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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Season Struggles Continue at Kalmar FF | Part III of Football Manager 2014 Story about 'The Perfect Club'

The Inaugural Season Ends in Struggle - Part 3 of FM14 Story aabout 'The Perfect Club' Kalmar FF

Football Manager 2014 Story The Growth of the perfect club

Welcome back to my quest to create The Perfect Club on Football Manager 2014. In the last episode you could follow Kalmar FF in the first half of season 1, a struggles battle to move the club into pole postion at the half way point.

Now you can follow Kalmar FF's journey in the final half of season one. As always, instead of just handing you transfers and results, we will will walk you through each of the seven rules set in part 1, and how the first season has gone in my pursuit of The Perfect Club in Football Manager 2014.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

ShinIzsco's Football Manager 2014 Logo Megapack [NATIONAL AND CLUB LOGOS]


ShinIzsco's Football Manager 2014 Logo Megapack

Passion4FM is delighted to bring you a wide range of logo packs from Izsco, Rubenajax and DavyVL from the Dutch FM Community and website Managers United.

This Football Manager 2014 logo megapack, or individual downloads if you choose, are fantastic and fill in many graphical gaps in your Football Manager 2014 game. As you know, the official Football Manager 2014 offers you a wide range of club and competition logos, but many are missing.

Thanks to ShinIzsco of Managers United, we can today offer you the chance to download ShinIzsco's FM14 logo Megapack. The options to download are wide, offering club and competition logos from the Swiss Super League to as far away as Argentinian Primera Division. This megapack includes competition, nation and club logos from a number of leagues and nations around the world.

Improve your FM14 experience by adding new stylish club logos from around the world!

Football Manager 2014 Logo Megapack by ShinIzsco of Managers United

Monday, April 21, 2014

FM14 Concord Rangers Story: Preparations for Season Two

Part 6 / Season 2 of Football Manager 2014 Lower League Management Story in Concord Rangers South Skrill

Football Manager Lower League Management Guide Series

Welcome back to our Football Manager 2014 Concord Rangers story. Here is part 6 of our FM14 LLM series. In this article, we'll focus on the preparations for season two and take a look on Concord Rangers delving into the transfer market. In the last part we finished off season one with hopes of promotion. Ending 3rd in Skrill South secured a place in the play-offs, but a loss against Sutton United in the play-off final sealed our fate.

So here we are, still in Skrill South. This season I believe we are ready to take the next step. Some good signings should do it. As the season break starts, I put my pre-season time to maximum, in order to have room for as many friendlies as possible (see part 2 - loads of money!).

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Football Manager 2014 Summer Transfer Data Update by Whizzkidz

Download Whizzkids' FM14 Transfer Data Update - Get All the latest Football Transfers to Football Manager 2014

Football Manager 2014 January Transfer Data Update

Since the football transfer window shut in February, we've thrilled to let you update your FM14 with The Football Manager Whizzkids' Summer Transfer Database update. This data update includes the biggest, and of course latest, worldwide football transfers, players as well as staff changes, from the release of Football Manager 2014 January Transfer Update until today.

By downloading this great Football Manager 2014 Summer Transfer Data Update by Whizzkids you'll get all the football transfers FM14 doesn't include. This FM14 database will enhance your gaming experience and make it even more realistic.

Whizzkids Football Manager 2014 Transfer Data Update will be updated and improved until the release of Football Manager 2015.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The False Counter - Football Manager 2014 Tactic by Passion4FM

Download Football Manager 2014 Tactic 4-1-2-2-1 False Counter

Football Manager 2014 Tactic False Counter

Hello and welcome to yet another great Football Manager 2014 tactic from Passion4FM. This time, we present to you the 'False Counter', which has brought me a first season double with Inter Milan, finishing the league with 95 points - 16 ahead of Juventus in second place. The name comes from the fact that we use a counter attacking mentality, but in fact dominate possession and usually the game as well. If you're looking for a rock solid tactic - look no further and keep on reading.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Top 105 Clubs With Most Transfer Budget | Football Manager 2014 Team Recommendations

Football Manager 2014 Top Clubs With Biggest Transfer Budget

Football Manager 2014 clubs with most starting transfer budget 14.3

Passion4FM was started to help you enjoy Football Manager more! Today, as we believe many of you might start a new career this Easter, we hand you the ultimate Football Manager 2014 team recommendation post. As transfer values have increased rapidly the past years, it's become hard for minor clubs with less transfer income to compete in the transfer market. This is of course reflected in Football Manager 2014, where a decent player might cost somewhere between €10-30Mill. Sometimes its advantageous to kickstart your managerial career with a nice chunk of cash available to spend on new players, perhaps affording to buy a promising young talent, or one or two Football Manager 2014 bargains, in order to improve squad depth.

