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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Passion4FM Training Schedule for Football Manager 2012

The most difficult part of Football Manager is to create training schedules that make the players improve as much as possible.
In Football Manager 2012 I have had great success with these custom made training schedules.
The training schedules is tested among other in Barcelona, Arsenal and Bayern Munich.

Passion4FM's Training schedule for FM2012

My training schedule is custom made for my "Domination 4-3-2-1" tactic and its preferred player roles.

The training schedule is made up by two main training schedules; youth training for players at your youth team and first team / reserve team training for players above 18 years old.
Hit the header link to download each separate training schedule or download the full schedule in the bottom of page.

1) General Training schedule includes:
A) Team training schedule:
- Pre-Season
- Pre-Season U21
- Main Attributes
- Team (General training schedule which according the philosophy in my tactic)
- Tactics
- Pace
- Stamina

B) Overall Position training:
- GK
- GK-Strength
- GK-Recovery
- Wingback
- DC
- DC-Strength
- DC-Pace
- DM
- Mid
- Playmaker
- Attacking midfielder (AM)
- Inside Forward
- Striker
- Poacher

C) Heavy Position training (high workload):
Perfect for reserves and players who don't get too many matches.
- Def - Heavy (defenders)
- Back - Heavy (Wingback)
- DM - Heavy (Ballwinning midfielder)
- Mid - Heavy ((focus on defensive phase))
- AM - Heavy (focus on attacking phase)
- Inside Forward - Heavy
- Wingers - Heavy (Focus on crossing and ball controll)
- Strikers - Heavy
- Poachers - Heavy

D) Position training with light workload:
Perfect for young players too old for youth training.
- Back - Light
- Def - Light (for defenders)
- Mid - Light (for midfielders)
- Att - Light (for attacking midfielders)
- Wing - Light (for wingers and inside forwards)
- Strikers - Light

E) Basic Position training:
A training schedule with intensive focus in the respective category.
- GK - Basic (Intensive shot stopping and handling)
- Def - Basic (Intensive defensive training)
- Back - Basic (Intensive defensive and attacking training)
- MC - Basic (Intensive ball control training)
- AM - Basic (Intensive attacking training)
- Winger - Basic (Intensive attacking training)
- Striker - Basic (Intensive shooting training)

2) Youth training includes:
A) Team training schedule:
- Pre-Season
- Team
- Pace
- Stamina
- Basic skills

B) Overall Position training:
- GK
- GK - Basic
- Def
- Def Mid
- Mid
- Att Mid
- Wing
- Strikers

C) Light Position training:
- GK Light
- GKB Light (Basic training)
- DC Light
- DM Light
- MC Light
- AM Light
- Wingers Light
- ST Light

How to import training schedules to your game:
- Download and locate the file on your computer.

- Copy the file into your "My documents\Sports Interactive\Fotball Manager 2012\schedules"

- In-game, under training overview panel, choose Options -> Manage tactics -> locate the file named Passion4FM_training_schedules -> Import one of the training schedules

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