Marco Onorati (48) - GK Handling 20 4,5 Fairly Determined
Lorenzo di Iorio (58) Udinese GK Shot Stopping 20 4 Fairly Determined
Pedro Jaro (49) Dnipro GK Shot Stopping 20 4,5 Resolute
Nicolas Dehon (44) - Shot Stopping 20 4,5 Light-Hearted
Marco Landucci (48) AC Milan GK Handling 20 4,5 Spirited
Fernando Resende (41) - GK Handling 19 4,5 Resolute
Vic Bettinelli (51) Fulham 19 Professional
Alessandro Nista (46) Inter 20 Model Professional
Ludek Miklosko (50) - Shot Stopping 20 4 Prof.
Christophe Lollichon (49) Chelsea 20 Resolute
Massimo Biffi (51) Atalanta U20 18 Prof.
Nunzio Papale (56) Napoli 20 Loyal
Jose Manuel Otxotorena (51) Valencia 20 Fairly Det.
Claudio Maiani (56) Juventus Shot Stopping 20 4 Fairly Det.
Etiene Martins (30) - Shot Stopping 20 4 Balanced

Excellent 5 star Fitness Coaches:

Name (Age) Club Best Training
Fitness Attr. Stars Personality
Flavio Trevisan (54) - Strength
19 5 Fairly Det.
Giambattista Venturati (45) Italy Strength
20 4,5 Resolute
Anselmo Sbraglia (39) - Strength205Prof.
Ridenio Borges (67) - Strength
20 Not Tested Spirited
Antonio Pintus (49) - Strength
20 5 Determined
Valter di Salvo (49) - Strength
20 5 Prof.
Eduardo Silva (41) - Strength
20 5 Determined
Bruno Demichelis (65) - Strength
20 5 Perfectionist
Paul Winsper (44) - Strength
20 5 Fairly Det.
Cassiano Luis (36) - Strength
20 5 Fairly Det.
Gian Nicola Bisciotti (64) Algeria Strength
20 4,5-5 Fairly Det.
Carlinhos Neves (56) At. Mineiro Strength 19 4,5 Fairly Prof.
Antonio Bovenzi (46) Fiorentina Strength 20 4,5 Determined
Riva Carli (59) - Strength
19 4,5 Fairly Prof.
Francisco Ayestaran (49) - Strength
Aerobic, Tactics
19 4,5 Resolute
Fabio Mahseredjian (45) Corinthians 19 Model Professional
Luca Trucchi (46) - Not Tested 19 Not Tested Fairly Determined
Ivan Couto (64) - Strength 17 4 Fairly Det.
Tony Colbert (49) Arsenal Strength 15 4 Spirited
Marco Aurelio (43) - Strength
16 4 Fairly Amb.
Elio Carravetta (50) Internacional Strength 15 Not Tested Model Prof.

Download the complete set of Excellent Backroom Staff Search filter with scouts, coaches and Director of Football

downloadFM13 Excellent Backroom Staff search filter
A collection of all the backroom staff search filters available for FM13.

Import the filter to the specific folder: "Your Documents" > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2013 > filters

Football Manager 2013 Staff recommendations: Best Youth Coaches


  1. FdotM23:37


  2. Espen H23:38

    Guess you ment Paul Winsper?
    How many stars do he get? What is best training category?

  3. hammers21:25

    How do I download these filters? My computer can't find the right program to install it in

  4. Espen H22:26

    After you have downloaded the files, please Import the filters to: "Your Documents" > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2013 > filters
    Please contact me if you have further problems.

  5. whats happened to Ventrone football manager 2013 gets update he has done a disappearing act cant find him anywhere when i type his name nothing comes up

  6. I really don't know. He's in the database, but I can't find him me neither. As you might have seen there are massive changes to the backroom staff and their roles. I recommend you to download our staff search filter to find the best backroom staff.

  7. Adam Biggs13:57

    Peter Beardsley and Chico Fraga both have 4 stars on Ball Control and Shooting in my new Liverpool career after update.

    Gian Nicola Biscotti has 5 stars in both Aerobic and Strength also.

    Tosh Farrel has 4 stars in Shooting.

    Celio Rossi has 4.5 stars on GK Handling.

  8. Thanks for taking the time=) I will update the list:D
    If you see any errors or have more addition, your welcome to aid other FM fans!

  9. I found a coach called this has 3 names but the the middle and last sounds like Ditemar Hamann but not sure of the first name found him in The German national coach but cant think of his first name its not the hamann who played for Liverpool thought

  10. My mistake it was Hans Dieter Hermann hes german national coch he has amazing stats

  11. You can compare to the real life Dieter Hamann hence to age

  12. He has good mental attributes and man management, but very poor coaching attributes.
    Tried to sign him and see his coaching stars and best coaching role?

  13. Incze Csongor22:40

    I just started playing Fm 2013.And i just cant find most of these coaches.Do any of you know why i cant find them,i need to add them somehow to the game .?

  14. Hey, Thanks for visiting us.

    I don't know how you've set up the save with amount of leagues and nations, but your scouting knowledge - playable leagues and database size will influence.

    If you play as a minor club you will perhaps need to untick "Unrealistic Transfers" or just do a search for their names

    You can read more about how to increase Scouting knowledge here:

  15. aron brookes01:42

    using search in game, i cannot find 99% of the names listed above, how is that possible? also, i guess you have to wait until the end of the season to hire any of these guys? Started playing as unemployed then took on racing in the BBVA adalente, sitting 4 points clear of relegation..they look and play aweful most of the time, and i just cannot seem to change anything to make them any better, any advice would be great.

  16. lemmiwinks22:42

    Antonio Pintus - Fitness Coaching - Both categories - 5 stars
    Eduardo SIlva - Fitness Coaching - Both categories - 5 stars

    Tony Coton - GK COACHING - Both categories - 4.5 stars
    Salvino Damiao - GK COACHING - shot stopping - 4.5 stars

    Mike RIgg - Ball Control - 4.5 stars
    Lucjan Brychczy - Shooting - 4.5 stars

    These are the best I found.. for cheap

    also Wim teunissen - Tactics - 4.5 stars is cheaper than Paco Ayesteran [ Benitez's former right hand man]

  17. lemmiwinks22:50

    When playing the lower leagues do this,
    Pick a formation that suits you players not just any random formation. If you are letting in too many goals try playing a defensive formation say 4-1-3-1-1 or 4-1-3-2 or 4-1-2-2-1 depending on your player, whether you have good center midfielders or wingers. Never spend the entire budget on a single player

    While buying players build your team around the best players available to you as it is hard to buy a whole new team.

  18. lemmiwinks19:20
    here si the shit you need

  19. aron brookes01:02

    thanks for the advice, much appreciated. Will try this approach. It was really getting on my nerves a lot. Even bought the no sacking thing from the store, just to prevent being sacked before i could get the hang of things