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Friday, March 01, 2013

Football Manager 2013 Director of Football

FM13 Guide: Director of Football; What it is and what he does

FM 2013 Director of football

The Director of Football is a new staff role in Football Manager 2013.
The Director of Football main job is to handle management affairs such as hiring/firing staff, getting rid of unwanted players and/or find new players (youth and first team players). The Director of Football can, if you wish, handle transfer negotiations.

In this post you can learn more about his responsibilities and primary attributes, and see the list of excellent Director of football staff members.
I have also provided a downloadable filter, so you can find the best staff for yourselves.

The Director of Footballs (possible) staff responsibilities

- hire / fire First Team Manager
- hire / fire Head of Youth Development
- hire / fire Chief Scout
or hire / fire all other staff

Transfer incoming
- find and makes offer for players to your first team.
- find and makes offer for youth players for the future.
- finalizing first team signings
- finalizing signings for young players for the future.

Transfer outgoing
- find new club for first team players and/ or youth players who are listed for loan or have been transfer listed.
- decide First Team players contracts to extend and handle contract negotiations.
- decide which youth team players contract to extend and handle contract negotiations.
- set assignments for the scouting team
- updates you on the players your scouts have found
- bring youth players into the club and inform about their development.

More about the Director of Footballs Responsibilities

In Football Manager 2013 there are three new shortlists;

Transfer Targets is your main working list for players you may be targeting for immediate or short-term purposes and wish to bring to the club to improve the current playing squad.

Unwanted List features a list of players who is regarded as surplus to requirements at the club, or are basically unwanted. Players on this list can be offered to other clubs from your Director of Football or who ever in charge.

Development List will likely feature a number of your most talented youngsters at the club. By placing them on this list, you will effectively be asking your Director of Football (or other member of staff responsible for this) to look to loan them out to suitable clubs to further their development.

In short your Director of Football could be in charge of these shortlists.
He need both high attributes in motivating, Mental and Determination, in addition to widespread scouting knowledge, to find a new club for the unwanted players or pursuing a player to accept or extend a new contract.

As mentioned above, you can let the Director of Football be in charge of incoming transfers also, and could be heavily involved with the youth team and youth affairs, such as targeting new players.
The most required attributes for a Director of Football who handle incoming transfers is judging player ability (CA), judging player potential (PA), adaptability, good scouting knowledge as he needs to find the right player for the club and determine their ability and potential.

If you are looking to let your Director of Football handle youth player transfer, by bringing promising youth talents into your team, it is important that he possesses a fair amount of tactical knowledge, in addition to general scouting attributes explained above, as his job will be to find suitable talents who can fit your tactic.
It could also be wise to let your Director of Football have a good Working with youth players attributes, as he may handle youth players contract negotiations, and decide their future.
As a rule of thumb you can compare the Director of Football to the best Chief Scouts, as they will have same requirements regarding staff attributes.

My experiences with the Director of Football is somewhere dissimilar.
I love how I am able to set players on the Unwanted list, so my Director of Football easily and quickly can get rid of the player without any discussions and intrigues.
But I recommend everyone to be careful when employing youth players to the Development list, as the Director of Football could send your youth star on loan to a club with an average youth facilities, average training facilities and a manager who have low Working with the youth attributes.

As I like to handle transfers and scouting myself, I have not tried to let the Director of Football handle these affairs, so if anybody has experiences in this area, comment below.

How much you want the Director of Football to take part of the daily management of your club is completely up to you, but hiring a good Director of Football could be advantageous if you're new to Football Manager 2013.

Director of football attributes

The Director of Football most required staff attributes:

To give you a summary of the filter and the article above, I will reveal all the staff attributes, required for the Director of Football.

- Motivating - Alongside Determination, it is important that the Director of Football can motivate players to accept a new contract or to be sold.
- Determination - His will to do a good job, progress his performance and be determine in contract negotiations and player conversations.
- Reputation - The Director of Football may also possess high reputation, as he needs the respect and high knowledge to attract a players interest.
- Judging Player Ability (CA) - Determine which players who deserves a new contract (in your youth team)
- Judging Player Potential (PA) - Foresee and determine how good a youth player can be in the future
- Adaptability - His ability to settle in a new country aka do an immediate good job
- Tactical knowledge - Understand the different football tactics (tied to his experience), so he can buy players who fits your tactic.
Working with the youth - interact with youth players and handle contract negotiations or build the youth team of the future.

