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Monday, October 08, 2012

Football Manager Classic FMC - New features in FM13

Football Manager Classic mode in Football Manager 2013

Football Manager Classic FMC

Introduction to Football Manager Classic mode

The developments in the gaming industry over the last few years and the changed user behaviour has forced Sigames to expand their horizon and way of thinking.

The last versions of Football Manager is of some criticized to be too complex, too advanced and too much time-consuming for a normal Football Manager buyer.
After some years with engineering Football Manager 2013 will contain the brand new player mode Football Manager Classic (FMC).

Have you come here to read more about the new features in Football Manager 2013, the standard FM career version, visit above link for full information on FM13 and all announced new features.

8.0 So what is Football Manager Classic or FMC?

FMC or the Classic mode is a re-designed, more streamlined, less time-consuming version of the standard FM13. With FMC you can still choose from all the 50 nations and the database and 3D match engine is same as the standard FM13 video game.

FMC will be a smaller version of the full Football Manager 2013, and is the perfect game for kids, teens or adults with limited spare time. A full season of this slimmed down version of FM2013 can be finished in about ten hours.

8.1 What is different in FMC compared to FM13?
FMC has of course a smaller game world with the level of detail being decreased. Some features from the main mode is taken away, other is now delegated to your staff and/or "Director of Football".

- a limit of three active nations throughout the game.

Football Manager Classic Main menu
- the managers training duty is reduced by removing the individual player training. The players will develop by general team training and match experience.
- decreased media handling - less information and news.
- player and board interaction is kept to the minimum.
- Team talk and opposition instruction is removed.
- Matches can be viewed in key highlight setting or by default (slightly faster speed settings)
- reduced the level of competition, team- and player statistics. The new user interface will have less information screens. The screens can be customized.

8.2 New User-Interface in FMC:
#) instant access to all the information you need in a single screen.
#) the new user-interface is designed to highlight the most obvious actions;
- to find/scout a player you simple clicks the "Make an offer" button.
- With the new feature "Instant Result" you don't have to watch the match highlights. Your staff will be in charge of your team.

FMC player profile FMC Player Stats

#) Since the FMC version is a smaller version of FM13 there are elements to the manager job that is carried out more quickly. You still setup starting line up, choose the tactics and team trainings, and purchase players like any other manager in the world.
- F.Ex. Agents are still a part of the game, but you don't have to deal with them in contract negotiations, as the computer will do it for you.
- Less time to interact with media, backroom staff and conversate with your players.
- information about the football world outside your club can you follow in the news tab, and is carried out like a normal website.

Football Manager Classics is all about tactics, trainings, contracts and transfers!

Football Manager Classic News

8.3 Match Day in FMC:

#) Pre-Match setup is done in a couple of screens = quicker and more fluently
- take your time to choose your match tactics and team instructions properly.
- there are no team talk in FMC
- before going to match you can choose between viewing the match or choose instant result:
i) if you choose to watch the action you see edited highlights from the match. The highlights are overlaid with important or specific information panels; 11 options from action zones to team ratings.
ii) with the "Instant Result" you get the match result right away. Your staff will be in charge of your team.
- if you choose the option "instant result" it is important that you set up a match plan, which is one of the new features in FM13.

i) the match plan involves setup of what shall occur at different scenarios; substitutions, change of tactics and strategy compared to if your team is loosing, drawing or leading.

Football Manager Classic has two unique elements, which makes the game mode more enjoyable. FMC contains the challenge mode and unlockable features.
these new features are taken from the Football Manager Handheld 2012, where they were a huge success.

Football Manager Classic Challenges

6) FMC Challenge mode:

The football Manager Challenge mode will be an even quicker option than the FMC. The Challenge mode will test your manager skills in short-term scenarios. Challenges recreates some real-life situations, where some of the challenges is to meet the boards expectations.

Some examples of typical challenges:
#) You will be faced with short time situations such as crisis or challenges to get the most wins in a row.

- No matter which challenges you faces, you will have a fixed amount of time to achieve them (normally half a season).
- the challenges will not be easy and will test your managing skills.

#) FMC comes with 5 build in challenges; four of these challenges are free to play. The fifth must be purchased for a small fee. If challenges is a success, Sigames will release new challenges throughout the FM13-season, to keep this section fresh.
The challenges will have their own ranking in the leaderboard system
i) Top division underdog: You choose any lower division clubs. The club you choose will be instantly promoted to the top division.
ii) "Saviour Cometh": your main task is to avoid relegation and preserve the clubs league status.
iii) Injury crisis: all your best players are hit by injury and it is your task to not be sacked and lead your club to safety.
iv) The Invincibles: Your task it so lead your club to an unbeaten match run until end of season. (not so tense challenge but more difficult)
v) You can't win anything with kids: You have been blessed with a golden generation of youth players. Your task is to guide your kids to silverware.

7) Unlockable features:

#) These various unlockable features throughout FMC can make your game easier to play.
#) These features can you unlocked by paying for them at the start of the game, or can be earned by in-game achievements.

There are 12 unloackable features in FMC:
i) no loan restrictions; you can loan in or out how many players you like.
ii) no transfer window; you can buy and sell players through the whole season.
iii) no sacking; you will not be sacked even if your performances are poor. Achievement to unlock it; have some success in a period of 10 seasons.
iv) high visibility; make all player attributes visible.
v) build a new stadium.
vi) national management; ability to make national management available from the start of a new game. Achievement to unlock it; win the manager of the year award three times.
vii) no work permit; removes foreign players need of a work permit when purchasing players from non-EU countries.
viii) board over-ride; allows approvement of a single board request.
ix) son generated; puts the son of the manager into the managing squad.
x) foreign influx; removes all restrictions to non-EU players when squad selection at match day.
xi) Sign anyone / All players interested; all players in your game will be interested in joining your club.
xii) unlimited scouting: removes restriction to scouting.

#) Another feature in FMC is the ability to boost your bank balance by £1 to £50 Mill. This feature is only available to buy for a small amount of money.

Football Manager Classic Unlockable features


  1. Toby Que16:48

    Can you use the unlock able features, such as any player interested in the main game or are they solely available to the FMC?

    Thank you though this is a really good, detailed description covering everything I wondered about FMC.

  2. Espen H21:09

    No, you can't. They are only developed for FMC.

  3. Liviu11:47

    why didn't put instant result in the normal FM mode and that's it... team talks and other stuff you could delegate to the assistant anyway... FM classic seams a little to stripped for my taste