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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tactic Familiarity Levels - Match Training

Football Manager Guide to Tactic Familiarity levels - Match Training Setup

Football Manager Tactic Familiarity levels

A Part of Football Manager Guide to Tactics and How to make your team ready for competitive matches; Pre-Season Assignements

The Tactic Familiarity levels is a progress bar, which is found in the Tactics Overview screen, and describes how well the players in your team know your chosen tactic and its elements.
The main purpose of match training is to increase the Tactic Familiarity levels, so the players understand your chosen tactic and can perform in the best manner according to it.

In this post you can read more about the different Tactic Familiarity Levels and how match training affects the development of the different levels.

What affects the Tactic Familiarity levels?

In Football Manager 2013 there are 8 different levels or categories; Formation, Mentality, Passing Style, Creative Freedom, Closing Down, Marking, Tempo and Width. Every level has a bar which can fluctuate in 4 different gradations; awkward, competent, accomplished, fluid.

All minor or greater changes to tactic will somehow affect the Tactics familiarity levels. When employing changes, the game will control how much the new tactic differs from the ones that have been previously trained, and calculate the effective familiarity for the new tactic during the match. This means that you can train on more than three different tactics, to get better tactical knowledge on your players and staff. So fine tuning tactics during the match will not cause a catastrophic drop on the players' familiarity of the tactics unless you go for a bigger overhaul of the tactics.

It could then be important to know what affects the different Tactic Familiarity levels, and how you can maximize the level bars so you can focus 100 percent at player development. Let us first look at the different categories or levels inside the game:

FM13 Tactics familiarity
i) The Formation level is affected solely on the player positioning in your tactical setup aka your preferred formation (F. Ex. 4-4-2)
Note! If you regularly play with a 4-3-3 formation, the familiarity level can decrease from Fluid to Competent by only one change, f.ex by pushing one of your MC's to an AMC position, which changes the formation from 4-3-3 to 4-2-1-3. More changes to formation will make the familiarity level drop even further, and could drop to Awkward if the formation becomes completely changed.

ii) The Mentality Level is tied to the tactic strategy, so by changing the tactic strategy in shouts will decrease the Mentality familiarity level in the short run (in the specific match). There are seven different strategies which is normal to change according to different match situations. The different strategies is Contain, Defensive, Counter, Standard, Control, Attacking and Overload.
You are bound to be affected, but in the long run it will give positive effects to the players tactical knowledge.

iii) The Passing Style Level is linked to the tactics general passing style which is split into three different levels; More Direct, Shorter or Default.

iv) The Creative Freedom Level can be affected if you change the players creative freedom. There are three different levels; Disciplined, Default and More Expressive. As I see it, this setting will be less often changed in shouts or by tactical changes during matches.

v) The Closing Down Level will be affected if the teams tactical instructions regarding Closing Down are being changed. The Closing Down instructions has three different levels; Stand off more, Default and Press More.

When managing a new team with players who are not used to close down opponents that much or that less, it will take longer time to get maximum familiarity level in this category. You can use the assistant managers feedback to get information of players who are not familiar with the closing down instruction set.

vi) The Marking Level is linked to the Marking style in team instructions, and are divided into three categories; Man Marking, Zonal Marking and Default.

vii) The Tempo Level is affected by the team specific instruction Tempo. The Tempo bar can be set in 20 different positions, divided from slow to normal to quick.

viii) The Width Level is affected by the team specific instruction Width. The Width bar can be set in 20 different positions, divided from narrow to normal to wide.

Other factors which can increase or decrease the Tactical Familiarity levels;

- How much percentage you set in the scheduling bar for Match Training will determine how effective the levels increases. It is recommended to set the scheduling bar to Very High (50%) in the pre-season, so the players get familiar with the tactic.

- Signing multiple players may decrease the tactical familiarity levels, if the players are first team / reserve players.

- How many tactics that are being prepared will influence on the efficiency progress in Tactics Familiarity.

- The tactic familiarity levels will be influenced by how many friendlies and matches the players get.

If some have information of the individual player instructions in a tactic affects the Tactical Familiarity levels, please give me feedback, as this could be important information.

Some personal observations to the Tactics Familiarity levels;
- The Tactical Familiarity levels reaches 100% quicker when leaving the team instructions to default. It will take longer time to get 100% knowledge if scheduling an advanced/specific instruction f.ex Man Marking. The team instructions Creative Freedom and Tackling will be more advantageous to set individual player instructions for.
- It could be more difficult to gain progress of the tactics familiarity levels if the scheduling bar is set below 40%.
- Employing Teamwork in match training and Team Cohesion in general training at 50% and very high results in a very good progress.
It could be favorable to choose Team Cohesion in stead of Fitness in the last month before start of season.
- You should consider to make a tactic which suits your team, as this will give better result in match training.

Football Manager 2013 Guide to Pre-season: How to build up match fitness and get your team ready for competitive matches

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