A good Director of Football could also have average amount of Mental and Man Management attribute, as he may be the link between the Manager (You) and the scouts, and the chairman and the board.

Share your recommendation for Director of Football in Football Manager 2013 13.3.0 database in the comment field below!

Excellent Director of Football Staff in FM13

Name (Age) Club Det. JCA JPA Motivating Personality Nation
Ariedo Braida (66) Milan 20 18 17 18 Fairly Determined Italy
Leo Beenhakker (69) - 20 8 17 20 Driven Mexico, Holland
Mathias Sammer (44) FC Bayern 20 16 18 20 Prof. Germany
Paulo Carneiro (61) - 20 19 19 18 Driven Brazil
Fermo Favini (62) - 19 20 20 19 Professional Italy
Pantaleo Corvino (62) - 19 20 20 19 Professional Italy
Paulo Carneiro (61) - 19 18 19 17 Determined Brazil
Renatinho (49) Vitoria 18 20 18 18 Determined Brazil
Antonio Fernandez (41) - 18 16 20 13 Determined Spain
Santiago Llorente (61) - 18 16 18 11 Model Professional Spain
Eugene Krasnikov (37) Metalist 17 20 20 20 Resolute Ukraine
Paulo Angione (64) Bahia 17 19 17 20 Professional Brazil
Antero Henrique (43) Porto 17 17 18 16 Resolute Portugal
Roberto Policano (48) Udinese 17 18 17 18 Resilient Italy
Sandro Orlandelli (41) - 17 17 18 19 Resolute England, Brazil
Richard Udinese 17 17 17 17 Professional Spain
Sean Luca Sogliano (41) Verona 17 17 14 18 Resolute Italy
Fabio Paratici (39) Juventus 17 19 20 17 Ambitious Italy
Maurizio Micheli (44) Napoli 17 16 15 17 Fairly Determined Italy
Gabriele Martino (60) Barletta 17 14 14 18 Resilient Italy
Roberto Sesena (55) Lazio 17 20 18 15 Professional Italy
Valentino Angeloni (45) Inter 17 20 16 17 Fairly Determined Italy
Damien Comolli (39) - 16 16 16 14 Resolute France
Eduardo Macia (38) Fiorentina 16 17 18 14 Spirited England, Spain
Chuti Molina (48) Murcia 16 19 18 18 Fairly Det. National
Bodo Illgner (45) - 16 14 14 14 Fairly Det. Germany,
Rudi Völler (52) Leverkusen 15 17 12 19 Resolute Germany
Ralf Rangnick (54) RB Leipzig 15 15 19 14 Professional Germany
Paulo Futre (46) - 14 17 17 18 Light-Hearted Portugal
Frank Arnesen (55) HSV 13 16 16 14 Fairly Amb. Denmark, England

Download Passion4FMs Backroom Staff Search filter w/ Good Director of Football

downloadFM13 Excellent Backroom Staff search filter
A collection of all the backroom staff search filters available; coaches, physios and scouts.

Import the filter to the specific folder: "Your Documents" > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2013 > filters

Improve your scouting knowledge, assign excellent chief scouts and scouts for FM13


  1. zhangx1a019:10

    Good post! I normally hire Pantaleo Corvino for this position. However even he fits your filter I cannot see him when I select your filter. I guess it's a problem of FM2013...

  2. Espen H21:04

    Hello, thanks for your comment.
    I checked with my filter, and on my save Corvino will be found if you un-tick unrealistic transfers. (checked on a Man Utd save)

    I have Italy selected on this database.

  3. Stefan Vestergaard Christensen14:22

    What about Eugene Krasnikov?? Why's he not on the list...
    As of now in my Dortmund game, he fits with 19, 20, 20, 20 in the 4 categories mentioned above

  4. Hey, Thanks for the comment.

    I am sure there are many backroom staff that might suit the list and be recommended options.
    I have only updated the list with some of those I've found based on my backroom staff filter and hope others will find other suitable targets as well.

    I haven't seen Krasnikov in any of my games, but if you could provide me a screenshot I will add him to the list=) Thanks!