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Friday, November 02, 2012

Football Manager 2013 Wonderkids

Football Manager 2013 Wonderkids

Football Manager Wonderkids have the ability to aid your Football Manager 2013 career, as they might become the next Lionel Messi or a new world class player. They have a rare mix of huge current ability and potential ability. Football Manager wonderkids is often under the age of 21 years old and have the potential to develop and increase their player attributes in a great way. Purchasing a FM wonderkid may help your managerial career and aid your finance in a wider aspect.

Since Football Manager 2013 where released we have scouted for the best wonderkids in Football Manager and put them into a downloadable shortlist which you can download. We have supplied both lists with all the required screenshots for you to make a good judgement to transfer target the players.

Football Manager 2013 Wonderkids (425+ Amazing Under-20 Talents)

Football Manager 2013 Wonderkids

Our Football Manager 2013 Wonderkids list is one of the most comprehensive downloadable wonderkids shortlists on the market. Here you can find some already world class players such as Neymar and Bernard, but also less prominent talents such as José Rodriguez and Brahim Darri, which also have potential to become key players for your club!

This shortlist is created by scouting the players a number of times and plainly have trusted my scout reports, player attributes and player information available. The list contains of over 425 under-20 talents who have been divided into their best playing position and comes with screenshot of scout reports and player profile.

The FM13 wonderkids list will be continually updated, and the shortlist can be downloaded and imported into your game, so you can track and find the best players of Football Manager 2013! Check out our list of Football Manager 2013 wonderkids and download the shortlist today!

Football Manager 2013 Best Young Talents (570+ Under-18 Talents)

Football Manager 2013 Most Promising Young Talents

Not all clubs and nations in Football Manager 2013 have not the finances to afford the signing of Football Manager 2013 wondekids. For all those who favour developing your own youth talents we have put together a shortlist of the most promising young talents in Football Manager 2013.

The Football Manager 2013 Best Young talent shortlist consists of over 570 young talents under the age of 18. Some of these players might become a wonderkid in the future and has potential to become one of the best players of the future. Others have less potential, but can become key players for their nation or a top player in their leagues. The list contains of amazing talents such as Luka Djordjevic, Neal Maupay and Leon Goretzka.

The list of FM13 Best young talents will be continually updated until Football Manager 2014. The shortlist can be downloaded and imported into your game, so you can track and find the best players of Football Manager 2013! Check out our list of Football Manager 2013 Best U18 Talents and download the shortlist today!

Football Manager 2013 Most Promising Talents in South America

FM 2013 Best Young Talents in South America

South America, Brazil and Argentina more specifically, is one of the countries who produces the most talents to Europe. It is one of my favorite scouting regions as you can find cheap promising talents for your lower league management. The FM13 shortlist of most promising South American talents can aid your FM 2013 experience.

The FM13 shortlist of most promising South American talents consists of young talents from Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia and Chile, amongst other. We have even added players from Mexico such as the promising winger Julio Gomez. Other promising South American talents featuring on the list is Joelinton, Lucas Romero, Rodrigo Aguirre and Cristian Bonilla. Some of the players on this list can be found on the Football Manager 2013 Wonderkids shortlist and Best Young U18 Talent shortlist.

Download our shortlist of over 430 Under-20 Most Promising South American talents here.

The players on these lists have been scouted with excellent scouts and chief scouts. You can see our list of best chief scouts, best roaming scouts and more in the previous link. I would recommend to save up some transfer money and wages in the hunt for excellent backroom staff.

Football Manager Guides: Youth intake - How to increase the potential of new regens


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