Our Football Manager 2014 list of top 105 clubs with most transfer budget features each clubs minimum starting transfer budget, wages and media prediction. The starting transfer budget is what's set when you control the team and can be altered for some clubs with good balance by decreasing wage budget. The list features both sugar daddy clubs and clubs with great training facilities - which favours those of you who cares about youth development.

Football Leagues of Andorra - Football Manager 2014 Database Download

Download Football Manager 2014 Database Andorran Primera Divisió and Segona Divisió - Andorran League System Unlocked

Football Manager 2014 Andorra Database

Welcome to a new Football Manager 2014 Database available to download. This has been made by our very own Paul (Writer-TheEnglishInspection) and is available exclusively on mypassion4footballmanager. We hereby bring you the ability to unlock the Andorran League System, a football league which features both former stars of Andorra and hopefully future stars of Andorra football.

In the past, since the inaugural season in 1995, the league has had many different winners with no team staying on top and holding its place. The Aim as with any clubs in European football is the chance to play in the Champions league and the Europa League, With Andorra having a small 8 team Primera Divisió there is always a chance for a team to sneak into them places with the acquisition of 1 or 2 star players.

Download Football Manager 2014 Andorra Database - Unlock the Primera Divisió and Segona Divisió pluss the Andorran Cup (Copa Constitució) and the Supercopa.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Unlock Qatar Stars League - Football Manager 2014 Database Download

Football Manager 2014 Database Qatar Stars League Unlocked

Football Manager 2014 Qatar Stars League

Welcome to a new Football Manager 2014 Database available to download. A big thanks to the user AndyD_U from Neoseeker forums, who has let us publish this database. We hereby bring you the ability to unlock Qatari Stars League, a football league which features both former European stars and important football figures and some interesting clubs.

In the past years, Qatar has become one of the legaues for former football stars to enjoy the spoils of a deserved retirement from top level club football. Similar to the attractiveness of MLS is the Qatar Stars League and their wealthy oil Sheikhs, who tempts with big wages and the chance to win some final trophies before they head into retirement.

The Qatarian database excites us because it is a well known league around the world, both for financial reasons but also because of the chance to battle Asian clubs in AFC Champions League. For everyone doing the Pentagon Challenge, Qatar might be a great league to play with.

Download and Unlock this great Football Manager 2014 database Qatar Stars League!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The 'Inaugural' Season Struggles | FM14 Story The Growth of 'The Perfect Club'

Part II of The Football Manager 2014 Kalmar Story

Football Manager 2014 Story The Growth of the perfect club

Welcome back to my quest to create The Perfect Club on Football Manager 2014. I am 15 games in to my inaugural season at Kalmar FF.

The season as a club has been a positive one and already moving in the correct direction to start ticking off and holding at the top in parts of the 7 rules that I classed in Part 1 as key to creating and retaining a club in the image of The Perfect Club.

The Perfect Club runs from the Chairman to the kit man. A club that is to be run and known around the world as The Perfect Club must make sure every member of staff and every player be it youth or senior is playing and acting to his potential.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Evolution of Tiki Taka Playing Style Utilized by Barcelona - History of Football Tactics

The Defining Moments Within The History of Football Tactics For The Evolution of the Tiki Taka

Evolution of tiki taka - History of football tactics

For the last 20-25 years football has evolved into a battle of possession, where tempo and neat passes is utilized to its extreme. The move of players from Amateur to Professionals, gladiators of the sport, with sublime fitness and technical skills to master the art of controlling the match. One of the most successful clubs within this period has been the pride of Catalan, FC Barcelona.

For around 10 years FC Barcelona has terrorized defenses with their beautiful attacking possession football. The origin of the name came somewhat unexpected in the World Cup 2006, were Spain faced Tunisia in the second match of group H for Luis Aragones' side. It's not the miserable defeat against France in the first knock out phase we remember, but it's the comment from a passionately Spanish commentator, who is only trying to describe Spains way of keeping possession.